How to Pay Crunchyroll: Know Your Cost, What It Offers, and MORE

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The How to pay Crunchyroll It is a question that is frequently asked by Mexicans when purchasing this service. It is important to remember that a careful and detailed reading of this article will help you clarify any doubts you may have in relation to this topic. Read on and find out widely about this topic.

In this article we will talk about How to pay Crunchyroll and on the relevant points of this topic. First we will tell you about the payment process as such, what this service is about. Additionally, we will talk about the costs, other forms of payment for the acquisition of the same and what it offers.

Stay with us and expand more about How to pay Crunchyroll in Mexico!

How to pay Crunchyroll ?: Payment methods

As we already mentioned in the introduction of the article, here we will talk about the payment processes that this platform accepts. Here we are going to give you an answer to the question of How to pay Crunchyroll and we will explain the different ways there are to do this task.

First of all, it is important to say that the first and main form of payment accepted by this platform is through the use of a credit card. Payments are also accepted through applications such as PayPal and iTunes. Depending on the country there are different payment mechanisms that can be implemented for this service.

For the country of Mexico they also have available the payment of this platform the payment method through GestoPago – ToditoCash. Additionally, you have the option of making the payment through physical stores using prepaid cards. We are going to talk to you about this modality in one of the sections that follow.

Taking into account that you are opening this subscription for the first time, what you will do is the following, depending on the payment method you prefer to choose:

Payment from a credit card:

  1. You are going to enter what is related to the credit card number that you are going to be using for payments.
  2. You are also going to enter what is the date on which said card expires.
  3. You will put the security code of the card, you can go to the CVC, CVV, CV2 number.
  4. You will also provide data such as your names and surnames. These must match the ones that appear on your credit card.
  5. Enter the address with which you match the banking institution of your credit card.
  6. At the end you are going to put an email address so that the platform can send you what will be your receipts every time you need them.
  7. You are going to give the button where it says “start free trial” and that’s it. In case what you want is to start directly without the free trial, click on the button that says “continue” and that’s it.

Payment from a PayPal account:

  1. First what you have to do is look for the option that tells you “pay with PayPal”.
  2. It will direct you to the PayPal web portal where you will have to start your session in order to proceed with the rest.
  3. Next, what you will do is continue to continue confirming your payment process and be able to start your free trial. In the event that you do not want the free trial, what you will do is click the “continue” button.

Payment from GestoPago – ToditoCash:

  1. First you are going to enter the internet search engine that is your reference and easily accessible.
  2. Then you are going to enter the ToditoCahs portal (click here).
  3. Once you are on the website, you will enter your account with the respective data.
  4. Among the list of options you will choose the entertainment section.
  5. There, among the options, you will get the one from Crunchyroll, you will select it.
  6. It will ask you for a series of data such as your phone number, membership number. After that you are going to click the payment button.
  7. Verify that your purchase and payment were correct and enter your card PIN to finish completing and confirming your purchase process.
  8. Immediately you will be receiving a text message through which you will be notified of said activity. And voila, you will have already paid for your subscription on Crunchyroll.

What is Crunchyroll?

This is a platform that distribute, edit and it is part of an American company that is focused on broadcasting entertainment content. This content is based, more than anything, on anime, manga and drama. They have been transmitting this content since 2006 and have had more than fifty (50) million subscribers who have registered with it.

This company is a subsidiary of other companies, including Otter Media, Warner Media that are supplied by AT&T. It must also be said that they have several offices throughout the entire United States. Now, you may be wondering what does Crunchyroll offer? We will answer this below.

Crunchyroll has for you more than nine hundred (900) series of anime content type, in terms of Asian dramas has more than two hundred (200) programming. And as for the sleeves it has more than fifty (50), as an example of this they have a part called Crunchyroll Manga. We also have to say that programming is not always available to everyone, this is due to certain restrictions that the platform has depending on the type of license.

Regarding the subject of How to pay Crunchyroll We already explained this to you previously. And we will continue later with more information about this to clarify certain doubts that could be generated. Keep reading and find out more.

How to pay Crunchyroll: Cost

Remember that the prices that we are going to show you are convertible to the currency of your country, in this case the conversion must be done to Mexican pesos. Considering the different payment methods that are available for this process such as credit suits, Visa or MasterCard and PayPal. Remember that the latter is only available for the countries of Mexico and Spain.

Now, in terms of the costs of the subscriptions to this platform Crunchyroll may vary depending on the type of plan purchased. Prices vary between approximately seven dollars and ninety-nine ($ 7.99), this corresponds to the plan Monthly Fan. For the plan Monthly Mega Fan the cost is nine dollars ninety-nine ($ 9.99).

What was exposed in the previous paragraph also applies to subscriptions that have been made through the iTunes platform. This is already determined in the same way for all of America.

Subscriptions regarding the payment method of PayPal For Latin American countries, prices may also vary. The price for the Monthly Fan plan is about four dollars ninety-nine ($ 4.99) and for the Monthly Mega Fan plan about five dollars and ninety-nine ($ 5.99). This has its reason and is that PayPal does not process payments in the currencies of those other countries.

For cases in which you decide to pay by means of American Express cards, these types of prices also apply, this is due to the same problem that PayPal presents. In relation to the type of currency processed.

Another thing, for those who use this platform with a VPN or proxy application, the price can also be affected thanks to this. This is because the use of these is not allowed according to the license established for Crunchyroll and its support.

Can you pay at an Oxxo?

As we mentioned in one of the previous sections of this article, about How to pay Crunchyroll. This platform gives you the possibility to cancel your subscription in an establishment physically. That is, when you go to an Oxxo establishment you have the option of being able to pay and cancel the services of this platform.

This you will be able to do through a procedure that we will also explain so that you know it and have it clear when it is your turn to do this activity. Pay attention and know the steps to follow to know How to pay Crunchyroll in an Oxxo establishment.

  1. First make sure to open your Crunchyroll account, when you open this account it will tell you to enter what type of payment method you are going to use.
  2. Proceed to place and supply the last digits belonging to your credit card. This together with the data that is anchored to it.

You have to remember that you also have other payment methods available that you can also choose.

  1. Just where it appears “pay with PayPal” you will get the option to “pay in Oxxo”. Choose the second.
  2. Then they will ask you to enter a name and also a CURP. These two data are the ones that will generate a payment format.
  3. You must print this format and take it with you to process and confirm your payment at the Oxxo store.
  4. Finally, when you arrive at the store, you will scan what will be the barcode that appears on the document that you carry with you. From there, your payment is finished processing and that’s it.

How to pay Crunchyroll: What does it offer?

This is a platform that offers you a great variety of content from anime, commanding and Asian dramas. They offer you a premium service through which they offer you more variety than the free version. This version offers you to watch series exclusively, premieres simultaneously with Japan.

Also counting on the fact that you have the option of connecting your account to many other devices at the same time. Additionally, we are going to highlight that the content it offers is high definition and with a fairly good sound resolution. For any fan of Asian content, this platform is ideal to enjoy a good time.

We hope you liked it and that you have clarified all your doubts. We will read to you soon!

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