How to pay for Instagram Advertising: Cost, What it is and MORE

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Do youHow to pay for Advertising on Instagram? Advertising is the traditional direct marketing tool, and its objectives are to disseminate a product to stimulate its consumption, transmit a positive message in relation to a brand and strengthen the presence of a company in the market. Advertising is part of our lives.

Advertisements play an important role. Therefore, in this article we will explain everything about advertising on Instagram, how to pay Advertising on Instagram, what types of advertising exist and more. Feel free to share this information if you deem it necessary. Read on, this information will be very useful!

How to pay for Advertising on Instagram?

Knowing how much it costs to advertise on Instagram and mastering the techniques associated with the platform is essential for your brand to get the most out of Instagram Ads. This is essential because Instagram is a social network of tremendous impact that can serve to achieve all your goals.

Bids are the maximum amount of money that a business is willing to spend on each user who completes the goal of the ad. That goal could include anything from watching a video to clicking a website link to downloading a mobile app.

To be able to advertise on Instagram, we must first have the respective account of the company, enterprise or business that you want to publicize. Automatically, when creating it, Instagram will give you the option of being able to change the account from being personal to being a company account.

After converting the account, we will have to affiliate it to the Facebook account, since it will be the only way to create advertising, since Instagram is in conjunction with Facebook. At this point you may be wondering how to pay Advertising on Instagram. Once we end the membership, we must follow the following steps:

  • You will go to your profile and click on the option in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Then, select the option «Configuration» – «Company».
  • Next, you will click on the «Payment of Promotions» option.
  • Select the payment method, you can add a debit, credit card or a PayPal account.
  • Ready!


When we decide to advertise on Instagram, knowing the cost of advertising and the investment we have to make to achieve good results is essential. As we have already mentioned, Instagram belongs to Facebook and if we want to have our advertising campaigns on Instagram running, we must do it from the Facebook Ads platform itself.

The cost of Instagram ads ranges from $ 0.70 to $ 1.00 per click on average. That said, costs tend to vary between industries, physical locations, days of the week, time of year, ad placements, specific ages, specific genders, and other categories.

Being able to keep a rigorous control of the expense that we generate in both platforms, or in one in particular. Although the cost of Instagram ads can vary depending on many factors, the average CPC for an Instagram ad typically ranges from $ 0.67. It should be noted that there are several factors for which the cost of advertising on Instagram may vary, for example:

  • Budget.
  • The type of bid.
  • The type of auction.
  • The sector.
  • The campaign objective we choose.
  • The type of ad.
  • The quality of the ad.
  • Segmentation.
  • The launch date of the campaign.

This value is calculated depending on the advertiser’s offer. That is, what we are willing to pay to achieve our defined goal and the relevance of the ad content. Instagram has become the social network par excellence since it is possible to attract potential customers on the social network through ads.

The appearance of some ads or others varies depending on the activity of each account. Being selected as the target audience for any advertisement depends on the trace left by each user on Instagram, Facebook, in third-party applications, and even on other previously visited web pages.

To differentiate Instagram ads from other publications, they have a label that indicates that it is advertising, placed at the top of the image, so that it can be easily recognized.

What is Advertising on Instagram?

Instagram is a social network and a mobile application at the same time, which allows its users to upload images and videos with multiple photographic effects such as filters, frames, retro colors, among others, to later share those images on the same platform or on other social networks .

It should be noted that advertising is a traditional direct marketing tool and its objective is to disseminate a product to stimulate its consumption, transmit a positive message related to a brand and strengthen in a certain way the presence of a company in the market.

Advertising on Instagram refers to those posts or stories that a company pays to promote in the feeds of Instagram users. This type of content can be seen like any other publication on Instagram, but it will always be identified by a tag that says “Advertising”. Also, they can include call-to-action buttons (also known as CTAs) to drive traffic or conversions.

Now we will talk a little about the three characteristics of advertising that make it so valuable. Language, logistics, and universality.

  • Language because it creates advertisements and transmits messages.
  • Logistics because it manages distribution, media and spaces.
  • Universality because it always aims to reach all members of a pre-established group.

It should be noted that advertisements on Instagram are not handled in the same way. This is why it is very important that you know all the basics of this process. Advertising on Instagram is an excellent tool for companies to find new customers and also to make themselves known.

Since we know a little more about Instagram advertising, we will explain in more detail what this advertising is for. Remember that if you think that this information can be useful to a friend, you can share this article!

What is it for

Advertising on the Internet has incorporated new platforms and business opportunities for companies and brands, there are many types of advertising channels on the Internet and one of them on Instagram. This platform has become one of the best options for entrepreneurs since in a certain way it allows a better reach.

We know that advertising is a set of communication strategies and tools, which aim to stimulate and increase the consumption of a product or services, insert a new brand or product into the market, improve the image of a brand or reposition a product in front of of a consumer.

Instagram advertising has a promotional purpose and therefore it is responsible for informing the consumer about the benefits of a certain product or service. In addition, it has the function of persuading the consumer, therefore a psychological and emotional strategy is created so that the probability that the client acquires an advertised object or service increases.

This advertising serves to:

  • Create a consumer wake-up call.
  • Arouse interest in the offer.
  • Generate acquisition desire.
  • Have a better reach.

Advertising is a necessity for companies since its main function is to publicize a product, service or brand, transmit a positive message, persuade the public to encourage purchase and strengthen the presence in the market. For this reason, it is extremely important to include it in our marketing campaign.

Advertising is a form of communication. For most companies it is a key tool for success. Therefore, when making paid Instagram advertising, the ideal would be to do it correctly, so that in this way we can see a certain difference when doing it.

Types of Advertising on Instagram

Instagram is a platform that will allow you to reach thousands of people but doing it correctly. Instagram advertising is presented in four different ways, this allows the person who is going to carry out the advertising to choose which one suits their need. TO Next, we will explain what are the ways to generate publicity:

  • Photo. A creative, simple and attractive resource to tell your story. Supports both square and horizontal formats. It’s the most basic type of ad, but if you have the right images, you can make a big impact.
  • Video. They offer an immersive visual experience similar to photo ads, but also add movement and sound. You have up to 60 seconds to present your brand.
  • By sequence. This ad format includes a small element of interactivity, as users can swipe to view multiple photos and videos. In this way, you will be able to further illustrate your message and retain their attention for longer.
  • Stories. A format with many possibilities, which takes advantage of the popularity of Stories among Instagram users. They have a portrait format and full screen, so the experience is more immersive than in other ad formats.

What are you waiting to carry out your Advertising on Instagram?

Thanks for reading!

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