How to pay for Spotify: Sites to Pay, What it is and MORE

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Are you one of the subscribers of Spotify Premium and do not know How to pay for Spotify? Don’t worry, here we are going to help you. Not only are we going to show you what the different forms and payment methods are, but we are also going to tell you what the benefits are. Listening to music is not only a pleasure, but also the way to find that refuge from day to day.

With Spotify Premium you can create the play list of your favorite artist or of several favorite artists, without limitation of reproductions or annoying ads. What’s more We are going to show you how easy it is to cancel the payment for the service and the various ways of doing it. Stay with us, keep reading and find out what you need to know.

We are here to help you!

How to pay for Spotify?

If you are one of those who wonders How to pay for Spotify, you will not have to worry about the payment methods. The variety of forms of payment to cancel the amount for the service, ranges from doing it in person to electronically. The most complicated thing in Spotify Premium will not be the payment, it will be choosing what to listen to among the music that you like.

The means of payment are just as varied and include cash, gift cards, and debit and credit cards. Some will suit you better, others not as much as is the case of paying your subscription with iTunes. Well, this method of payment is 30% more expensive.

You can pay with cards from those banks that issue Visa, MasterCard and AmericanEspress cards. As long as the card is enabled to make electronic commerce transactions (Visa and Mastercard are verified with securecard). You can also use prepaid cards (playsafecard).

You can pay through the PayPal platform by simply logging into your account and following the steps required by the platform. As with credit cards, this means of payment also allows the automatic renewal of the subscription.

If you prefer to prepay the service with a deposit, you can do it in person at any Oxxo or Seven-Eleven store. Remember that if you use this form of payment, your Premium account will only be activated when Spotify records your payment. If you want to take advantage of offers such as free months for automatic subscription, this method of payment will not work for you.

You can also pay for the Spotify service through online banking from authorized banks or gift cards that you can purchase in some stores such as Oxxo or that you receive from a friend. Remember that This option also does not allow you to enjoy the offers of free months by automatic subscription.

Open an account on Spotify

In any case, before asking you How to pay for Spotify, the first thing you should do is open an account and try the free service. This is even necessary before registering any of the means of payment that we previously informed you. The steps to have your Spotify account are simple:

  1. Enter the Spotify official page.
  2. Select the «Sign up» option at the top right of the page.
  3. Enter an email, or if you prefer, select the option «Register with Facebook».
  4. If you selected the option to register with email, please type it again to confirm that it is correct.
  5. Enter the password you want to have in your account. This will be requested to start the session.
  6. Enter your first and last name.
  7. Enter your date of birth.
  8. Select your gender (male or female). You also have the option to indicate if you are Non-binary.
  9. Check that you are not a Robot by clicking on the square that asks for it.
  10. Press the «Register» button to complete the process.

Payment Methods

As we mentioned, Spotify has several forms and means of payment are the ones you can pay for the service. All of them are designed to offer you the option that best suits your possibilities. You can choose any of the following forms of payment:

  • Credit or debit card
  • Prepaid Cards Visa, Mastercard or American Express
  • Gift card
  • Paypal
  • MercadoPago

How to pay for Spotify with a Debit Card?

For pay Spotify with debit card, you must first create an account as we explained above. Once your account is created, you must follow the following steps that will help you to enroll your debit card and then make your payments:

  1. Log into your Spotify account, either through the application for your smartphone or through its official website.
  2. Enter the 16 digits of your debit card number in the corresponding field.
  3. Provide information about the expiration date of your debit card, indicating month and year.
  4. Enter the security code that appears on the back of the debit card.
  5. Once you have entered the required payment information, press the «Start free trial» button.

You are now ready to start enjoying the service that Spotify offers you. It is important that you know that if you do not like the service, you can cancel the subscription. To do this, enter the «Collections» option and select the «Cancel collections» button. You will return to the free option (with the limitations that it has) and no charge will be made in your payment method.

How to pay for Spotify without a Credit Card?

If you want to hire Spotify’s Premium services, but you don’t have a credit or debit card, don’t worry. Here we are going to tell you the payment methods that you can use so that you know How to pay for Spotify and keep enjoying your favorite songs.

One of the advantages is that you can pay for the service in person at any of the OXXO stores. To do this, follow the following steps and remember that you cannot qualify for discounts for automatic subscription, nor subscribe to Premium Family:

  1. Visit the official Spotify page
  2. Select the OXXO option as a payment method
  3. Print the barcode that you will receive by email
  4. Go to an OXXO store with the code and proceed to make the payment
  5. Once the payment is processed, your subscription to Spotify Premium will be activated. Please note that once you make the payment, verification can take between 24 and 72 hours.

Another way to pay for Spotify Premium is through gift cards, whether you buy it yourself or it is a gift. These cards can be used as a way to prepay the service. If you want to use it, follow the steps shown below:

  1. Visit the official Spotify page
  2. Log in with your username and password.
  3. Look for the option to cash the gift card and enter the PIN that usually appears on the back of the card and you’re done.

Gift cards can be found in various establishments and have a duration of one year (12 months) from the day of purchase. If you want to buy one for your own use or as a gift, these are some of the establishments in Mexico where you can buy them:

  • OXXO
  • Liverpool
  • Chedraui
  • Office Depot
  • Radio Shack
  • City Fresko
  • Guadalajara Pharmacies

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a service that allows you to listen to music, podcasts and digital videos via streaming, allowing you access to millions of songs and various content. Its basic function is to offer you the possibility of listening to music by various artists from around the world, either free or paid. This service allows you to:

  • Browse and search to choose what you want to hear.
  • Receive recommendations through the customization of functions such as: weekly discovery, News Radar and Daily Mix.
  • Create music collections.
  • See what your friends, your favorite artists and famous people are listening to.
  • Create your own virtual radio station by selecting the content you want to listen to.
  • Listen to your content on various devices such as tablets, smartphones, smart TVs, computers and speakers. You can easily switch playback from one to the other with Spotify Connect.

With Spotify the The experience of listening to music becomes much more personal, because you only choose the ones you want to listen to. This without recharging your device with downloading music files, which is often a problem when you need space for other things.

Benefits of paying for Spotify

Although the free version allows you to listen to music, it has the limitation that it is financed by the advertising that appears in the playback. Further, the free version has a limit of 10 monthly hours of monthly playback and you can only play each track a maximum of five times.

While the Premium version, not only allows members to listen to news before the launch, but they can listen to songs without an internet connection. Additionally, you can enjoy your music with better reproduction quality without advertisements, nor limit of reproductions.

Too, When you get the Premium version, you can choose the music you want to listen to in the order you want to listen to it.. In the free version they only play random tracks from the selected artist. Wait no more, switch to the Premium version so that the musical experience is your own experience.

I hope this article has been to your liking.Thanks for reading us!

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