How to pay for Water: online, Overdue bills and MORE

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Have knowledge about How to pay for water It is essential, since it is a service that every citizen needs in their daily lives. In addition, it is a procedure that can be carried out by anyone who has the last receipt of payment.

For this reason, in this article we are dedicated to developing: how to pay for water, the steps to follow to do it online and in person, the benefits of paying for water, when it should be done, and we conclude by clarifying if you can pay an overdue bill.

Welcome! In the following article you will know How to pay for Water.

How to pay for Water ?: Payment methods

It is common knowledge that, to pay for any type of basic service, there are different methods that can facilitate the process. Therefore, we will explain the various ways in which every user can pay for water.

However, it is important to highlight one aspect in particular about this payment. And, first of all, it must be borne in mind that there are different amounts to cancel based on the service. That is, whether it is a domestic or commercial service.

In addition to this, it is also essential to remember that the type and classification of service with which the user has. For each one, some modalities are presented, pay attention to the following lists:

Type of service
  • First, if it is a fixed fee.
  • Or, if it is a metered service.
Service Classification
  • First of all, we have the popular ranking.
  • Then the popular average.
  • We continue with the average residential.
  • Upper middle residential.
  • Also, high residential.
  • Uninhabited house, under construction and land.

On the other hand, it is convenient to mention which are those forms of payment that every user has to pay for said service. And they are divided into three: You can cancel with cash, credit card or debit card.

How to pay for Water online?

Now, once the explanation of the different forms of payment established to pay for this type of specific service has been completed. We will continue with the instructions that must be carried out to make said payment through the Internet.

But, first we must make known the official web portal that offers the option of carrying out the payment of the service through its platform. And that’s the Mexico City Water System, better known by its acronyms as: SACMEX.

  • So first of all, what every user should do is enter said web platform.
  • Then, you need to click on the option of: Online Water Payment.
  • Subsequently, the user must enter the respective SACMEX Account Number. This, in order to consult the debts online.
  • It is important to note that debts prior to the date must be consulted at any of the authorized customer service offices.
  • Besides this, we should mention that no commissions will be charged for carrying out the payment via Internet.
  • However, it is essential to bear in mind that this payment can only be executed with: VISA or MasterCard credit card, or with a BBVA checking account.
  • Once the service charge is completed, SACMEX will proceed to send a payment confirmation through the email address with the Folio number with which the registration was made.
The maximum amount allowed to cancel by this means is 50,000 pesos. However, you can make the payment of several addresses with the same card.

How to pay for Water in Person?

Also, there is another option to carry out the payment of this service. But, first, every user must have a series of requirements which are requested depending on: if it is individual, collective legal entity or public institution.

On the other hand, already with the requested documents in hand, the user must go to some of the places that we will mention below. However, it is essential that it is punctual when going to any establishment.

Shopping Centers and Stores
  • Bodega Aurrerá.
  • Chedraui.
  • Mexican commercial.
  • Iron Palace.
  • Extra.
  • Soriana.
  • Suburbia.
  • Superama.
  • Walmart.
  • Savings Pharmacies.
  • Azteca Bank.
  • Scotiabank.
  • Banamex.
  • Banjercito.
  • Inbursa.
  • Banorte.
  • BBVA Bancomer.
  • Santander.
  • Ixe.
  • BanBajio.
  • Mifel banking.
  • Affirm.
  • HSBC.

Now, to conclude with this point of the article, we offer a list on the location of customer service offices found in different areas of city hall in Mexico City.

  1. Alvaro Obregon. INN Square.
  2. Azcapotzalco. Azcapotzalco Pavilion.
  3. Benito Juarez.
  4. Coyoacan.
  5. Cuajimalpa de Morelos. Cuajimalpa.
  6. Cuauhtémoc. Monterrey.
  7. Gustavo A. Madero. Torres Lindavista.
  8. Iztacalco.
  9. Iztapalapa. Year of Juarez.
  10. Magdalena Contreras. Altamira Square.
  11. Miguel Hidalgo. Gutenberg.
  12. Milpa Alta.
  13. Tláhuac.
  14. Tlalpan.
  15. Venustiano Carranza.
  16. Xochimilco.

Benefits of paying for Water

Well, it is common knowledge that this type of service is vital and therefore, one of the most important in the life of everything human, animal and plant existing and present on planet Earth.

Likewise, it is essential that all human beings bear in mind that they need a large amount of drinking water in order to exist and survive. It is for this reason that carrying out the payment of it brings multiple benefits such as:

  • First of all, long life. The intake of water, grooming, watering plants, and hydration for animals, is essential to have a healthy diet.
  • Based on studies, humans need (in theory) up to 500 liters of drinking water in a day.
  • In short, to have this amount of water, it is necessary to pay for it.
  • In turn, it should be noted that water is not only essential as a vital resource, but also as an economic and industrial resource.
  • On the other hand, it is crucial that every human being saves water right now. Since, it is precisely its chemical properties that make it indispensable for the life of any living being.

Now, we must mention a relevant aspect about this basic service. And, water is one of the few liquids that is at a temperature similar to that of the Earth. For this and more, we invite you to continue reading certain characteristics of the water:

  • First of all, it is an odorless liquid. This means that it does not have any odor.
  • Also, it is a tasteless liquid, that is, it does not have a certain flavor.
  • In addition, it is colorless, in its pure state it is totally transparent.
  • This liquid is considered as the universal solvent. Because it dissolves many more substances than in other liquid.
  • In addition to this, it is an excellent conductor of electricity. This is due to its electrically charged molecules.
  • It has various minerals and nutrients of great value.

When is it paid?

When it comes to settling either in a home or investing in a premises, every user must compulsorily pay for public services, such as: gas supply, electric or drinking water service.

Now, all those companies in charge of providing these services, usually examine the credit history of each user, in order to verify receipts and payment records made by himself.

It is for this reason that it is of great importance that all users keep in mind that they must pay all services or bills on a certain date. Since, if you don’t, it is very likely that disconnect the supply thereof.

Every owner and user must pay for the water service every month or every two months. This will depend mainly on the company, installed power and other factors.

Likewise, it is essential to highlight an important aspect about paying for this particular service. And, the water bill not only includes its consumption, but also the fixed fee for said service and the respective taxes of the different administrations.

Can you pay an Overdue receipt?

On the other hand, and to end this article, it is up to us to clarify one of the most common doubts in users, and it is about the payment of an expired water bill. Well, the answer to this title is YES. Yes, you can pay an expired water bill.

However, it is important that all users keep in mind that, to do so, they must follow and comply with a series of steps and requested requirements. For this reason, we invite you to pay attention to the list below:

  • First, you must enter the SACMEX official web portal.
  • Then you need to click on the link: SACMEX application.
  • Subsequently, it is your responsibility to enter the customer account number and click the button: Consult Debts.
  • Now, on screen, you can observe each of the debts, both current and past due.
  • After doing the check, you need to click on the option of: Pay.
  • At this point, it is up to you choose the payment method to use, that is, if it is by credit card or checking account.
  • Enter the captcha code, and click on the option: Validate, and after this in the option: Make payment.
  • Then, the user must enter his email and phone number, and click on: Continue.
  • Ready! Now you just have to continue with the instructions indicated by the platform.

To end our writing, we invite you to help us share the information.

See you soon!

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