How to pay in Shein: Payment Methods, Advantages and MORE

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The How to pay in Shein in Mexico it is a question that is asked quite frequently and in a common way. In this article we are going to talk to you about all the relevant points of this topic. It is essential that you pay close attention to what comes next so that you better understand what you have to do at the time.

In this article we are going to talk about the most relevant things about the process of How to pay in Shein, this will be quite practical and simple. The first thing that we are going to indicate to you is that payment process that everyone wants to know, then about the registration and the form of purchase on the platform. We will also talk to you about the advantages of their services and about shipping to Mexico.

Read on and find out more about the process of How to pay in Shein!

How to pay in Shein: Payment methods

In this section of the article we are going to mention different ways through which you will be able to carry out the payment process on the Shein platform. There are several methods and the most common ones we will tell you and explain a little about them below. Read the following carefully and carefully.

To know How to pay in Shein through various virtual modalities you have to keep in mind that you must create yourself a user in several of them before using them as a payment method. In order to enter the mentioned web portal you can do click here so that you become familiar with it.

Payment method through Credit or Debit Cards:

Certainly this is a very common payment option, the institutions in charge of processing and granting what are credit cards. The ones listed below are the ones that are most often used when making payment on the Shein website. In the event that the company is not on the list, you should know that you can also use your card to pay.

Another thing that we must mention, the Shein platform does not save or record the card number, nor what corresponds to your personal information. In the event of any doubt or inconvenience, we recommend that you contact your trusted banking agency and thus you will obtain more extensive information on this information.

Payment method through PayPal:

It is important to mention that when you choose this as your payment method, you will directly open the PayPal web portal. Once there you will have to start your session, with your username and password, and thus be able to proceed to the confirmation of your payment. In the case of not having your PayPal account, you can enter their portal and simply register without any problem.

You can also choose to pay directly with your credit card and validate through it the payment of your purchase through a secure PayPal route.

Payment method through “PromoCode” and “Bonus Point”:

You can enter this last option and have it available when selecting your payment method. After making this selection, you are going to place the code in the space provided for it. You are going to click on “validate” and the order will be applied automatically. This is done as a confirmation of both the payment and the order.

How to pay in Shein: Registration

Although it is not so necessary to make a personal registration on this page, it is advisable to do so and here we will explain how you should register on the Shein portal. Taking into account that one of the first things that they will ask you to do is have a PayPal account.

Next, we will tell you how you have to make your registration easily and quickly:

  1. The first thing you should do is go to your preferred web browser and make it easier for you to use.
  2. After that, you will enter the Shein web portal, which we gave you access in the previous section, and you will position yourself in the upper right part.
  3. Once there, what you are going to do is look for the icon referring to “registration / login.”
  4. When you select this option, a form will open on the screen, which you will complete with each of the information requested.
  5. You will also enter your email address and password for Shein.
  6. To finish with the registration, the last thing you should do is accept the terms and you can start investigating and learn more about what this platform has to offer you.

What can you buy in Shein?

While we know, Shein is a portal through which you can buy a wide variety of things, mainly clothes. There are women’s, men’s and children’s clothing of all tastes, sizes and with a wide variety of prices. But you should also know that Shein not only offers these types of products, there is more for you on this platform and we know that you will like it and attract attention.

In Shein you will also get decorative items for your spaces, products for your pets. They also have for you an area for confectionery, stationery, footwear, jewelry and many more. They have a wide range of products in their catalog, which you can take a look at as many times as you want.

Next, we will explain how you can do to carry out your shopping process in Shein successfully. Pay attention to what we are going to tell you.

  1. When you enter the Shein website you will go to the search bar to choose your products.
  2. It also has a section which is by categories, there you will find everything in more detail according to your interests.
  3. Once you have selected a product you will click on the button that says “add to cart”.
  4. This step can be done to all the products that you see and that you are interested in acquiring and buying.
  5. When you have completed your search and selection, you will see a kind of list with each of the selected products in your basket.
  6. You will verify this list in detail and then click to “complete the purchase”.
  7. In the open window a form will appear, in it they will request your data in Mexico, that is where you will receive what you have bought and ordered.
  8. After the payment methods available for this task will be displayed, you will go on to choose one of them. You have between payment by credit card, debit MasterCard or VISA, PayPal, Oxxo or PromoCode or Bonus Point.
  9. Once you have concluded this transaction, you will receive an email with a notification of the data regarding the shipment and the summary of your operation carried out.

Can you pay at an Oxxo?

The How to pay in Shein through an Oxxo establishment is an easy answer to give, in the previous section we made mention of it. This is a modality that is available to you when you want to cancel your purchase order that you have made through Shein.

These establishments provide their services to do this type of process in a fairly reliable, fast and safe way. So, in the case of not being able to make the payment by any of the methods that we have already mentioned, this is another 100% guaranteed option.

Advantages of paying in Shein

Certainly buying through an online route has its many advantages that every consumer is struck by. One of the first things is the comfort with which you can carry out this process, from wherever you are. You can find a wide variety of products and you can inquire much more about the prices.

But, without a doubt, one of the greatest advantages that the Shein portal has when buying is that you always go to to get with discounts. It also allows you to use codes generated and supplied by certain influencers for such discounts, some are usually about 15%. This is applicable both for the total purchase or for some products, highlighting that it does not have a purchase limit.

In addition, that for Mexico there are other advantages, these are presented below:

  • As for the shipments of the products to Mexico, they are direct through a locker in Miami.
  • The catalog that it has with the great variety of products is widely varied and has original products.
  • This platform has a control system regarding the quality of its products, therefore, they have an almost 100% guarantee.
  • On the website you can make a buy wide, of the products you want and varied.

How are the shipments from Shein to Mexico?

This is a very important issue for any online sales company and, above all, for its consumers. Here we are going to indicate two fundamental aspects in relation to the shipments that are made to Mexico of the products that are acquired in Shein. Pay attention and read well what we will tell you next.

  • As for the shipments that are standard of Shein in Mexico, the costs are totally free. This in relation to the total cost of the order, it cannot exceed MXN $ 1019 or more than MXN $ 180.
  • The time stipulated for these orders is approximately 15 or 10 business days.
  • Also shipping is free when orders exceed MXN $ 2390. The time this can take is about 3 or 7 days.

We hope that everything that we have explained in this article has been very useful to you.We are reading later!

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