How to pay Infonavit: online, from the United States and MORE

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How to pay Infonavit, it is usually a recurring unknown in different users. For this reason, it is important to have knowledge about certain aspects regarding this type of mortgage credit in particular.

That is why, in this article we are dedicated to developing: how to pay Infonavit, how to pay via Internet and by bank, if you can pay from the United States, how to know how much to pay, and we conclude with its definition.

Welcome! In the following article you will know How to pay Infonavit.

How to pay Infonavit?

It is common knowledge that, to pay for any type of service, there are different methods that can facilitate the process. Therefore, we will explain the various ways in which every user can pay Infonavit.

Well, it is important to mention that all the payments that must be made to Infonavit by workers and employers, are made up of three basic parts, which are: capital, interest and insurance.

  • Capital: portion of the payment destined to cover the pending part of the debt payment. It is the amount loaned in a loan, where the principal represents the unpaid portion of the authorized amount.
  • Interests: portion of the debt that corresponds to the financial gain for having made the loan of money to the beneficiary to be able to acquire his property.
  • Insurance: This type of system is designed to guarantee the financial institution a certain security regarding the payment and integrity of the property. In short, each loan will have property damage insurance.

Pay as an Employee

If you have a permanent job and an Infonavit credit request has been made, the payment for it is automatically deducted from the employee’s payroll. In this case, the employer is responsible for deducting the payment amount and delivering it to Infonavit.

Now, it is important to bear in mind that the monthly payment will be made up of the amount that the registry will retain. To this amount is added the 5% per month that is added to the Institute of the National Fund for Housing and Workers.

Likewise, this percentage discounted from the salary for the payment of Infonavit, will be proportional to the amount of credit that has been contracted or requested and in accordance with the total established for the fees at the time of contracting.

  • If the employee has a minimum salary, the% that will be deducted for the monthly payment will not be greater than 20% of the salary he is receiving.
  • If the employee has a salary greater than the minimum, the monthly payment to Infonavit may be greater than 20% of the salary he is receiving.
If you want more information about the payments made, the withholdings made by the employer corresponding to the credit, you can request the Infonavit Account Statement.

Pay as Unemployed

If you find yourself unemployed, you must comply with the credit amortization payments and damage insurance. For this, it is important to know where Infonavit can be paid. Attentive to the following list.

  • HSBC.
  • Santander Bank.
  • Scotiabank.
  • BBVA.
  • Banamex.
  • BanCoppel.
  • Welfare Bank.
  • Bodega Aurrerá.
  • The eating.
  • City Market.
  • Groceries.
  • Soriana.
  • Super Kiosk.
  • Superché.
  • To the supermarket.
  • City Club.
  • Fresko.
  • Select Chedraui.
  • Soriana Hiper.
  • Super City.
  • Your table.

How to pay Infonavit via Internet?

  • First, you must enter the official portal of Infonavit.
  • Then you need to click on: My Infonavit Account.
  • Subsequently, you need to click on the option: My Credit.
  • Now, select the option: Sald and movements.
  • Next, choose the option: Payment options.
  • In this, you must indicate if the payment is being made to stay current, if it is the monthly payment or is it a custom amount.
  • Finally, select the box: Pay with card.
  • It is important to note that the platform does not accept American Express cards.
  • In addition, up to three payments per month can be made for a maximum amount of $ 30,000 pesos.

How to pay Infonavit by Bank?

  • The first thing to do is go in person to one of the branches authorized for the payment of Infonavit.
  • Once there, the applicant must indicate 10 (ten) numbers of the credit number, with the exact total amount to deposit.
  • There is a list of banks that accept payment for this modality, they are:
  1. HSBC.
  2. Santander.
  3. Scotiabank.
  4. BBVA.
  5. Banamex.
  6. BanCoppel.
  7. Welfare Bank.

However, Infonavit offers a second, more comfortable, easier and faster alternative for users. And it is, by conducting Bank transfers to Infonavit payment accounts. For this, you only need to enter the Interbank CLABE of the HSBC bank and enter the 10 digits of the Infonavit credit.

Can Infonavit be paid from the United States?

The answer to this question is yes, you can make the Infonavit payment from the United States. This is an alternative offered by the platform for all those citizens who are not in Mexico but have the initiative to acquire an apartment or home. And the steps to follow are:

  • First of all, we must mention that these payments are carried out in partner businesses Dolex or Datransfer.
  • Likewise, the interested party must contact the number: 1-888 264 2527, where he must indicate his postal code in order to inform him of the branch closest to his home and make the payment.
  • Important that you indicate the 10-digit credit number.
  • Finally, payments will be made in dollars according to the change of the day.

How to know how much to pay in Infonavit?

Well, to know the amount that must be paid in the Institute of the National Fund for Housing and Workers -Infonavit-, the calculation must be made. And for this, there are three methods, watch out:

Based on the Base Contribution Salary

The most used and usual way to make the calculation is done taking into consideration the Contribution Base Salary (SBC) multiplied by the Percentage to be Discounted (% Desc) and then multiplied by the number of Quoted Days in the Bimester (DCB) plus the cost of Property Damage Insurance (SDP).

  • The formula would be: (SBC x% Desc x CDB) + SDP = Payment to Infonavit.
Based on an Economic Fixed Fee

This way to calculate the payment is done taking into consideration a fixed monthly fee based on pesos. It is calculated by multiplying the Monthly Fixed Monetary Fee “CFMM” by two and this result between the Days of the Bimonthly “DB” and this multiplied by the Days Quoted in the Bimonthly “DCB”, plus the cost of Property Damage Insurance “SDP ”.

  • The formula would be: ( [ ( CFMM x 2 ) ➗DB ] x DCB) + SDP = Payment to Infonavit.
Based on Times the Minimum Wage

Finally, this method is calculated considering the minimum wage as a factor for determining payments by multiplying a specific amount of Times the Minimum Wage “VSM” by the value of the Minimum Daily Wage “SMD” by two and the result divided by the Days of the Bimester “DB” which is multiplied by the number of Quoted Days per Bimester “DCB” plus the cost of the Property Damage Insurance “SDP”.

  • The formula would be: ( [ ( VSM x SMD x 2) ➗DB ] x DCB) + SDP = Payment to Infonavit.

What is Infonavit?

The Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers is a tool for all those who wish to obtain a wealth and do not immediately have the resources for it.

Having a decent home is one of the most important and indispensable rights of all citizens. However, many times the economic situation of the same is not enough to acquire or build a heritage.

It is precisely for this reason that there are known: mortgage loans, which help those who want a home. Notably This is one of the most requested credits by the Mexican population.

Frequent questions

Do I need to enter the SSN to know how much I owe on my credit?

The answer is no, currently it is not necessary to enter the Social Security number -NSS-. Now, it is enough to have an Infonavit account and follow the step-by-step described titles above to find out how much money you owe to the entity.

How often is the information on how much I owe updated?

This is usually one of the most recurrent doubts among users. Simply put, your account information – including how much money you owe – is going to be updated. every 10 (ten) day of every month.

How do I know my Infonavit credit number?

The credit number is found at the top of your account statement. Specifically in the section of: Data and financial characteristics of the credit. To download it, you must follow a series of certain steps.

How does Infonavit determine how much I owe on my credit?

Well, Infonavit is in charge of calculating the total amount of money that must be paid from your credit, in the column corresponding to: Balances to Capital, based on all the movements reported in the column: Transaction and Concept.

What happens if I don’t pay my Infonavit credit?

Briefly, and to end this article, we must mention that not paying the Infonavit credit on time results in a increase or increase in interest. In addition, in cases where the debt term extends up to several months, it could represent the loss of home due to foreclosure.

To end our writing, we invite you to help us share the information.

See you soon!

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