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Are you looking for How to pay Megacable, You just entered the right place! Keep reading and find out all the information you need about Megacable.

Let’s talk a little about the company Megacable, has a wide variety of services, since its focus is dedicated to the commercialization of services to the Internet, cable television and all telephony in Mexico City.

Also collect more than two and a half million subscriptions to all its services.

It is responsible for providing services to 300 municipalities, its entire network and good services are extended to more than 25 states.

How to pay Megacable

Now we will mention an easy and fast way to pay Megacable, next:


In order to make your payment online, it will be necessary that you enter the online services portal that it offers Megacable, here we leave the link.

On the aforementioned page you can indicate a session in your account Megacable with your respective account and password.

In the case of not having an account, you must go to the button where it says «register here» and you must have the information mentioned below:

  • Your subscriber number
  • Name of said subscriber in this case yours
  • The number outside the address
  • Cell phone or landline number, or email.
  • And finally, generate a custom password.

Remember to write down all that data, you never know when you will need it.

Once the account is created you have the freedom to enter the system, and you can request an account statement.

As in the profile, you have the option to perform online payments.

In this way we will mention some of the establishments where using your account you can make these payments.

  • OXXO
  • Walmart
  • Telecomm telegrados.

Among others, establishments.


On the other hand in the OXXO stores

You can pay a wide range of different home services, it also offers you the great ease of paying Megacable.

It is one of the greatest advantages that Femsa provides, since it saves a lot of time, as well as finding a store OXXO it’s pretty easy.

In the shops OXXO you have the facility to cancel the monthly payment you have in Megacable without having to bring your account statement, by this we are referring to the receipt.

Although one piece of information that we give you is that if you take it with you, the process can speed up the process a little more.

Pay Megacable at 7 Eleven

Another form of payment that we bring for you is the second largest convenience store company in Mexico City.

We are talking about Seven elevenIn this case, we are talking about making this payment for cable television, Internet and telephone services.

They should go to the branches with your account statement.

That is, in order to cancel your payment of Megacable You must bring the account statement with you, if not, you will not be able to cancel.

What is the megacable prompt payment discount about

The discount prompt payment megacable It is a discount that will be granted to the client together when he is ready to make the full payment of his receipt, in the first 5 days of the month.

The total price to pay with the discount will be established precisely during the hiring, keep in mind that the best way to guarantee this discount is by direct debiting each of the payments in its respective bank account.

Megacable payment centers

There are many places where they can pay Megacable, so you won’t have to stand in so many lines when you go to pay at one of the establishments.

And many more when the payment date is close, on those days many people get together.

Now we will mention the places to which you can go to cancel Megacable, as well as the indications to be able to make said payments.

How to check my Megacable account statement

In order to check your account status in MegacableYou just have to have a computer at your elevation or a smartphone with Internet, and enter the praise that I will provide below.

Next link for it.


Thanks for trusting us

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