How to pay Social Security: Online, in person and MORE

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Are you affiliated with the IMSS? So, you should read this article that explains how to pay Social Security through different ways that this institute in the country offers you. In addition, this time we will provide you with information about all the requirements and documents obligatory to cancel your annual fee.

Additionally, here we will tell you all the benefits and advantages that you have when belonging to or being subscribed to the Social Security of Mexico. Finally, we will teach you all the attributions that the IMSS has as a protective entity of the health and social system of the country.

Read everything with us!

How to pay for Social Security?

Social Security is a benefit that Mexicans who are attached to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) have, that is, they are those citizens who direct a monthly installment of their labor compensation to be insured in this institution.

Now, the majority of citizens establish this minimum quota and are aggravated once they receive their salary remuneration. However, on some occasions, the same subscribers to the services must cancel it through the IMSS. For this reason, in this section we will show you how to pay Social Security in a simple and fast way. Stay here with us!

Certainly, there are several financial institutions that allow you to cancel Social Security by transfer in just seconds and in a more secure way. Here are some of these financial entities:

  • Banamex.
  • BBVA Bancomer.
  • Banorte.
  • Bank of the Bajío.
  • Affirm.
  • Santander Serfin.
  • HSBC.

In this article we indicate some instructions that you must comply with if you want to make the payment by transfer, in the aforementioned financial institutions:

  • Choose the financial institution of your preference.
  • Schedule the payment for a particular date.
  • Check online the Referenced Payment System (SAPE) that is on the IMSS website.
  • Check your balance online again.
  • Print or Download your proof of payment.

Online Procedure

The IMSS has a website capable of paying the Social Security quota, but it asks its clients for a set of mandatory requirements. Still don’t know what they are? Quiet! We will tell you each one of them!


  • Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).
  • Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Email.


  • Get a good internet connection and use a trusted browser, such as Google Chrome.
  • Access the Web page of IMSS.
  • Enter your CURP and all the data requested by the system.
  • In the case of having an SSN, you must proceed to write it.
  • Subsequently, you must press the option «Social Security Payment».
  • Finally, carry out the steps indicated by the web platform.
  • Attention! If you are not registered with the IMSS, this social institution will ask you for other information to corroborate your information and will successfully assign you a social security number.

What is my SSN for?

On the other hand, it is essential that you remember that the SSN or the Social Security Number is essential to use it in other social service institutions. Next, we will tell you some of them:

  • Verify which is your Family Medical Unit.
  • Contributions to the AFORE system are sometimes sent.
  • Sometimes it is used by the Housing Fund.

Additionally, if you want to Download or Print your proof of payment, once you finish it you must follow these instructions:

  • Make sure all your voucher information is correct.
  • Click on the «Download» button.
  • Then create and save in an easily accessible folder.
  • Double click to verify the file in PDF format.
To print
  • Find the folder where you saved that document.
  • Press the «Print» key.
  • Then, select the destination of the same and the number of pages.
  • Hope your impression is correct.

Face-to-face procedure

In the same way, if you want to cancel your Social Security in person, you just have to locate the IMSS offices closest to your home. Just as the online process requires a series of requirements, this methodology also involves a set of mandatory documents. Read everything here!

  • IMSS payment or application form with signature and stamp.
  • Document with the NSS.
  • Personal identification.
  • Proof of address.
  • Last payment receipt.

Additionally, it is essential that you keep in mind that all these documents and requirements have an exclusive way of presenting themselves:

  • All documents must be presented in original form and photocopy.
  • Each of the documents must have a legible signature and stamp.
  • None of the documents may have erasures or amendments, otherwise, it will not be accepted by the IMSS.
  • If you want, you can put these documents inside a folder with your full name.


  • Locate the IMSS sub-delegation closest to your home. Take into account that it is available from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM!
  • Present your personal data: Personal Identification, CURP and proof of address.
  • Provide other required data.
  • Cancel the corresponding Social Security fee.
  • Wait for proof of payment.
  • If you wish, you can ask the IMSS worker to print or send you the receipt by email.

What is the cost of paying Social Security?

Furthermore, the IMSS requires that Social Security be canceled under an annual fee. The latter is carried out in order to comply with the Laws corresponding to the SS in Mexico. Next, we will tell you the cost associated with this procedure:

  • Annual cost: $ 11,085 Mexican pesos.
  • Exceptions: Those professionals, micro-entrepreneurs, workers, artisans and other non-salaried workers may cancel both annually and bimonthly.

In other research sources, they mention that for other Social Security services the worker must be quoted according to his salary, that is, it must be above or equal to his salary amount. However, the worker must take into consideration that he will not be able to cancel more than 25 times his minimum wage.

Similarly, IMSS raised fees according to the age of the beneficiary. Next, we present it to you:

  • 0 to 19 years $ 4,650.00 Mexican pesos.
  • 20 to 29 years old $ 5,500.00 Mexican pesos.
  • 30 to 39 years old $ 5,850.00 Mexican pesos.
  • 40 to 49 years old $ 8,100.00 Mexican pesos.
  • 50 to 59 years $ 8,450.00 Mexican pesos.
  • 60 to 69 years old $ 12,250.00 Mexican pesos.
  • 70 to 79 years old $ 12,700.00 Mexican pesos.
  • 80 years and over $ 12,750.00 Mexican pesos.

Paying Social Security: Benefits

Now that you know how to pay Social Security, you must be aware of all advantage and Benefits that it offers you. As well as, it is important that you know that the IMSS every year gives incentives to be part of them and watch over your future. So, in this section we will tell you all the positive aspects of the IMSS and, therefore, Social Security:

  • You can register whenever you want at the IMSS.
  • You will obtain all the benefits and rights in insurance related to Disability and Life, Retirement and Old Age or Old Age.
  • Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital assistance.
  • Also, you can have support at all times of motherhood.
  • Savings for pensions.
  • Medical, hospital, pharmaceutical and rehabilitation care for the worker and his family.
  • Savings for retirement.
  • Care for underage children of workers.
  • Social benefits.
  • Retirement and vacation centers.
  • Death pensions
  • Insurance in the case of risk of unemployment.
  • Cover traffic accidents or any other that happens during working hours.
  • Collection for medicines.
  • Physical rehabilitation.
  • Centers for emotional support.

In the case of entrepreneurs, some Social Security benefits also apply to them:

  • Create a tool to improve social benefits, communicating with the IMSS.
  • New Social Security contracts.
  • Proactive environment and better job performance.
  • As a company, you can create an image that characterizes you for the efficient way you have in terms of social security.
  • Eliminate excessive labor turnover.
  • Improve relations between the company and the worker.
  • Guarantee with the unions.
  • You want to know more? Click here.

What is the Institution in charge of Social Security?

The institution that is in charge of Social Security is the Mexican Social Security Institute. Then, the IMSS was established in 1943 to corroborate the social information of Mexican citizens; as well as, it is one of the largest institutions in the country.

Next, the authorities that compete in said institution:

  • Autonomous prosecutor.
  • Federal government.
  • Employers and workers.
  • Others.

For its part, we want to mention some attributions and functions that the IMSS fulfills within its legal and social framework:

  • Risk management
  • It allows you to control everything related to the Social Security of Mexico, that is, it attributes financial resources and social contributions.
  • As well as, it allows to provide sums of money and other services of a social nature.
  • Service provider.
  • In charge of stimulating and protecting some resources of workers and students, especially those related to the health area.

Finally, we want to tell you everything about the beneficiaries and how they are cataloged within the IMSS. Likewise, the beneficiaries are those who are registered within the legal framework of the IMSS holder, but unfortunately the latter died and one of his family members must withdraw said benefit.

Then, according to what is framed by the Law related to IMSS, the beneficiaries can only be:



  • Apply for the pension.
  • Individual account resources.


  • Widow or Widower (Only if he was financially dependent on the deceased individual).
  • Children under 16 years of age (If you are still studying and do not have economic support).
  • Spouse, concubine or concubine (Only if they depended financially on this person).
  • Parents who depended on this individual.

Join the IMSS, pay your Social Security!

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