How to pay the Property: Via Web, What it is and MORE

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In this article we will teach you everything related to How to pay the Property in Mexico, discounts related to this type of tax and other information. Additionally, we will tell you everything about the requirements and documents obligatory to cancel in person and online.

Likewise, in this text you will be able to obtain access to all the information on why it is so important to have this type of tribute canceled in the set time. For this reason, we invite you again to read our article.
Keep reading with us and write down what you need most about How to pay the Property!

How to pay the Property?

In the first place, it is essential that you know that this tax is only paid by those Mexican citizens who have property or real estate in the national territory. In other words, all Mexicans who currently have a house, apartment, business, among others.

In the same way, this procedure is very important because it allows you to revalidate the property that you have before the Government of Mexico. Therefore, this type of tax is required and the delay of your payment should be avoided.


  • Additionally, you must remember that to demand the payment of the property you must obtain a series of requirements or mandatory documents, such as:
  • If you are a pensioner, you must show your credential.
  • Personal identification.
  • Last receipt of the property payment.

Documents submission

  • All documents must be presented in original form and photocopy.
  • They must have a high degree of readability.
  • In case of deletions or amendments, they will not be accepted.

Now if you are in this article to get answers from how to pay the propertyl, Then you are in the right place. Next, we will tell you all the options you have as a Mexican citizen to cancel this type of tax:


  • Locate the Directorate of Income at Av. Adolfo López Mateos, number 0, Colonia del Bosque.
  • Request Customer Service.
  • Provide all the data or requirements mentioned above.
  • Ask to cancel the amount of your property.
  • Continue with the steps indicated by the worker.


  • Enter your email.
  • Click «Compose new email».
  • Put the following recipient email:
  • Write all your data inside the email.
  • Put in the subject «Property.»
  • Wait for a response from this institution.

Property Tax Consultation

  • Before canceling your amount associated with this tax, it is crucial that you check the figure again:
  • One option is to consult it in the corresponding offices.
  • Another option is to enter the Finance website of the Government of Mexico and click on “Property”. Subsequently, enter the associated data and follow the instructions indicated by the system.

On the other hand, this year 2020 things have changed significantly for the world. In the case of Mexico, the policy of avoiding physical contact with other citizens has been increased, to avoid the spread of the virus, Covid-19. In this sense, the Government of Mexico enabled (2) mechanisms to cancel these types of procedures:

  • On-line
  • App

How to pay the Property Via Web?

On the other hand, the Government of Mexico has an online platform capable of achieving the payment of this type of tax. So, if you have a computer, tablet or other type of electronic device near you, we invite you to cancel this tax with these instructions:

  • Get a good internet connection and use a reputable browser.
  • Enter the Finance website from Mexico.
  • Locate the option «Make payments and procedures online – Property».
  • Afterwards, the following options will appear:
    • Current period.
    • Overdue periods.
    • Tape your tax.
    • Cadastral procedures.
  • Check the button «Current or Expired Period», depending on your situation.
  • Write the (12) digits of your catrastal letter.
  • Write the authentication code.
  • Finally, the page will show the amount to be paid and the capture line.
  • In the following sections we will tell you how to print and download the payment invoice.

Through the App

Another of the great innovations created by the Finances of Mexico, known as “CMX Treasury”. So if you want to know how to pay the property tax through the mobile application you must follow these instructions:

  • Download the application on Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iOS).
  • Enter the mobile application.
  • Located in the application «Treasury of Mexico».
  • Enter your name, your username and security code.

On the other hand, you can consult and pay the following sections:

  • Pay
  • Property Tax (current or expired).
  • Advance property.
  • Ownership or Use of Vehicles.
  • On payroll.
  • Traffic violations.
  • Circulation Card Renewal Rights.
  • Driver’s License type «A».
  • Water supply.
  • Proof of Debt.
  • Consult
  • Proof of property debt.
  • Proof of water debt.
  • Payment certificates.
  • Certificates of No Disqualification.

  • Attention! The mobile application accepts Visa or MasterCard credit and debit cards.

How to download the property receipt?

Now, it is always important that you have a backup of the documents to avoid losing them and also, consult them physically in case you do not have an Internet connection. So, in this section we will avoid you to Download and Print this document easily and quickly. Stay with us!

  • Enter the Finance of Mexico website.
  • Verify that the payment invoice is correct.
  • Right click «Download».
  • Select the type of format you want for this download. In this case, we recommend «PDF Format».
  • Additionally, create and save in a folder for quick access.

To print

  • Select the folder where you saved the document.
  • Make sure to choose your printing preferences: number of pages, sizes and others.
  • Go to the «Print» option.
  • Verify that the printed sheet is legible.

Now, if you want to print your property bill from your cell phone, you must follow these steps:

  • Activate the Bluetooh of your mobile cell phone.
  • Locate the computer and link the latter with the mobile phone.
  • Find the option to print and choose its preferences: Number of copies, size and type of printing.
  • Make sure the printing system is correct and the sheet you printed is fully legible.
  • Check again, that the data of the invoice of your property is correct and there is no incorrect data.

What is the Property Tax?

The Property Tax is that type of tax that is paid for owning a property in Mexico, that is, it is the tax that cancel Mexican citizens of annual form to declare the type of home they have. In the same way, this type of tax is used to declare before the competent authorities compliance with the payment of this type of tax, as established by the Law.

Now, when you make the payment of this type of taxes, the Government of Mexico gives you the incentive to discount from 15% to 20% the total balance of the tax. As well as, this tax varies according to the type of home or property you own. Still don’t know what these aspects are? Relax, here we tell you everything!

Next, read in detail each of the characteristics that the Government takes into consideration for the final calculation of the Property Tax:

  • Type of dwelling.
  • Number of floors.
  • Square meter.
  • Location.
  • Applicant’s salary.
  • Other types of taxes.

So, this type of tax is essential to finalize the sale or purchase of a tax, since by not complying with this, this type of operation will not be able to proceed. Therefore, we recommend that you read our next section.

Because it is important?

Like all taxes, it must be paid as soon as possible to avoid legal infractions. For this reason, you should avoid delaying the payment of the property more than the expiration date. The latter can generate a large debt in Mexican pesos, which can harm your economic situation in the long term.

As well as, if you do not cancel on time, you can damage your request to carry out and pay other types of procedures related to the property or real estate. In other words, if you want to rent or sell your home, it will be complicated if you have a restriction for the property payment.

On the other hand, this type of tax usually has discounts at the time of canceling it. To find out, you just have to go to the corresponding office in your City. In addition, they can also provide you with information about the subsidies to cancel this tax.

In another vein, the property tax is destined to the public cats of each municipality in Mexico, which will allow the following benefits:

  • Improvements in various public services.
  • Quality in infrastructures.
  • Optimization of economic resources.
  • Investment in public centers.

On the other hand, if you pay in a certain month you will get discounts depending on it:

  • January: 8% decrease in percentage.
  • February: 8% decrease.
  • March: 5% decrease.
  • Eye! If you are late in your payment, you will have to pay a fine.

Last, but not least, the Chapultepec City Council also verifies the payment of the property tax of the property or physical space through the Key Certificate and Cadastral Value, with the aim of keeping a census of the latter throughout the territory of the Province.

For this reason, we will indicate all the important aspects that this type of document brings:

  • Legal basis.
  • Document to Obtain.
  • Requirements:
    • Physical persons.
    • Collective Legal Person.
    • Public institutions.
  • Document type:
  • Original.
  • Photocopy.
  • Duration of the Procedure.
  • Response time.
  • Cost.
  • Data according to the applicant:
    • Names and surnames.
    • Identification number.
    • Home address.
    • Property Tax Type.
    • Other Relevant.
  • If you want to know more about it, click here.

Do not wait any longer, cancel the Property Tax of your property!

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