How to recover a deposit in Oxxo

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How to recover a deposit in Oxxo? This has been an unavoidable problem for people who store with OXXO most of the time. This time we will tell you everything you need to do to be successful in the process.

OXXO is a great monetary partner for every Mexican resident, working with bank stores through its branches. However, from time to time there may be an error during the shop, caused by the employee or the investor.

How to recover a deposit in Oxxo

Constantly check the ledger number where the store will be held. In the event that at the time of reserving a quota you have entered a ledger outside the base, the money can be recovered, but it will depend on the activity carried out:

In the event that the exchange was made to a register of a bank similar to the one that has a place due to the speed of the activity, it cannot be stopped, all things considered, the bank must look for the data of the owner of the general ledger to whom the store was sent clarifies the circumstance. Also, give your consent to return the money in cash.

In the event that the activity has been carried out at the counter, approach a leader to obtain an exhortation since all branches have a money withdrawal time, it will depend on the activity of each bank. Request the scratch-off of the exchange.

The bank can defend its decision to return the cash, but cannot force the person who benefited from the wrong exchange to do so, as there is no guarantee that it was wrong or false.

If the store is interbank, the affected bank must contact the recipient’s bank to obtain the full discount from the exchange. In these types of circumstances, it is easier for banks to stop activity, since Banco de México needs 24 hours to deliver the amount sent.

To stay away from these types of circumstances, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Users suggests confirming the general ledger number where the exchange will take place and / or saving the receipts of the activity carried out.

How to recover a deposit in Oxxo: What is Oxxo

Chain of stores OXXO, SA de CV or otherwise Oxxo, is a chain of Mexican general stores, established in 1997 in Monterrey.

It is claimed by the global organization FEMSA, and you can discover it in many Latin American countries. They only sold concoctions, cigars and candy. Making the mark to advance your articles.

How to recover a deposit in Oxxo: What services does Oxxo offer

Oxxo is not only a store to discover essential items, but also offers everything but a delegate for some bank errands. Among them:


Oxxo Cel is a versatile virtual manager that uses Freedompop inclusion to offer distinctive internet and cell phone information stewardship. The assistance is carried out through re-energizers in Oxxo stores, starting the packages with or without Internet.

Service payments

From the Oxxo branch you can set aside fees for registrations and fees to charge cards without having to go to the bank. The changes are fully insured, safe and fast in exchange for a commission of $ 10 pesos.

Just take your administration receipt, for example, energy, phone, link, boarding passes, credits or educational cost. In fact, you will want to pay for your administrations in the fastest way, even after they have expired. We separate the attached summary of administrations that you can pay in Oxxo stores:

  1. Light payment.
  2. Water fertilizer.
  3. Property payment.
  4. Payment of fines.
  5. Residence fee.

Cash withdrawal

The participating banks are: BBVA Bancomer, Citibanamex, Santander, Scotiabank, Inbursa, HSBC, Caja Real del Potosí, Financiera Zafy, BanCoppel, Caja Morelia Valladolid, Caja Popular Mexicana, Invex and Afirme.

Gift cards

If you pay with real money, you will discover a variety of gift vouchers such as Google Play, iTunes, XBOX, Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, Paysafe Card or League of Legends.


It is an Oxxo reserve funds card delivered by Banamex and Visa where you can store, pay and withdraw cash without having a relationship with a bank. The card has a cost of 30 pesos and is useful for the Mexican population that does not have a fixed salary.

Oxxo Pay

It is a payment method that is used in electronic commerce with notices progressively.

This new quota technique advanced by OXXO and Conekta establishes an answer for the 61% of Mexicans who do not have a ledger and, in particular, for millennial buyers who tend to shop carefully.

How does OXXO Pay work?

Oxxo Pay is, let’s say, a type of installment intermediary between you and the online business. The method of use is simple. This is how to use OXXO Pay:

  • You choose the item you need to buy.
  • Affirm your installment payment technique: money or Oxxo store.
  • Affirm your purchase. The moment you do this, you really want to see a window in which you are given the option to affirm the buying subtleties.
  • The 14 digits that you must address to the clerk will appear. You must prove that you are an OXXO Pay administration.
  • Make the installment with real money at any Oxxo store.
  • When this interaction ends, Conekta will send the notice continuously with the affirmation of the quota and will move the corresponding sum according to the quota plan of the foundation.

How to recover a deposit in Oxxo: What other services does Oxxo offer


In each of its stores you can have an ATM to withdraw money and check your balances without going to a bank.

Bus tickets

Without going to a passenger terminal, you can buy your transport ticket at the branch and choose accessible lines, schedules and seats.

Oxxo has 18 accessible transport lines: Primera Plus, ETN, Turistar, TUFESA, SENDA, Futura, Chihuahuenses, Elite, Autovías, La Línea, Costa Line, Transportes del Norte, Parhikuni, Frontera, Pacifico, Norte de Sonora and Transpais.


Oxxo is a person authorized to sell credit recharge cards for Telcel, Movistar, Unefon, Iusacell, Nextel and Virgin Mobile. You can buy or re-energize from 20 to 500 pesos with your credit card or check


It has a small protection administration that insures its clients in case of clinical mishaps through a substantial card for one year. Your spending varies between $ 99 and $ 149 pesos.

How to recover a deposit in Oxxo: Benefits of being an Oxxo client

The computerized stages become, as the innovation unfolds, a vital asset for that load of organizations that not only try to expand their offerings and benefits, but also reach an enormous number of customers trying to satisfy their needs.

Many organizations have incorporated the option to pay on the web into their payment frameworks; however, they have overlooked unbanked customers, who find it difficult to shop on the web. Ultimately, to heal this hole, Conekta created OXXO PAY, another answer for e-commerce that allows you to get cash installments at OXXO stores throughout México.

In any case, in what way, better still, what are the advantages that this fertilizer technique brings to organizations? Conekta reveals which ones:

Ongoing Quota Claims

Waiting for occasions, similar to silences, is uncomfortable. This new fee arrangement eliminates waiting periods that claim available fees. Currently, the confirmation of fees is fast and progressive; As such, the company obtains payment confirmation the moment the buyer makes it at the checkout.

Hello, reference! Bye-bye scanner tag!

Currently, buyers will only need to direct a mathematical reference to the employee to make the comparison fee without the need to print a proof of payment; This will build effective quota transformation and further develop the buyer experience. Simple as that!

Configurable expiration date

Build and organize, as it suits you, the due date of the quota reference every second and not every day, this means that you can choose how long your articles are kept for the purchase. This is how you will work on controlling your inventories and their association.

Chargeback acquitted

OXXO PAY, in addition to being simple and fast, has two different characteristics that make it significantly more attractive: it is a secure installment payment strategy without misrepresentations, due to the way the customer makes their payments in real money and in a simple way. in a foundation. . These benefits apply to both your business and your customers.

Most prominent inclusion

With OXXO PAY you have the opportunity to reach 82% of the adult population who do not have a card, but who make their payments in an OXXO store, and will really want to make their payments in more than 15,500 OXXO Branches.

It allows buyers who do not have visas or who use unapproved check cards to make purchases on the Internet. In the event that what you are looking for is openness – improve the interaction of customer fees, speed – decrease times and grindings and reliability – rigorous security arrangements, OXXO PAY, controlled by Conekta is your most ideal option.

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