How to recover my AT&T number: What is AT&T, AT&T México and their services

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AT&T as telephony; It gives you great benefits that are at your disposal, you just have to evaluate what best suits you.

What is the best plan for you, there are multiple and taking into account which is the one that best suits you, you will have a great service.

How to get my AT&T number back

So that you can achieve this it is necessary to do a portability, directly with them, Yesguiding the steps below:

  • Send a message with the word “PIN” to 051, you will immediately receive a code to carry out the porting.
  • You must buy a SIM with your number again.
  • To a private message, pass the data using the networks Facebook and / or Twitter social networks; You can also go directly to any Service Center.

What is AT&T

AT&T México, which has its corporate name as AT&T Comunicaciones Digitales, S. de RL de CV is a company of Mexican origin that is in charge of telecommunications.

It is a subsidized company of AT&T; Its main headquarters are in México City, and among the most important services is mobile telephony, internet, cell phone, services such as broadband and as well as other services.

Origin and development

Lusacell in one of the operators currently, who are part from AT&T México. Its beginnings come from the year 1939; at the time that Alejo Peralta founded the IUSA Group.

This company focuses on copper, conductors and cabling; where the first products that were handled were:

  • Lampholders.
  • Plugs.
  • Fuses
  • Insulators
  • Lightning rod.
  • Grills
  • Light meters.
  • As well as copper and aluminum conductors.

After spending 50 years, It is when Grupo IUSA makes the decision to enter the mobile telephony market, which is novel for the moment within the country it was the first telephony operator in all of México.

It began its activities on October 4, 1989, in México City, where it was later joined by other companies that work throughout the country.

Low and Difficulties

With the years already for 1994, the Mexican economy suffers a serious impact which was called December Error; which brought a very serious collapse to the economic structure.

Faced with this, Lusacell lost a large number of clients due to the fact that only the services provided were under the Postpaid modality.

When doing your market study, you make the decision as a company to sectorize and serve a selective high-end socioeconomic market; on the other hand, its strongest competition Telcel, which was the second mobile operator, it takes advantage of this and goes to the lower middle classes.

By 2001 Lusacell was at a very strong crossroads; Since it had large losses and subscriptions, everything worsens when new operating companies arrive in the country.

Due to this Vodafone assumes 34.5% of the IUSA Group of Lusacell’s cooperation; For an amount greater than 200 million dollars, this was a negative attempt by Telefónica to get a stake, but a year later Lusacell entered a bankrupt bank.

After realizing that it did not turn out what I expected; for 2003 Vodafone and Verizon decide to sell, with a total of all their shares of 79.5%; to Mobile Acces who owned Ricardo Salinas Pliego.

For a peripatetic amount of 10 million dollars, an amount that by then critical experts seemed very low, the slogan that he maintained Lusacell was We think of you.

Ricardo Salinas always had the idea of ​​the union between the operator Unefon, which he owned but small, which he created in 2000, since its operations were only located in the center of the country.

This idea could not be achieved within the first four years; Since the other Unefon partners, Grupo Saba was not willing to take on Lusacell’s large debt and the exodus of clients.

Union with Unefon

Finally for March 2007, Unefon’s networks join with Lusacell, who at that time was managing CDMA. Thanks to this consolidation, they reached third place as a mobile operator.

In market shares with (3.2 million customers), behind Telcel (80 million) and Movistar (12 million).

They decided to continue as separate brands, in addition to their lusacell combination, serving more the market for Postpaid income plans, while Unefon was targeting prepaid customers.

What services AT&T offers

AT&T Plans

They are useful for different rates and each of them has the following services:

  • Unlimited calls in the United States, Canada and all of México.
  • Unlimited text messages in México, the United States and Canada.
  • You have high-speed internet, managing a network of 4G from AT&T.
  • You have social networks like; Facebook, Messenger Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram and Uber.

AT&T North America

  • AT&T Simple Plus 1 GB, with unlimited calls and social networks.
  • 1 line telephony.
  • 1 GB Internet.
  • Unlimited social networks.

AT&T Simple Plus 2 Gb

  • Unlimited social networks and calls.
  • 2GB Internet.
  • Telephony 1 line.

AT&T Simple Plus 3 GB

  • Telephony 1 line.
  • 3GB Internet.
  • Unlimited social networks and calls.

AT&T Home

Has plans, internet packages at home and personalized customer service; the AT&T company has multiple plans, services, entertainment and promotional packages, which we present to you throughout the article. Get the best TV, Internet or telephone offers, making your hiring immediately.

As we have already mentioned, AT&T is a company dedicated to telecommunications which works with a subsidy from the American company AT&T, having a penetration of 20% of the entire Mexican market.

It has various services such as internet, mobile telephony to name a few, it is positioned in third place as a mobile telephone operator, after its strongest competition which are Movistar and Telcel.

Its history comes as a result of the IUSA group for the year 1989; in 20125 lusacell was the mobile network of this Group that was in conjunction with Unefon, the purchase of AT&T due to sensitive financial issues.

How to check my AT&T balance

So that you can get to check your AT&T balance by phone; it is necessary that you follow the steps below:

  • Dial * 611 from your AT&T line.
  • Pay attention to the initial menu options, select the option 3.
  • Finally, it will give you the information of the available balance in your account.

How to top up my AT&T balance

By dialing 611 using your AT&T PREPAID mobile, or making a call to 800.901.9878 from any other phone, and go to.

  • Main menu, say Payment.
  • Choose to make a payment.
  • Payment method the options are: debit card, credit card or recharge card.
  • Continue with the instructions, so that the payment can be completed.
  • Finally, it will give you the information of the available balance in your account.

What is the AT&T gift balance for?

The gift balance, nor it is given continuously it is like a promotion and occasional; It gives you the option of being able to have some services that are detailed in the promotion according to the one indicated.

This balance is not freezable, nor is it cumulative, and its validity is defined according to the conditions and terms of the promotions offered.

All those salty and additional refills that are made through the offer AT&T prepaid commercial; are subject to the following conditions.

Terms of Service

For the result of the following conditions, They will be governed by the definitions set out below:

Profits: These are those telecommunications services; that are delivered in the packages of the commercial offer as long as it is prepaid from AT&T, which are available from of recharges of $ 10.00 pesos.

Gift Advantages: These services are very detailed, and are provided promotionally, which are They use to use definitive services and that are subject to a certain validity.

Reload: In order to acquire balance or additional, through commercial premises and centers authorized recharges.

Balance: Net amount which is similar to a recharge, which has a benefits package according to the prepaid offer that are available, such as minutes, messages and / or megabytes.

Additional Balance: It is a fixed amount which is equivalent to a recharge; made within the validity period of the benefits package, which is intended to obtain an approval service with the that is mentioned in it.

Gift Balance: It is the net amount of a recharge, which is given to the user as a promotion, used to make calls, send messages, navigate and, depending on the offer, contract specific services. Its validity is tied to a specific time,

By doing these $ 10.00 balance recharges pesos onwards, automatically all prepaid customers; get service packages that offer benefits, such as:

  • Telephone minutes.
  • Text messages.
  • Data.
  • Access to both social networks and applications.

Having a specific time of validity, for any consultation of advantages and validity packages you can enter the portal


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