How to recover my Comipems pre-registration folio

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For whatever reason, your folio was lost to apply and be able to continue your university studies at a public university in Mexico, and now you ask yourself the question doHow to recover my Comipems pre-registration folio?

We have good news, so you can know How to recover my Comipems pre-registration folio We have prepared this documented article and thus help you with your process, we invite you to continue with this reading.

How to recover my Comipems pre-registration folio

During the pre-registration process, the system will give each applicant a registration or folio number, which together with the date of birth will allow us as applicants to modify our personal information. As well as the educational options in which we wish to be assigned as many times as we request. see in this link.

Therefore, if you lost the credential proof and you do not know your Folio and CURP (Unique Population Registry Code):

  • You can call EDUCATEL: 55 3601 7599 or toll-free 800 288 6688.
  • You can also send an email to:

good, you know How to recover my Comipems pre-registration folio.

What is Comipems?

At this point you may be wondering What is COMIPEMS? (abbreviation of Metropolitan Commission of Public Institutions of Higher Secondary Education): Which is the institution responsible for carrying out the selection contest once a year, to enter the Higher Secondary level of public institutions in CDMX, and the region of Mexico.

when doing the test COMIPEMS, there is a contest to enter some of the institutions or schools that offer high school public education. Both in Mexico City and in the 22 municipalities of the State of Mexico or metropolitan area, and three types of high school are offered.

The contest in the appointment to Higher Secondary Education is a selection process for applicants that takes place in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Mexico City through a single call, the same registry of applicants and the evaluation of skills and knowledge of these, through a single exam.

The Metropolitan Zone of Mexico City, for actions of the contest of assignmenthas usually been specified, as the area that involves Mexico City and its 22 municipalities that make up the State of Mexico.

Its origin

In February 1996, educational institutions that provide upper secondary education programs public in Mexico City, and in regions that make up the State of Mexico, they signed a collaboration agreement, based on their objectives, they convened an allocation contest that markedly transformed the processes traditionally carried out.

The power of this agreement It was based on the achievement of inter-institutional coordination, required to jointly and transparently attend to the request for upper secondary education. An exclusive call, the preparation of the same registry of applicants, the evaluation of their skills, and their knowledge through a single exam, have been the fundamental pillars of this innovative process.

To ensure the fairness of this contestComipems, by means of a prior agreement, authorized the National Evaluation Center (CENEVAL) to carry out and qualify the exam used in the Contest, considering the technical quality of the measurement resources and their perceived experience in competitions of allocation made in various States of the Mexican Republic.

How much does the IPN guide cost?

The Study Guide for the IPN it is a document in PDF format with the topics and all the indications of the exam. Before downloading the IPN guide, I recommend that you read this post very carefully so that you can study it in the best possible way, and manage to enter the career that you propose.

The Study guide for Higher Level is a support tool provided by the IPN to students who wish to enter any of the careers taught at this institution.

The IPN Official Guide for the 2021 Admission Exam in digital format has a cost of $170.50and first you must make the payment at one of the BBVA branches, to account number 0453761673 in the name of IPN Directorate of Higher Education, so that later you can obtain your guide with your receipt.

If you wish to make an electronic transfer, the interbank code is: 012180004537616732

When and how is the COMIPEMS exam

The app of the COMIPEMS 2021 exam will be held on June 19, 20, 26 and 27.

All applicants must report to the test on Saturday June 19 or 26 or Sunday June 20 or 27, as indicated by your new voucher-credential, at the place and time indicated therein.

In no case may the exam be taken at a venue, date or time other than that indicated.

To pass the exam, the applicant will have a maximum of three effective hours (counted from the start instruction given by the applicator).

They should only carry a number 2 1⁄2 pencil, an eraser and a pencil sharpener, will not be allowed introduce any other type of objects such as: backpacks, folders, calculators, cell phones, electronic devices, etc. The use of cell phones or electronic devices during the exam is grounds for cancellation.

It’s important to consider: There is no maximum number of how many times the Comipems exam can be taken; however, it is recommended that you choose a maximum of four, because these campuses fill their available seats quickly and it is unlikely that you will be assigned to a high-demand option that is selected after the fourth preference.

Important tips for the COMIPEMS process

  • Find a good place to to study. Studying in front of the television is not the most convenient, we can assure you.
  • Sit down to study in a bright, comfortable place, but not too much (so you don’t fall asleep).
  • Eliminate things that can distract. This includes social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok…), video games and conversations with friends (via WhatsApp, Messenger).
  • Focus on the time that you have determined only to study, you can set an alarm on your mobile with a counter backwards, to make sure that you are really going to study in that hour or two hours.
  • Have what you need available. you can lose a lot weather locating books, notes or snacks in the kitchen. Before you start the counter, have everything ready for your study hour.
  • In no case can the test in a different office, date or time.
  • To answer the exam, the applicant will have a maximum of three specified hours (counted from the start instruction given by the tutor).
  • You must only take a number 2 1⁄2 pencil, an eraser and a sharpener, you are not allowed to take any other type of things such as: backpacks, folders, calculators, mobile phones, electronic devices, etc.
  • The use of cell phones or electronic devices during the exam is reason for elimination of the evaluation.

What should you take into account when choosing educational options?

It is suggested to take into account:

  1. The race that most attracts your attention.
  2. The skills you know how to do best.
  3. What you want to achieve for your future.
  4. The alternatives offered by institutions.
  5. That to be designated in the high demand options it is necessary to achieve a high number of hits.
  6. Read the study programs well.
  7. Take into account that the UNAM and IPN require a minimum average of 7.0 in secondary education.
  8. Where the campuses are located, their context, cost and travel time, that is, it is very pertinent that you visit them before choosing them.

What is called high demand option?

It is an educational option requested by two or more students for each place available; in the directory of alternatives (chapter II of the Instructions) establish. By means of a gray screen and a figure indicating the number of applicants for each available site. For example: a figure of eight in an educational option means that each available seat was applied for by eight applicants.

What is the maximum number of high demand options that can be chosen?

There is no maximum number, however, it is recommended to choose a maximum of four. Since these campuses quickly fill their available seats, it is unlikely that you will be assigned to a high-demand option that is chosen after the fourth preference.

How is the assignment process done?

The postulates are organized according to the number of hits achieved in the exam (highest to lowest). In that order, each applicant is assigned a place in the educational alternative of their highest choice that has places available.

According to the order of election that reflects in your Co. Cr.; For this reason, the option designated will depend on the hits to be achieved in the exam. To be selected in the educational options of UNAM and IPN, it is required to obtain a minimum average of 7.0 in secondary education.

All the information is contemplated in the instructions of the allocation contest; likewise, it is suggested to visit the internet pages of the Comipemswhere there is extra information and access linked to the web pages of all the institutions.

We hope that all the information that we provide in this article has been of great help so that you can enter Comipems.

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