How to recover my E Signature: What is an E Signature or Electronic Signature, what it is for and its requirements

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The e-signature saves you time and brings infinite advantages; So do not hesitate to buy it, it is always good to have everything up to date.

You will see that you can dedicate your time, to use it with other activities that add more to your company which translates into profit.

How to recover my E Signature

It is a bit complicated to do this; since it is a private key that is tied to the password of the signature E. Having forgotten the password as well, since generally these data it is advisable to write them down in a notebook.

It will be necessary to do everything again in order to get FAITHFUL again; before the SAT offices.

Recovery of evidence E Signature, Make sure to follow everything that we mention below:

  • Enter the web portal; Certisat.
  • Enter using your RFC, you will need both the SAT key and the CIEC; with which you enter the tax mailbox and do not forget, look at the CAPTCHA that appears.
  • When you are already inside the portal, select the option “Recovery of E Signature”.
  • Use the Browse option, and the record is loaded.
  • Finally, click on continue and follow the steps that you will see on the screen.
  • At this point, the signature should be recovered.

What is an E Signature or Electronic Signature

They are empowered to confirm identification; of the person, whether natural or legal, the one that is going to give him the utility. There are different types and that is where the E Signature is located.

It is like a unique identifier, which you have to be able to enter and specify procedures that are directly related to the Mexican Government; it is something completely new thanks to the technological age.

Now yes, you want to know more and more about everything related a E Signature; keep reading us, you know all the benefits and whatnot.

When we talk about E Firma; We refer to the digitized record that the Tax Administration System (SAT) brings for use in order to be able to manage all the procedures remotely.

These electronic signatures, They are based on different elements that prove and guarantee our identity as citizens.

We can manage and make use of the service from the comfort of our home having a PC and internet; entering the SAT portal. If you want to change your address, make an affidavit, find out if you have a credit balance and more, do not hesitate to enter.

What is the Electronic Signature for?

Among the utilities, most relevant although has numerous we will mention:

  • With it you can sign any application and state document, everything that comes to you digitally.
  • It is used in electronic media; and as indicated in article 7 of the advanced electronic signature law, it has the same validity for legal purposes as the autograph signature.

This is a great option to do more than 400 tramiles in the different 20 dependencies; between the that we will be pointing out:

  • Medical assistance, through the Mexican Institute of Social Security.
  • Verification of the certificate of origin of Mexican articles.
  • In the event that a change is required in front of customs, you will be notified of requiring valuable permits, pesticides, toxic substances and plant nutrients.
  • Simple permit, when importing raw materials.
  • The transitory export permit for any work that is expressed as an artistic monument; since it is the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature that is authorized, when it comes to a legal entity.

Requirements to process the Electronic Signature

The requirements to collect and consign are the following:

  • Card or identity document, original and valid like him (INE or Passport).
  • CURP.
  • Public service invoice, where the address is identified, can be: Light or water preferably, that does not exceed 3 months of issuance.
  • Go with a CD or Pen drive.
  • You must have an email address.

How can you order it?

So you can get the e-signature; It is necessary that you make an appointment through the portal of the Tax Administration Service (SAT), in front of one of its branches; having at the hand of being company:

  • Company Constitution Act.
  • Rif.
  • Certificate of fiscal address.
  • Full power of attorney, for acts of authority or administrative.
  • Pen drive.
  • Email, updated.
  • As a natural person, the legal representative is required to have his e-signature.

Physical persons

  • Document or proof that identifies you.
  • Tax certificate.
  • Pendrive.
  • Email up to date.

Once you deliver all the documents; biometric data, fingerprint registration and fist signature will be taken; all this in order to be able ensure identification.

Moral people

  • Valid proof of INE or passport.
  • Constitutive Act.
  • Proof of tax address.
  • Full power of attorney, for acts of authority or administrative.
  • Pendrive.
  • Email, updated.

How to process the Electronic Signature

  • Mandatory, initially schedule an appointment with the SAT branch that is closest to you.
  • Attend the day and at the time indicated, with all the requirements.
  • Make the registration of biometric information.
  • Take the proof of e-signature.
  • Finally, sign the acknowledgment of receipt that the e-signature has been made.

Steps to follow

  • Take with you a Pendrive, preferably new where the file you need is; which was due in advance through the Cerifica program.
  • Email address of the applicant who must have full access to it.
  • Official Panilla FE, which is the request for the e-signature Certificate.
  • You must have Unique Population Registration Code (CURP).
  • If you are naturalized Mexican, present the original letter of naturalization and a copy of which issued by the authorized entity.
  • Updated identification of the original taxpayer.

Benefits offered by the Electronic Signature

As benefits, more prominent we can mention:

  • You reduce expenses.
  • You will have more time to organize yourself.
  • You can move easily.
  • Completely sure.
  • It makes the company more productive.
  • As a user, practice is optimal.
  • You help with the environment, since you don’t use paper.

How it benefits companies

We will be indicating some of the many advantages of using electronic signatures which includes e-signature.

High security

What there is no doubt about is that the electronic signature is like an information plate; The certificates provided by the SAT are for completely exclusive use, they cannot be transferred.

And it is the government who is in charge of authorizing which will be the entities that will issue these certificates; so that its validity is favorable when making transactions with the state.

Totally legal

It is through the Law of Advanced Electronic Signatures; made their publication before the Official Gazette of the Federation on January 11, 2012, which certifies the legal validity, including them within the Mexican legal apparatus.

Therefore any document that contains electronic signatures; They are valid in their entirety in the event of a trial or legal procedure, they take it as evidence. Increase business productivity.

Due to the use of electronic signatures; companies increase production in terms of:

  • They save on expenses; since it reduces the consumption of paper, pens and any other related article.
  • Travel costs drop; If it does not merit that the representative or authorized company of the company go to the place; it is not necessary to make expenses in transfer.
  • You reduce time; time is worth a lot therefore that you do not have to go personally, since the speed of the e-signature is great; you can use this is to do other activities.
  • You get better deals; a lot of time is wasted doing sometimes long queues, and only a few things are done, due to this using the e-signature, procedures can be concluded with the state in one way easy and more in quantity.
  • It is a great option for the environment.
  • Thanks to the low consumption of paper, in institutions, headquarters, offices not only state but at the company level; it will be contributing to the environment and caring for the ecosystem.
  • It helps you additional, so that your workspace does not have so many papers and the order can flow in a better way, avoid distractions and increase concentration.

What are the differences with other electronic signatures

It is not strange to have doubts about these two concepts; and it is right since it is not the same, you will see some differences:

  • All digital signatures, serves as a means to certify if; as long as the mime is digitized, which makes it necessary to sign in the same way 100%.
  • The e-signature is required and issued only; when doing business with the Government of the Republic; However, digital signatures can be used when having contracts, buying, selling etc.
  • To process the e-signature, make an appointment with the SAT where two certificates will come, in format and the private key.
  • The digital signature is made before the company that provides the service, which is the one that is authorized for everything related to its activity.
  • It is important to mention that the two electronic signatures are very important in organizational matters, especially when there are crucial times.


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