How to recover my Military Card: What is the Military Card, what it is for and its requirements

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How to recover my Military Card? Today we want to clarify how the Military Card measure works and what requirements you must meet to acquire it. You just have to keep reading!

In case you are Mexican and you are between 18 and 40 years old, you can go to the civil or territorial enrollment board or to the consular work centers of Mexico abroad to request and obtain your Military Card.

How to recover my Military Card

You must go to the registration office of the Military area closest to your home, taking the accompaniment:

  • Use of the person invested (It will be delivered to the Recruitment Office).
  • Indicate the city or delegation selection board or department that gave you the first card and the amount of your registration.
  • Indicate the year, the Military area and the focus of preparation where he served «signed up“Or”in accessibility«.
  • Two continuous photos of 35 × 45 mm., from the front in shaded or high contrast, with a white base, unchanged, in which the features of the invested individual are clearly appreciated, without headdress (cap, mortarboard, etc.), without glasses, with controlled mustache, without facial hair, controlled sideburns, no underwire or different items placed on the face by hole methods.
  • Unique and duplicate of the fee of the charge for the reinstatement of the visa.
  • Copy of a proof of distinction of authority with photography.

What is the Military Card

In Mexico, the National Military Service It is the mandatory military orientation that every Mexican must know to fully conform his part as a resident, which must be completed between 18 and 40 years of age.

Until 2000, this commitment was only for male residents, however from this date on, ladies are allowed, as an alternative, to access assistance; there are about 2,000,000 items.

What is the Military Card for

The military card is a record that guarantees the satisfaction of the military commitments of residents in Mexico and is an established command. When purchased, it is irreplaceable.

To manage this file, a lottery must be carried out in which residents between 18 and 40 years of age seek to obtain the National Military Service card. When obtained, the individual has a distinctive test.

  • It is an identification of authority

The military card is seen as a recognizable evidence by the authority and can be used to introduce it in specific methods, for example, acquiring a visa, identification, occupations, however, it is not selective or an execution to distinguish itself.

  • Leave the country or get married

There is the idea that if you do not have the military card, you cannot manage a file as important as the visa, but it is not like that. The military primer can be entered for the vast majority of the meaningful methodology that we do throughout everyday life, except not really. The equivalent is valid for common or strict marriages.

  • Not on the SAT

Among the official identifications that the Tax Administration Service (SAT) considers to present tax procedures, the military card is not found. Here you can verify it.

How to recover my Military Card: Requirements

  1. Request of the interested party (It will be provided to you at the Zone Recruitment Office).
  2. Original and copy of the birth certificate.
  3. Copy of an official identification with a valid photograph.
  4. The Copy of the CURP
  5. Copy of the Identity Card of the National Military Service, in case of having it, (If the Military Identity Card was issued during this year.
    1. You must request a certified photocopy of the duplicate (blue sheet) from the Municipal Board or Mayor’s Office of Recruitment.
    2. Triplicate (yellow sheet) or the blue note sheet (large sheet) of your booklet and present it to the office that will carry out your procedure).
  6. Specify the recruiting board or consulate that issued the card and indicate its registration number.
  7. Two recent photographs (not digitized) and on matte paper, of 35 x 45 mm. (credential size), from the normal hairline to the lower edge of the chin should measure 21 mm:
    1. From the front, in color or black and white (light clothing).
    2. With white background.
    3. Without retouching, that the features of the person concerned are clearly distinguished (no cap, no hat, no glasses, if he wears a mustache, it must be trimmed, no beard, trimmed temple, no earrings, no piercing, no piercings and without any accessory that alters or modify your physiognomy).
  8. Original proof of payment of the procedure (you can do it at any bank) with the format in five, Reference Code 034001141, Dependency Chain 00135500000000, in the amount of $ 187.00

How to recover my Military Card: How to get it out?

The cycle of raffles is carried out in the metropolitan and delegation registration forms constantly, during a Sunday in the period of November. The draw is carried out using voting forms with the qualities that are attached:

  • White or blue ball: The resident will carry out his military assistance in the training centers of the Army, Air Force or Navy of Mexico.
  • Black band: the resident will have compulsory access to the heads of the military zone in each state.

Enrollment is the interaction where the nuclei of instruction continue to accumulate the unforeseen events that will begin to satisfy their sacred military obligation.

This meeting includes individuals who voluntarily signed up and who were awarded a white, a blue or a repudiation during the lottery. Volunteers who wish to be interested in the preparation program are also incorporated.

Those selected will continue to fulfill their military obligations enrolled in a Military Unit or Naval Sector. Preparation takes place every Saturday from February to December.

Finally, the delivery cycle is the one in which the Ministry of National Defense and the Mexican Navy grant the SMN personality card and the delivery structure to each of the individuals who have effectively completed the requested military orientation.

Upon being selected, each resident has the option of having the card delivered free of charge. The motivation of this file is to ensure the personality and the satisfaction of military obligations and to acquire it it is necessary to have these records at hand.

  • 4 Recent photos, not digitized and on matte paper, 35 x 45 mm (credential size)
  • Birth certificate original and copy
  • Current proof of address, original and copy
  • Proof of the maximum degree of studies carried out, copy
  • CURP, original and Copy
  • Universal format for National Military Service procedures, original

How to recover my Military Card: When to get it?

In the event that this year is your opportunity to do your military aid and you have no idea what documentation you need to enter, here we will reveal which ones and where you have to enter them.

As always the public authority welcomes young people from over 18 years of age to do your military aid and get your military character card, which is important for commitments for men who meet 18 years of age or up to 40 years of age in the possibility that they have not been delivered.

Because of the possibility that the COVID-19 in the country, the exercises to prepare for the National Military Service are currently suspended, while the Ministry of National Defense will declare the reactivation of the Training in a timely manner.


This does not imply that the individuals who are doing desk work during the current year do not currently need to do the assistance, as we need to disclose to you that it proceeds until its last date before October 15 of the current year and it is normal that the orange light comes to light green for young people to play their military aid.

The cycle started from January 2, 2020 to October 15 of the current year, which is the last day of enlistment, on business days.

Frequent questions

If I am 40 years of age or older and I have an unopened card, what can I do?

You must go to the Recruitment Office located in the General Headquarters of the Military Zone of your state, to request the “Exception for being over 40 years old”, carrying the following:

  1. Applicant’s request (to be provided at the Zone Recruitment Office).
  2. Original and copy of birth certificate.
  3. Copy of an official identification with a valid photograph.
  4. Copy of the CURP
  5. Identity card of the National Military Service of the interested party.

If I have to comply framed, what days of the week and for how long will I be in that situation?

Only in Saturday sessions. From 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. for a year.

Where and when can I carry out the procedure to obtain the military service card?

You must go to the municipal councils (Palacio Municipal) or mayors of recruitment in Mexico City closest to your home. From January 2 to before October 15 of the current year, on business days.

How is compliance within a military unit determined?

Through a raffle that takes place in the municipal councils or recruitment mayors, in which the enlisted youth participate.

There can be only two possible outcomes: those “framed” and those that comply with “available”, the former get a white or blue ball, and the latter a black ball.


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