How to recover my SUBES password

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The password is a way of confirmation that contains personal and secret information to be able to enter the accounts. This must be exclusive, personal and secret without revealing personal data such as ID digits and dates of birth to prevent others from obtaining that data. But now you have doubts How to recover my SUBES password.

For any particular reason you need to know How to recover my SUBES password, for your peace of mind you are in the right section to discover it, we invite you to continue reading this article.

How to recover my SUBES password

You forgot your password and now you wonder How to recover my SUBES passwordit seems to be something very complicated, but it is very normal to forget a password, when this happens the first thing you should do is enter the web page where the system processes a series of data through cookies.

If the situation still continues as a first alternative you should send a email to the relevant university. Check your email in the outbox to verify that it has been fully sent to the coordination of the university where you are studying.

The mail that you are going to send must be detailed with the problem presented, you must ask the coordination to change your email giving a summarized explanation of why you make said request. After that, you will receive a timely response to solve the conflict.

After the perceived response, you will have to take into account what was the previously configured email, and the email you used so that the information can be updated and retrieved With success, this alternative is practiced with those students who do not have success in recovering their password.


  • To ask for help, it must be done through the email you have registered in the system.
  • Informative mail should be sent.
  • To recover your password you must have created another alternative email, which you can notify for the change.
  • The most suitable alternatives that they usually recommend are Hotmail or Gmail.
  • Seek or ask for help from a person responsible and knowledgeable about the program, so that they can guide you to solve this situation.
  • Keep your username and password secret to prevent future problems.
  • If for some reason the help could not solve it successfully, you can send another email, where in the subject indicate the word unresolved doubt, appending all your personal data to the Curp, the Ipes of origin, name of the Scholarship or Call, as well as your question summarized clearly and precisely.

Steps to follow

These are the steps to execute the SUBES system password change:

  • You must log in to the page of access.
  • You will place current username and password.
  • Then you must click on the «forgot my password» option so that the system gives you the option of acquiring a new one that it designates.
  • After this, you will have to indicate again the user that was designated to you, and then click on send.
  • In this way, a password will be sent by the system to the email you provided at the beginning of your registration process,
  • Next, you must enter the email to find the new password that was sent to you.
  • To complete the password change process, you return to the initial login page and there you again enter the user together with the new password that the system provided to your email.

What is the SUBES Scholarship

The SUBES Scholarships are granted through the digital platform of the Single System of Beneficiaries of Higher Education (SUBES). This system allows students to originate the application and registration of scholarships at the Higher Education level, provided by the National Coordination of Benito Juárez Welfare Scholarships (CNBBBJ).

The main objective of the SUBES Scholarships is based on offering support to students of Mexican nationality for the follow-up and completion of their university profession.

Similarly, this program seeks to ensure equal opportunities for continuity in educational programs in Mexico, this is how future professionals will be developed to ensure better development for the country.

The SUBES scholarship program provides an economic benefit for an established period of time of five bimonthly periods, which are equivalent to a school year.

The Federal Maintenance Scholarship 2021 is an economic aid of 1,800 thousand pesos, for those students who are at a higher level enrolled in a Public Institution of Higher Education, excluding the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH), and the National Pedagogical University (UPN) and also the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN).

Payments will be made every five bimonthly periods for the sum of 1,800 pesos, three of them paid in the month of April, and the other two, in October 2021.

Types of SUBES Scholarships

Below we inform you of some of the Scholarships managed through the Single System of Beneficiaries of Higher Education (SUBES):

  • Elisa Acuna.
  • Youth Writing the Future (JEF).
  • AMLO of the Higher Level.
  • Federal Maintenance Grants.
  • Degree scholarships.
  • Among other.

Who can apply for the SUBES Scholarship

The SUBES Scholarships They are intended for students enrolled in the Higher Education level of any Public Institution of Higher Education (IPES), in the scheduled Bachelor’s programs, some profession or equivalent level.

The age considered in the students for the SUBES Scholarships is between 18 to 29 years of age.

The SUBES Scholarships They establish certain prioritization rules for the selection of beneficiary students. Among these are the following:

  1. Students who are enrolled in a Public Institution of Higher Education (IPES), located in marginalized areas.
  2. Students already enrolled in a Public Institution of Higher Education (IPES), located in places with very high rates of violence.
  3. Young people who are Afro-descendant and indigenous.
  4. Very poor youth.

How to register in the SUBES

To complete the application and registration process for the SUBES Scholarships:

  • The first thing you should do is enter the digital platform of the Single System of Beneficiaries of Higher Education (SUBES). There, the applicant prepares a registration process by providing an email, location telephone number and a password that will allow him to enter the system.
  • Once you complete this section, the student must provide all the personal data that is required. As well as the detailed information of your current address.
  • Next, go to the School information section and choose the Educational Institution and program in which you want to participate or benefit.
  • It should be noted that in this section of the system the student must activate the school record, entered in advance through a pre-registration process, processed by the Public Institution of Higher Education (IPES) in which they are enrolled. For this, it is verified that the processed data is correct and does not have any errors.
  • If for any reason the school record has an erroneous data, the student must go to the relevant Public Institution of Higher Education (IPES) and request the correction of said error.
  • To finish, the Scholarship Application is registered indicating the program to which you wish to apply. In this way, the application process for the SUBES Scholarships is completed, providing an acknowledgment with the folio number that belongs to the registry.


The main requirement that must be met to apply for a SUBES Scholarship is the original of your current official identification, it can also be a voter ID, passport or your military card.

Likewise, the student must have the Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).

More information in this link.

Account to receive the scholarship

To receive the payment of the scholarship, students must have a active bank account debit in your name. And make sure that you receive deposits and electronic transfers greater than the total amount of the scholarship, and that there is no deposit limit per month.

The Standardized Bank Code (CLABE) linked to the Bank accountmust be registered in the SUBES from February 19, 2021 to April 5, 2021, in the menu that indicates «Application», section «CLABE Interbancaria».

Correct and timely payment of payments will depend on the account and the data bank accounts covers the detailed specifications, in the «Procedure» section as well as the 18-digit CLABE is attached correctly.

The registration of the CLABE Interbancaria does not guarantee the granting of the scholarship.

When are the calls for SUBES made?

As of September 7, 2021, the Registration to be able to enroll in the Jovenes Escribiendo el Futuro scholarship through SUBES 2021.

The call will give preference to the Benito Juárez García Universities for Welfare, intercultural and health schools in Mexico City, as well as normal, indigenous and rural schools.

This scholarship is originated for the students under 29 years old. With income lower than that valued by the Income Poverty Line, or that is part of those institutions with an agreement in the National Coordination.

Now you know How to recover my SUBES password.

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