How to retrieve an Electronic Invoice

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Currently, electronic invoices are a tool used by the vast majority of establishments. For this reason, it is extremely common for people to wonder How to retrieve an Electronic Invoice today.

Therefore, today we come to talk to you about How to retrieve an Electronic Invoice, the requirements that one must have, what they are for and much more.

How to retrieve an Electronic Invoice

Invoices have been with us for many years. The idea of ​​a proof of your purchase or service contract dates back to the beginnings of societies that began to use money

So it is not surprising that today they have changed a bit. Currently they also exist electronically, they continue to fulfill the same function and are extremely similar but now you can have it on any device.

Additionally, this allows you to receive it from anywhere in the world instantly, although at present this is already extremely common. In this case we will be referring mainly to the Digital Tax Receipt online (CFDI).

Whether you have misplaced some CFDI, If you cannot have contact with your trusted accountant or need a SAT invoice in any way, you can easily retrieve it.

To do so, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Enter in the official website from SAT
  2. Login with your details Login
  3. Go to the section of “Electronic bill
  4. Then click on the option “Cconsultation and recovery of vouchers
  5. Click the button in the lower right corner of “Start”
  6. once there, fill in the requested data and follow the procedure indicated to be able to recover your CDFI

What is an electronic invoice

A Electronic bill it is, first and foremost, an invoice. In other words, it has the same legal effects as a paper invoice. Remember that an invoice is proof of the delivery of goods or the provision of services.

An electronic invoice is a invoice that is issued and received in electronic format. In México, invoices are known as CDFI or Digital Tax Receipt online. The CDFI They are those receipts that comply with the specifications and regulations provided by SAT.

It is important to note that the issuance of an electronic invoice is conditional on the consent of its recipient. The electronic invoice, therefore, is a legal alternative to the traditional paper invoice.

What requirements should an Invoice have

According to the Tax Administration Service, all electronic invoices that you receive must have:

  • The R.F.C. password who emits it.
  • Tax Regime in which they are taxed (Based on the ISR law).
  • In the event that the organization issuing the invoice has more than 1 branch, premises, establishment or office. You will have to specify in which of them it was issued.
  • Have the digital seal of the SAT.
  • Contain the assigned folio number for him SAT
  • Digital stamp of the taxpayer who issues it.
  • Date and place broadcast.
  • Recipient’s RFC to whom it is issued.
  • Quantity, unit of measure and class of the goods, merchandise or description of the service or of the use or enjoyment that they cover.
  • Price and quantity of service or product.
  • Total amount indicated in numbers or letters.
  • You must give the information about whether it is paid in 1 amount or in different parts.
  • When applicable, the amount of transferred taxes will be indicated, broken down by tax rate and, where appropriate, the amount of withheld taxes.
  • How to make the purchase or contract (credit card, transfer, cash, etc.).
  • If it is a question of first import sales, you must have the number and date of the customs document.

Other required data

  1. Date and time of certification.
  2. Serial number of the digital certificate of the SAT with which the sealing was made.

The printed representation must also contain the requirements contained in the current Miscellaneous Tax Resolution:

  1. the fiscal folio number of the voucher or Barcode generated according to item ID of Annex 20.
  2. Serial number CSD of the issuer and SAT.
  3. It must have the written phrase of “This document is a printed representation of a CFDI”.
  4. Date and time of issuance and certification of the Invoice in addition to what is indicated in article 29-A, section III of the CFF.
  5. Original string of complement SAT digital certification.

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Who can run it

Any person, whether physical or moral, can use the page to consult their CDFI. Thanks to the fact that citizens have the right to know their tax transactions, the SAT is obliged to provide this information to the people of México.

How to know if my Invoice was issued (SAT)

To be able to corroborate if you invoice was issued correctly, that the invoice you were issued is authentic or you just want to make sure of the veracity of a CDFI there are 2 methods that can be used

The first is the page of verification of digital tax receipts online. This is a tool that the SAT makes available to its users. To use it, you will only have to provide the information they ask for (issuing RFC tax folio, receiving RFC, captcha) and the page will confirm whether it is official and valid or not.

To manually enter this tool you will only have to:

  • Enter the SAT official page.
  • Go to the section of Eletronic bills.
  • Choose the Verify option Eletronic bills.
  • Enter the required data (Tax folio Rfc issuer, RFC receiver, captcha).

And voila, only with that it will be verified if your invoice is original or not. If the invoice is official, the page will give you all the necessary information about it. Additionally, you can download or print it if you need it for any reason.

What is the SAT

Commonly known by its acronym SAT, the Tax administration system, it is a government institution. Its main purpose is to manage and ensure that all Mexican citizens, companies, establishments, organizations, premises, etc. make your contributions.

It is mainly responsible for the provisions tax and customs. Additionally, it has the duty to provide its users with tools, applications or web pages that allow and facilitate that taxpayers are able to make their contributions.

Mission: The SAT has the mission of collecting the tax and customs resources required by law. Grant its taxpayers the methods, channels and tools necessary to carry out said collections. Take charge of the administration of said collections and ensure their legality and veracity.

Vision: To be a modern institution that promotes voluntary taxpayer compliance through simple processes.


  • Honesty – To ensure that the organization, together with all its employees, has integrity, honesty and consistency between what it says and does.
  • I respect – Since it is in charge of process and legal procedures, must recognize the value and rights of people.
  • Commitment – Because it must lead to working towards common results.
  • Responsibility – As the governmental institution that it is, carry out its assigned duty, assuming the consequences.

If you don’t want to miss anything about How to retrieve an Electronic Invoice, we recommend that Keep reading!

What services does the SAT offer

Because the SAT is a organization So large government, it has a great list of services it offers in tax matters. This is because he is in charge of most tax and customs processes at the national level.

For this reason, it is natural that its services are extremely extensive, among the main services that the SAT is in charge of we can find:

  • The Inscription in the RFC.
  • Notices, information, update in relation to the RFC.
  • It is responsible for the issuance and validation of the Unique Population Registry Keys (CURP).
  • It is the entity in charge of the regulations of electronic invoices.
  • The SAT It is also in charge of receiving guarantees, payments and tax returns.
  • This organism is the one that should give you the status of “Pattern” of your company. You can obtain it through a series of formalities and procedures.
  • Many other processes, mainly those based on taxes, taxation and customs.

How to detect if an Invoice is false or pirated

You can always have the doubt if the company or establishment in which you made a purchase is of doubtful origin. But as for invoices, the SAT offers you an extremely simple method to check if your invoice is legal and validated by the SAT.

To do this, you will only have to follow the same steps that you would follow to be able to check if your invoice has been issued.

  • Enter the official website of the SAT.
  • Go to the section of Eletronic bills.
  • Choose the Verify option Eletronic bills.
  • Enter the required data (Tax folio Rfc issuer, RFC receiver, captcha).

And voila, with this we have finished the current article, we are sure that you will have no doubts about How to retrieve an Electronic Invoice, the process to do it, the invoice requirements and much more

Thanks for reading!

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