How to retrieve my UDG registration number

Students sometimes due to their hectic day of studies can lose or forget their supports, among these certain doubts may arise as well How to retrieve my UDG registration number.

We know that this is basic information for any UDG student, we have prepared this article for them so that they can know How to retrieve my UDG registration number.

How to retrieve my UDG registration number

The University of Guadalajara (UDG) is a public institution of middle-higher and higher education, which has its installation in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. Historically, according to its origin, it is the second oldest and most qualified university in Mexico, ranked seventeenth in North America and fourteenth in Latin America.

Since 1994, the University has worked through a network design to structure their academic activities. The University Network is made up of 15 university centers, a Virtual University System, with a Higher Secondary Education System and also the General Administration of the institution.

For the period 2021-2022, the tuition In total, the University Network amounts to 310,000 students, Higher Level and Upper Middle Level.

As soon as you complete your online registration, the system provides you with a registration number (also called the applicant number) with 7 numbers which we suggest you write it down in an accessible agenda together with the password you used, since you will require it throughout your aspiration process.

How to find out what my UDG code is

With your student code, you can enter the google platform where you will work with your institutional mail:

To know my UDG student code you must:

  • Search on a Google page UDG first entry opinion and click on the first option.
  • Fill in the required fields such as:
  • The registration number is the one with which you started the process at the Matute Remus Polytechnic.
  • Your exact date of birth.
  • The key is also the one you originated in your registration as an applicant.
  • If you do not remember your password, click on Recover password and it will be sent to the email you used for your applicant procedures.
  • Click on continue, specify and write down your code (9 digits) because you will need it for the following processes.

How to know if I was admitted to the UDG

The most frequent and fastest methods to verify the opinion admission to the University of Guadalajara are by entering the website of the UDG university and in the «El Informador» section. Through the UDG website.

Each year the list of students admitted to the University of Guadalajara is issued on the site Web, In order to enter this page you need your registration number, exact date of birth and password (which you created during your registration), enter the website, enter your data and you will be directed to the information window.

Through the website of El Informador: Although the simplest way is visiting the website of El Informador in which you only have to enter your registration number, and it will automatically tell you if you were accepted or not at the University of Guadalajara while showing you a map showing the center where you were accepted.

How to enter UDG

Any age is suitable register Y study any of the educational programs offered by the UDG Virtual. You can study from anywhere in the Mexican Republic and even from a foreign country.

Steps to follow

1st step

Check the dates of procedure calendar of the level to which you want to aspire and register your aspiration directly in the electronic means providing all the information that is requested of you.

You must create a password, since this will be useful for you to enter the Follow-up of First Income Procedures and print the different formats.

2nd step

Print your proof of Deposit and make the payment at the bank branch of your choice, pending the payment deadline.

3rd step

Once the payment has been made, in the period established in the calendar of formalities to send your photo, signature and fingerprint, go to the page Web in the «follow-up of procedures» option, go to the «registration request» section and send the information requested and print your registration request.

4th step

Show up at the time, date and place established in the “admission exam appointment” and attend with a document that has your photograph that certifies your identity. We recommend you to be punctual or else you will lose the possibility of presenting the admission exam. You can have the study guide when you enter the website.

5th step

Already in the Admission Exam Application. head with your request of admission on the date, time and place indicated in the same or in any case, (postgraduate) present preparatory course, interview, average, letter of intent, preliminary project or exam, depending on the process of choosing the program.

It’s important to consider:

severely left forbidden entering the University Facilities in the application of the exam with: backpacks, bags, calculators, mobile phones, music devices or any other electronic device.

If any type of electronic device in your possession, they can withdraw you and cancel the exam.

The exam result will only be valid for the contest period.

6th step

In the time established in the calendar of procedures to issue your documentationyou must access the website, in the «follow-up of procedures» section, choose the «documents» category and upload all the information that is requested.

Items you must submit:

Once you present the Admission Exam, you must submit the original documents requestedat the first entry window where your entry application was provided, and within the documentation delivery time indicated in the Procedures Calendar.

  • Original birth certificate in good condition.
  • Original high school certificate.
  • Application for admission.
  • Partial high school certificate (only if you aspire to a higher degree).
  • General conditions
  • All documents must have the name or names and surnames as they appear on the birth certificate, otherwise and depending on the irregularities that the interested party has, they must:
  • Take them to correction.
  • Request a notarial certification.
  • Present a trial of rectification, annotation or change of the birth certificate.
  • They will only accept original, correct documents, without erasures or amendments.
  • Original birth certificate, legalized with name, seal and original signature of the Civil Registry Officer.
  • Certificates of studies in original with:
  • Stamped or perforated photograph.
  • Registry number.
  • Ratings.
  • General average or the total number of subjects covered by grades.
  • Legalization of Certificates
  • If the secondary, baccalaureate, undergraduate or postgraduate certificates are from another state, they must be legal by the Government of the State of origin, except if it is from the National Educational System, National Polytechnic Institute or UNAM.

The certificates of studies obtained in the Foreign They must be legalized by the Mexican Consulate in the country of origin or, if applicable, present the «Apostille». Simplified document legalization process in order to verify its authenticity. Physically, it is the stamp and signature of the competent government authority that stamps on the document issued by a certain official body of the country of origin.

Documents derived from another speaking country Hispanic they must contain an official translation; must be attached to the certificates a table of equivalence of scores, which can be requested at the Consulate of the country of origin. In case of not attaching the qualification equivalence table, the interested applicant for admission must have a minimum qualification of sixty (60), for not confirming the average.

What is the UDG Baccalaureate code

As a student, you will be given a code that will allow you to access the SIIAU (Comprehensive System of Information and University Administration), where you can review your student file.

To change careers, you must first to complete the current career and then carry out the procedures to enter the career of your new choice according to the criteria and on the dates established in the calendar of procedures. You must check with the School Control Coordination of the university center where the adjustment will be processed if you request the revalidation of subjects.

Each university center has a Social Service Unit which is in charge of coordinating the students who want to carry out community service, as well as the errands of the university units so that the students support their activities.

Article 21 of the Organic Law of the University of Guadalajara states the rights and responsibilities of students. This rule, as well as other rules, can be found on the university portal in the option Our University> Regulations.

In UDG Virtual any time and place are suitable for learning. As a student you will dedicate your extra time to study without the need to physically attend a classroom. Since their classes are one hundred percent virtual, via online, at a distance, through the Internet and on a Virtual Learning Environment.

Now you know How to retrieve my UDG registration number.

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