Human Development Index: Definition, Goals, Ratings, What It Measures and MORE

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The Human development Index It is an indicative code that serves to know the progress of a nation in the world. Thus, in all countries including México, it is essential to have a blood pressure meter. developing.

In addition, the international organization that manages this indicator is the UNDP. In this way, the necessary policies can be established to combat social problems such as poverty and exclusion. If you are interested in Social Sciences, I assure you that this topic is for you, follow us!

What is the Human Development Index?

Next, one of socioeconomic indicators most used by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is he Human Development Index (HDI). With this numerical factor, it is possible to know the quality of life that the countries of the world have.

Based on the above, this indicator It is important because it encompasses the economic level of the inhabitants of a nation, the ecological and environmental conditions in which people operate, the formation and maturity of the population of an entire country.

Therefore, governments, international organizations and experts in the field of growth and development, they are permanently interested in this variable to determine the progress of a country in terms of world progress. The UNDP analyzes in any case three variables of this index:

  • The level of Life expectancy with birth: this means calculating the average age of deaths in one year.
  • Factor of Education: determines the degree of literacy and the academic rank achieved by the population of a country
  • The Gross domestic product per person: assesses the level of relationship between citizens and access to economic resources to produce, buy and save, thus measuring the quality of life of a population.

Objectives of the Human Development Index

In general, the UNDP makes use of Human development Index to qualify at a given time the level of progress a country has. Now, this study allows this UN body to establish plans, programs and projects futures to improve the quality of life of the countries.

Indeed, since the 1990s, the UNDP has been progressively replacing the studies of developing that they only focused their conclusions on purely economic aspects. Therefore, with the Human development Index, social aspects associated with:

  • Education.
  • Access to food.
  • Housing conditions.
  • Quality of life.
  • Gender equality.
  • Citizen security.
  • Reduction of social exclusion.
  • In other aspects.

In this sense, the UNDP makes permanent efforts to attend and create mechanisms to reduce the gap of social and economic inequality between countries and continents. Thus, the UNDP Strategic Plan 2018-2030 leans on him Human development Index to act on several fronts:

  • Eradication of poverty.
  • Support for Public Administration and Governance systems.
  • Access to basic services by the most vulnerable population.
  • Empowerment of women.
  • Climate change.
  • Mechanisms for the search for peace
  • Equality between genders.

If you’re interested delve into UNDP Strategic Plan, do not worry. In this regard, you can access a digital link reliable that will provide you with the necessary information about 2018-2021 plans with projection to 2030.

Index Ratings

In another vein, the Human Development Index (HDI) is measured through a numerical indicator established by the UNDP. This value ranges between 0 and 1. Zero corresponds to the grade of HDI lowest for a country. On the other hand, 1 ranks the countries with the highest HDI.

According to the aforementioned, there is a classification of countries according to the value of the HDI, which has been standardized to assess the progress of each nation. Therefore, most of the international organizations that study the developing, they assume this classification. Keep reading so that you know it:

  • Countries with Very high HDI: those with an indicator greater than 0.80.
  • Nations with High HDI: they have an indicator that oscillates between 0.70 and 0.80.
  • Countries with Medium HDI: in this case, the value of the indicator is managed between 0.50 and 0.70.
  • Nations with Lower HDI: its indicator at most reaches 0.55.

In the Mexican case, the HDI has remained above 0.7 points in 2019 and 2020. Although, with respect to 2020, the HDI it has dropped slightly from 0.779 to 0.767. However, México is classified as a nation with High HDI.

In any case, for the year 2020, México occupies position 76 in the world ranking of the HDI. If the extremes of this measurement are reviewed, for that year, the country with the highest rating on a scale from 0 to 1 is Norway with 0.954 and the one with the lowest index is Nigeria with 0.377.

What Does the HDI Measure?

On the other hand, if it is approached at a comprehensive level what measures the Human development Index, you will find three sectors that are analyzed in a country according to the result of this indicator. Therefore, these sectors are related to the health, education and the economic sphere.

  • With the Health, the Life expectancy from birth: in this way, the population aging of a country is studied taking into account the minimum scale of 20 years and a maximum of 85.
  • At education sector, the average level of schooling of adults and the trajectory of school life in infants are analyzed.
  • At the level of Economy the GDP per person, based on the criteria of a minimum of US $ 100 and a maximum of US $ 75,000.

How is the HDI Measured?

In addition, the calculation of Human development Index It is done through a statistical average of the three previous sectors. This involves separately evaluating and measuring information on the life expectancy of the person, the School trajectory and the per capita income of each nation.

According to the aforementioned, the total calculation operation must average a value in the range of 0 and 1. This situation then, is what allows the UNDP establish the categorization of levels of human development, which were noted above in the index rating:

  • Very high.
  • High
  • Average or medium.
  • Low.

This will interest you: If you are a student of Social Sciences and Statistics, keep in mind that the HDI measures a nation’s progress and inequalities by doing comparative analysis. But, to have a more complete view of the development and growth countries, UNDP should use other indicators additional.

Remember, that he human development It is a broad and complex term where various socioeconomic factors influence. Therefore, later, we will explain other HDI measurement indicators.

Other Indicators that Accompany the Human Development Index

As we expressly stated above, not only the Development Index Human measures the progress of a country. It is necessary, to count on others statistical indicators of a social nature. In this way, you can make guesses and make recommendations for implementing integrated care plans and programs around the world.

Therefore, the UNDP It is based on several indicators to evaluate the development of nations and face the most vulnerable cases with integrated and urgent solutions. For this reason, it is important that you know these indicators:

  • HDI affected by situations of social inequality: with the HDI-D The levels of inequality among the people living in a country would be evaluated, comparing this value with a HDI hypothetical in a scenario without inequality.
  • Inequality Index considering gender status; to determine the level of underestimation of women economically and socially, through pregnancy, feminism and work.
  • Poverty Indicator: to analyze vulnerabilities in homes and families living with deteriorating health, education and quality of life conditions.

In order to give you a better understanding of how these are mobilized indicators to evaluate the developing of nations, it is enough to review the current situation of the pandemic Coronavirus. For him UNDP. With the health crisis there has been a serious decline in the quality of life of the countries.

In short, the use of various Human Development indicators In this world emergency scenario, it allows the UNDP and to other world organizations that study poverty, inequality and the greenhouse effect, establish urgent policies to alleviate the crisis.

Thats why he UNDP In its latest 2020 Report, it has alerted countries to the need to gradually improve the conditions of the world’s population. With the pandemic, the decline in per capita income worldwide it exceeds 3.5%, causing severe contractions in the quality of life.

Finally, the use of HDI and other statistical indicators in times of pandemic, has allowed the UNDP formulate a Plan to combat the effects of this scourge in the world. Do not detach yourself from the article so that you know the priority lines of this plan:

  • Improve the population’s access to digital communication networks and services.
  • Establish effective measures of protection and social security.
  • Protect health services in the poorest countries.
  • Recommend actions to strengthen and ensure employment of the majority.
  • Promote economic policies of inclusion.
  • Activate measurements environmental protection for your sustainability

Knowing the Human Development Index, we can make the México we all want!

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