Infonavit Certificate of Support: Steps, What it is for and MORE

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This article will explain everything related to Infonavit Support Certificate. This certificate, so important for this institution, supports your request through banks, which may request information about your economic status.

This institution, so important to Mexicans, grants them this Certificate to your workers so that you can opt in a simple way for a loan. If you are interested in this topic, we invite you to continue reading this article.

Steps to Obtain the Infonavit Support Certificate

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All of us at some point will need to buy a home and make it our home. This is the benefit offered to workers by the certificate of support Infonavit, which will support your application for a Mortgage Loan with the financial institution and provide information about your financial situation. Guaranteeing a better condition for your loan and the cancellation of the debt.

To get the certificate you must comply with some very simple steps that are mentioned below:

You only have to enter the Infonavit website and enter your Social Security Number (NSS). Click on “Consult” and voila, you will have your certificate. Therefore a prequalification is not necessary for Infonavit support. It is also not necessary to have an appointment with an Infonavit officer.

  1. Acquire your certificate as indicated above
  2. Study the financial conditions offered by banks or financial bodies, select the one that best suits your situation and purposes.
  3. Manage credit in the iChosen institution.
  4. Check the Condusef simulator.
  5. Once you have applied for the loan, the bank you have chosen will give you to sign a Irrevocable Instruction Letter, authorizing Infonavit to use your balance of Housing subaccount.

What is the Infonavit Support Certificate for?

Having the Infonavit Support Certificate, the holder’s right can request it through the financial institution that Infonavit’s support has been valid.

This Certificate is an endorsement to make the request to the financial institutions, to acquire a house (it can be used or new). In addition, you can build and fix a piece of land that you own.

If the person is unemployed, you can use the savings in your subaccount to pay monthly payments or capital.

Application of Infonavit Support

It is important to highlight that in mid-March 2020, Infonavit announced that it would have a budget provision of at least, 19 thousand 326 million pesos, to finance support of Infonavit credits of right holders, of citizens who cannot cancel their monthly payments due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

These financings will help reduce the problems of those affected in the family economy of the rights holders.

People can download the Infonavit application for any system, both Android and IOS, on any mobile device.

Having said application, people can consult everything type of information of a credit, account statement, how much you owe, among others.

Citizens with this application can carry out the procedures they want, from the comfort of their home.

When the application has been downloaded, the citizen must enter with the same username and password that you always enter on the web page.

In the event that you do not have an account, you must give the option “I want an account” and then you will have to add your number Social Security (NSS), its (CURP) and the (RFC). If you do not have any of these data, you will not be able to register.

When you have completed the information you will be asked to continue, then they will ask you to provide a email and a cell phone, because by that means they will send you the information about the mortgage credit.

They will send you a code, so that you can create your password and select two secret questions to which you will highlight your answers. Next, you will click on “continue”.

To activate your account, you just have to enter the verification code that was sent to you and select the button “Activate account”. When activated, you can enter and process your Infonavit Support Certificate.

Points in the Infonavit Support Certificate

To participate in the Infonavit Support Program, the citizen must comply with the following:

  • The citizen must have a good employment relationship.
  • Not having an updated credit with Infonavit.
  • Approve the request from the bank or Sofol to be financed.
  • It is essential that the citizen have 116 points.

    To get the 116 points, the citizen must take into account the following parameters:


    To get the Infonavit Support Certificate, the citizen must have a lot of accumulation in the range of 21 to 49 years. It is determined that in that period so that the worker can demonstrate good job stability.


    The minimum wage that you must establish is 24 points. In that case, let it be four times the minimum wage it would be 39 points for each two-month period working.

    Housing Subaccount Balance

    For each job that the citizen has had, increase money accumulated in that account. As the balance increases, the greater the amount that will aspire in Infonavit.

    Continuous contributions

    To collect the points, the citizen must have at least 6 bimesters. If you are constant in your work, it allows you to obtain greater savings and above all more points.

    When you have 16 quoted bi-months, accumulate 38 points.

    What is Infonavit and how does it work?

    It is an institution where people can request a loan for the purchase of a property, it does not matter if it is new or old. Likewise, it is the one that knows the movements of the National Housing Fund. It only delivers the credits to workers registered in the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

    Infonavit’s main function is to make and deliver various loans to its workers, but they also ensure that the citizens who work there obtain a savings account where their money accumulates.

    The Infonavit Savings Account is managed by Administration of Retirement Funds better known as the Afore, which in turn is protected by National Commission of the Retirement Savings System (CONSAR).

    What is the Infonavit Support Certificate?

    This certificate is an endorsement that is presented to the bank or financial institutions, since in the same it shows the information about the economic status of the applicant, it also provides more help in the acquisition of the mortgage loan.

    Benefits of the Infonavit Support Certificate

    • If you are unemployed, Infonavit will have the power to use the balance of Housing subaccount as an alternative and payment guarantee.
    • Based on the application of your employer contributions to the loan capital, may reduce the period determined for the cancellation of the debt
    • You do not need to achieve an Infonavit score
    • If you have already applied for and canceled an Infonavit loan, you can request Infonavit Support

    In the event that you want to acquire a home, fix it or have the land to build it, you can do so through the prequalification Infonavit and apply for the credit.

    If you are working under the regular employment contract modality and you are affiliated with the IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social) or you work in domestic service, you should know that Infonavit offers you different types of credits and different financing options depending on your income and possibilities.

    In order to access them, the National Fund Institute is governed by a system of prequalification and Infonavit points, so you can know what type of credit you can apply and how much you must pay monthly, among other things.


    Prequalification of a worker is based on prepare an estimated budget, according to the employment situation, salary and the amount of money you need for your new home.

    There are several types of credits according to the salary, with amounts and rates for those who have time contributing continuously. Here we detail the particularities. However, if you work in domestic chores, your employer must make monthly contributions of a specific fee.

    Mejoravit prequalification

    People of any salary level can opt for this credit, it is generally requested to start remodeling or complete renovations in the home. Either to carry out painting work, remodel bathrooms, kitchen or acquire appliances.

    To qualify for this loan you need have 116 Infonavit points, you must also have like minimum $ 4,834.82 balance in your subaccount. The limit that you can request will be up to $ 57,534.31 And it will depend on your salary and the term you choose, which can be: 12, 18, 24 or 30 months.

    Cambiavit Prequalification

    To qualify for this type of credit, it is not necessary to know your Infonavit prequalification, since it is aimed at those workers who have a current mortgage loan and are going to move to another house. It is also awarded for the purpose of making home improvements.

    If you go to move to a property of lower value than the current one, the difference between the two will be credited to the credit balance; If you want to move to one of equal value, the home warranty will be changed, and if you wanted to change your home for a higher value home, you would have to cover the difference with your own money.

    To conclude, this Infonavit Support Certificate, It helps workers by granting them good benefits so that they can enjoy it in the best way.

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