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Did you think that getting married was just doing the legal paperwork? One of the things that you should know that it is important that you do before getting married in Mexico is that before signing in the civil registry, it is an essential requirement that you have to go through the doctor. Do you already know what kind of clinical exams and what requirements should they have on hand? We will clarify all your doubts!

Pre-nuptial medical examinations are intended to assess the health of the couple, and help to discover if any of them suffers from any disease that may affect the relationship or physical integrity of the conjugal partner, such as degenerative diseases that endanger life. of one of the two or there is some type of infectious disease that can infect the couple.

Why do I need a medical certificate to get married?

Currently, some provinces of the Mexican Republic require pre-nuptial clinical examinations, although in many others it is no longer an essential requirement to get married, but we know that due to the number of health risks that currently exist, we must give this issue the importance it deserves and to be able to guide all our public.

This requirement for the spouses has been determined as one of the procedures prior to the wedding as a necessary requirement for the future spouses, it is in their best interest not to detract from this or the medical certificate, just because it does not seem as exciting as the search for the rings or the clothes they will wear for that day.

In order to comply with the regulations, it is necessary to take into account the different types of documents to get married in the legal office authorized by the State, where your wedding will take place legally. That is, the Civil Registry:

  1. If there is a specific format to present it in the civil registry.
  2. If the doctor who performs the tests must be the same one who certifies the health of both.
  3. If this is the case, what type of clinical studies must accredit both.
  4. In what term should they deliver the documents to expedite the wedding process.
  5. How long are they valid, to know on what dates to process them.
  6. How many copies will they have to submit to the Civil Registry.

In this way, at the time of taking the exams, also consult the exact documentation and the conditions in which both must present themselves: if some samples must be taken that must be prepared at home, go fasting and if they guarantee the results.

legal basis

In the current Federal Civil Code, section IX of article 156 establishes this Law: the right to health protection that every person has under the terms of article 4o. of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, establishes the bases and modalities for access to health services and the concurrence of the Federation and the states in matters of general health. It is applicable throughout the Republic and its provisions are of public order and social interest.

Guaranteeing for each citizen, the well-being of their physical, mental, and psychological health, the improvement and prolongation of the quality of life of the human being, the knowledge and importance of using the different types of health tools, among others.

What exams should I take?

The nuptial exam is an essential requirement in many of the different Mexican regions.

People who want to get married they will present to the judge of the Civil Registry, a certificate signed by an authorized doctor, that ensures under a medical certificate together with the medical results, that they do not suffer from syphilis, tuberculosis, or chronic and incurable disease, which is also contagious and hereditary for one of the spouses.

What is stated in the law is true and has foundation.

However, it is illusory that it is not updated according to our current time, since there are currently sexually transmitted diseases that are not assigned within the list of prenuptial examinations.

For example, Mycoplasma, Chlamydia detection, human papilloma virus, hepatitis, HPV and HIV.

  1. Hematic biometry. It is an exam that is obtained with a venous blood sample, which determines mainly and for pre-nuptial purposes, if any of the future spouses has an infectious process or any blood alteration that suggests a cancerous blood disease.
    1. Among them, mainly leukemia, although it cannot be specified precisely or simply anemia.
  2. Group and Rh. It is one of the most important studies that determines and classifies the blood group and Rh factor of each of the spouses, with the greatest importance falling on the blood type of the spouse. In case of being this with a negative Rh factor, it must be identified from the present to the mmoment of a pregnancy and especially at the time of birth, the possibility of an entity known as Rh factor incompatibility between the mother and the newborn.
    1. To treat this problem, there is a vaccine that should be given to the mother after the first birth to prevent the formation of antibodies in subsequent pregnancies and protect the baby from hemolytic disease.
  3. Chest X-ray. It is studied through an X-ray of the lungs and the heart, which in a brief way can detail some pulmonary or cardiac alteration. Also to observe data in relation to a disease, nodules or lung related to tuberculosis. It is important to mention that if any alteration is found in this study, a specialist in the area should be consulted so that he or she can establish a precise diagnosis and treatment for this result.
  4. Seroluetic reactions. This test is used to detect the diagnosis of syphilis. It is also identified in the medical world and known as VRDL.

It is currently not official, but it is considered that it should be included in pre-nuptial exams detection of HPV, hepatitis, HIV, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma. In addition to the tests mentioned above, with the aim of strengthening and expanding the study protocol, to deeply diagnose any disease that could affect the spouses or their descendants within the marriage.

Where should I request the certificate?

The certificate can be requested in the different medical institutions.

  1. Attend the J. Jesús Delgadillo Araujo Emergency medical unit as a couple from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.
  2. Cancel card in the treasury box located in the health unit and specify if the pre-nuptial certificates are with HIV laboratory tests or without HIV
  3. Go to the laboratory and present a payment receipt issued by the treasury for taking blood samples.
  4. After taking the exams, the next day you must return for the laboratory results and go to the External Consultation to prepare the Pre-nuptial Certificates that must be presented to the Civil Registry.

Steps to follow

The main objective for which people interested in getting married is based on giving value to the health of both and being able to prevent any type of disease that may bring some type of consequence not only for them as a couple but also for their generations.

Through these tests, the HR of both spouses can be known clearly and without any doubt. always taking care to obtain clear diagnoses so that in case of having children, it does not drag any type of consequences of abortions or very dangerous damage to the fetus.

That is why it is important to attend the corresponding medical clinics to carry out the following steps:

  1. If there is a specific format to present it in the civil registry
  2. If the doctor who performs the tests must be the same one who certifies the health of both
  3. If this is the case, what type of clinical studies must accredit both
  4. In what term should they deliver the documents to expedite the wedding process
  5. How long are they valid, to know on what dates to process them
  6. How many copies will they have to submit to the Civil Registry
  7. Once you obtain all the attached requirements together with the exams of both spouses and obtaining the corresponding certificate, you must go to the Civil Registry where they will officially marry and deliver it to the judge to set the date of the civil act.

Which are the costs?

All examinations must be carried out with specialists.

Although in our research we managed to find a little information about the costs of the exams, which does not rise dramatically, since the budget has an approximate that is based on between 600 and 1,800 pesos. It should be noted that for any study , the final result depends on the quality of professionalism of the laboratory, and the tests that are required, adding the payment of the specialist doctor who consults them and can send them the certificate. The package of these exams basically usually consists of:

  1. Blood group and Rh factor of the spouses
  2. Chest x-ray: used to detect cardiac and respiratory insufficiencies in the patient
  3. Seroluetic reactions: These are blood samples to detect syphilis in patients
  4. Hematic biometry: Rule out infections and some types of cancer in patients


The benefits of this certificate is that through each exam that is carried out, it will guarantee health and well-being, In addition, they will be complying with the Law the requirements established by the laws that govern Mexican health for each citizen. And they will be able to get married without any inconvenience once and the exams are fully corroborated and certified by their specialist.

We are pleased to be able to help you and guide you so that you can legally marry in the Republic of Mexico.

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