Kosher food? Discover how to obtain the certificate for your establishment in Mexico

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Every day we consume “Kosher” food without realizing it. But how do we know if a food meets this condition?

This name comes from the Hebrew >>kashrut<whose translation is: pure. A food is considered Kosher, pure, clean or of quality when a specialized company certifies that it is, and that it complies with the provisions of Jewish standards.

Based on that, there are Kosher animals or birds, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, eggs, cereals, condiments, wines, oils, among others.

Regarding Kosher export worldwide, Mexico represents 5%, with Israel being the largest market worldwide. There are many recognized companies that have the certificate, among them: Herdez, Alpura, Bimbo, Sabritas, etc.

Requirements for the certificate

To be authorized to sell kosher products in any establishment, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

  • Ingredients must be individually approved and qualified as Kosher. Check certified products here.
  • Equipment must be used for Kosher ingredients and be subjected to a Kosherization process before generating the products.
  • Change the kosher status of the equipment to pareve (edible substances that do not contain dairy or meat ingredients).
  • Comply with Koshery Laws. These are summarized in:

1. Specification of those foods allowed or prohibited to be eaten.

two. The absolute impediment of eating and cooking meat with milk.

3. Do not mix kitchen utensils when preparing food. For example, if cheese (dairy food) is cut with a knife, it can no longer be used to cut meat or vegetables.

Steps to follow

1. Perform the application for Kosher certification.

two. Once the request is received, the Kosher SC Quality Supervisors send a specialist to carry out the initial inspection.

3. The inspector or Rabbi reviews the facilities and their processes, then submit a report to the office.

Four. The agency analyzes the list of ingredients and products, to ensure they meet the requirements.

5. If necessary, further inspections of maconsecutive row, and suggestions are made.

6. The applicant and the Agency sign a contract.

7. The Kosher Certificate is obtained, whose validity is maintained for 1 year.

What is Kosher type food?

The word Kosher, of Hebrew origin, refers to something that is «permitted or suitable».

Some people have the belief that Kosher corresponds to a specific type of food. But on the contrary, it is a food review system based on religious criteria of Judaism, aimed at benefiting the balance of the soul, body and mind of its consumers.

Food must meet a series of hygienic rules related to its production. These are classified into 3 categories:

  • Dairy products: Milk and its derivatives. Mixing with meat is prohibited.
  • Meats: For an animal to be Kosher for consumption, it must have split hooves, and in turn, be ruminant (it digests food in two stages, first it consumes it and then it ruminates)
  • pair: Better known as «neutral», any food that does not contain meat or dairy products and is Kosher naturally. Among these: Fruits, vegetables and grains, eggs and fish.

Who consumes Kosher?

As mentioned above, this specialty is sought after and consumed mainly by the Jewish community. However, there are currently many buyers (mostly vegetarians) who turn to these products for quality and health reasons, despite not practicing or professing religion.

On the other hand, there are the people who require a rigid diet for health reasons, whether vegan or vegetarian. Kosher conditions are perfectly adapted to such cases. Another type of consumer who prefers Kosher or Pareve products are those who cannot eat animal fats or shellfish.

About 135 million people in the world prefer to opt for this type of food, and above all, the companies, with approximately 6 thousand specializing in this system. Israel leads the world’s largest Kosher market; In second place, the United States is positioned as an emerging market, followed by France, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

What does the Certificate guarantee?

East ensures that the system used to produce food conforms to the rules and statutes of the Jewish religionalso adding the guarantee of quality and transparency.

Secondly, To achieve a good position in the emerging market for kosher products, it is extremely important to have a certificate that guarantees the specialty of the service. Every day various companies and food industries that seek this certification join the list, due to the exhaustive control that it has.

For a kosher product to be considered «fit», it first follows a quality control, governed by a biblical and talmudic norm corresponding to Jewish law. The organizations that grant this denomination are qualified for this purpose and ensure that the quality of the food complies with said standards.

It must be taken into account that within the Kosher regulations to carry out the certification, there are aspects such as: the ingredients and what we can call kasherization.

A fundamental factor observed by the supervisors of the certifying companies regarding this issue of kasherization is that the properties of the product can be absorbed if it is kept in a container for more than 24 hours, or when it comes into contact with a hot deposit. .

What are the benefits of Kosher food?

In addition to the religious benefits established by the Jewish system, consuming Kosher products has other advantages, including:

  • People who consume these types of products tend to have healthier physical conditions.
  • It can lower blood cholesterol.
  • Reduce the fat consumed to 90%. Dairy and meat have high levels of fat, especially when combined.
  • Guarantees better digestion, since by separating food, they are broken down by the body in a more efficient way.
  • Reduces the chances of an allergic reaction. Pork meat is one of the most allergenic, by prohibiting it, it is unlikely that allergies will manifest. The same happens with some dairy products and their derivatives.
  • meat is healthier due to the quality of its preparation, reducing the risk of contamination by some bacteria.
  • Kosher meat is obtained from animals that have been slaughtered without pain and instantly, so it does not give rise to the production of adrenaline in them. This makes it much healthier compared to other animals that are conventionally slaughtered, giving way to unwanted hormones.
  • It makes us feel better and safer when it comes to consuming our food, since the animals received a «humane treatment» and without mistreatment.

Regarding their commercial production, the establishments that offer this type of service also benefit from the increase in sales and consumption. In Mexico, the demand for these products has been increasing for the last 40 years.

How much does the procedure cost?

Certification prices may vary depending on the products and the expenses generated by the review: location of the company, complexity of the processes, amount of food to be certified, if a plant supervisor is required, among other aspects.

In the case of meat products, the cost can be raised up to 20%, because this involves cutting the animal’s throat with a sharp knife and removing the meat.

Who performs the certification?

In Mexico, there is an internationally recognized agency in charge of the certification of Kosher foods, raw materials and beverages. It’s about the Quality Supervisors.

This is currently the leading entity in the Kosher certification market at the national level, whose tradition dates back to the mid-twentieth century. Its main objective is to implement the Kosher certification system to all Mexican companies that require it, making use of exhaustive and rigorous inspections.

Because there are many places where followers of Jewish traditions thrive, certifications in Mexico are not only issued for restaurants; banquet halls, party halls, butcher shops, chocolate shops, bakeries, pastry shops, hospitals, among others, are also supervised.

In this way, consumers of kosher food feel calmer and safer when consuming food distributed by these companies or service providers.

It should be mentioned that not all establishments can have or boast of a kosher certificate, because the controls are rigorous and strict in that regard. This makes it sometimes not so easy to get a site in Mexico that has the certification.

But do not worry, here we leave you some of the places that you can meet and visit, both to taste their culinary delicacies and to take data and reference when preparing your establishment and making the request for certification, if that is the case. Your case.

  • Adonis / Address: Av. Homero 424, Miguel Hidalgo, Polanco.
  • La Semilla / Address: Av. Prolongación de los Bosques # 1321-1er Piso, Col. Lomas del Chamizal.
  • Metsuyan / Address: Temístocles 37, Polanco, Miguel Hidalgo.
  • El Mexicano Kosher / Address: Fuente de Templanza 17, San Miguel Tecamachalco.

Now that you know what the benefits of Kosher food are and all the requirements to acquire the certificate, you can offer this type of menu in your restaurant or simply enjoy its flavor and quality.

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