Land Use Certificate: Documents, Steps and MORE

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The Land Use Certificate It is the document that authorizes the use of land, and establishes certain regulations for the use of real estate in state territory.

To make a request for land use, you must go to the Secretariat of Urbanism and Housing (SEDUVI), which is a permit required by the owner of the house or business to modify or build in the area, we will explain everything about the requirements and your acquisition process.

Official Identification Documents for the Land Use Certificate

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It explains the public documents in which the standardized configuration of urban planning tools is established. For land use for one or more specific properties.

  • Letter of Naturalization – original
  • National Military Service Card – original
  • Professional Certificate – original
  • Certificate of Mexican Nationality – original
  • Voting Credential – original
  • Driver’s License – original
  • Passport – original

Legal Documents for the Land Use Certificate

These are the required legal documents:

  • Natural persons, present an original power of attorney duly signed before two witnesses with revalidation of a Notary Public.
  • In the case of natural persons, present the original of the power of attorney certificate before two witnesses and verify the signature before a notary.
  • For natural persons, bring the origin of the certification signed before two witnesses, with the official identification of the interested party and of whoever carries out the procedure.
  • If you are a natural person, you must deliver the original Power of Attorney and Official Identification of the legal representative or attorney-in-fact.
  • Legal entities, deliver the original of the Articles of Incorporation, Power of Attorney and Official Identification of the representative or attorney-in-fact.
  • Next, the application form must be correctly filled out and signed by the interested party.
  • Valid official identification, with accreditation to vote, original passport, driver’s license, National Military Service booklet. As well as the interested parties: the applicant, his legal and authorized representative, to accept the notifications, if necessary, the original and a photocopy to verify.

Other cases:

  • Legal person, constitutive act and document that certifies the personality of legal representative. Simple and original copy to verify.
  • If it is a procedure carried out by the Housing Institute of México City, the property’s account number must be indicated, and the documents that support the data must be provided, as well as the surface and location of the property. .
  • Proof of payment of the corresponding taxes.
  • No later than twelve months from the date of submission of this application, your certificate of property tax or declaration of cadastral value and certificate of payment of property tax must have data consistent with the data indicated.
  • If there is no property ticket for property located in a protected area, public or public land, a public document must be presented proving the ownership and / or regularization of the property, as well as the location and surface of the property, with a map. location. Indicates content that is known or important reference.
  • If it is a procedure carried out by the Housing Institute of México City, the account number of the property must be indicated. You must keep in mind the documents that support the data. As well as the surface and location of the property.
  • In the case of applying the “Clarification Opinions on Zoning of Land Use”, “Regulation of Land Use” or “Regulation of Authorized Management of Urban Development Projects”. The scope of the regional division of the project must be specified in the corresponding section. Resolution of change of development plan, urban development potential (acceptance of property), transfer system or opinions of “constitution of action area”. The number or reference of the corresponding document and attach a copy of the reference opinion.


  • If there is an inconsistency between the location of the property and / or the content displayed on the property ticket, also in the city’s information center system. A copy of any of the following documents must be submitted: mutual consent statement, merger permit, Distribution or re-notification details, alignment certificate and current official number.
  • In addition, present any other legal document issued by the competent authority, to identify the location and surface of the property.
  • For public administration property, a valid property tax exemption certificate must be presented. Official documents protecting the location and surface of the property must be provided.

Steps to Follow for the Land Use Certificate

To request the use of the land, you must contact the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (SEDUVI), which is a permit required by a home or business owner to modify or build in the area.

After the process, you must comply with the above requirements and give them a sheet of paper after the delivery of SEDUVI, you must keep the paper. Most likely, you will get your license within 5 to 15 days.

Aspects to consider

Before completing the procedure, you should consider:

  • The certificate Single-use land zoning does not create ownership or ownership, nor does it prejudge it.
  • This procedure does not constitute a license, authorization or license.
  • The single land use zoning certificate only proves land use development and does not affect compliance with any other requirements specified in other applicable laws and regulations.
  • The data recorded in the certificate will be the data required by the documents presented, in accordance with the Federal District Administrative Procedure Law.
  • The validity of the certificate will correspond to the validity of the rights granted by the city development delegation.
  • If you exercise this right, you do not need to obtain a new certificate, unless the purpose and appearance of the property is modified.

Other aspects:

  • The application form must be completed by typewriter or original printed and in ink.
  • If the information provided is incomplete or incorrect, it will be considered not sent.
  • The payment of the corresponding fees for this application only covers the program, not its solution.
  • If the location and / or appearance of the property is not completely consistent with the instructions on the property ticket and / or its current or current condition, a simple copy of the following documents must be presented: Declaration of Public Deed, private agreement , merger, subdivision or re-notification license, alignment certification and official number. Any other legal document that allows to identify the location and surface of the property.
  • For public property, a certificate valid exemption from property taxes and official documents, which must include the location and surface of the property.

Land Use Certificate Format

The format consists of the following data:

  • Name of the body that processes it.
  • Name of the certificate.
  • Issue date.
  • Folio number.
  • Information of the interested person, depending on the nature of the procedure.
  • Address of residence, to receive notifications.
  • Legal basis.
  • Property data.
  • Property title data.
  • Location map.

You can view the format in this page.

What is it?

A Soil Use Certificate It is a document that clarifies the specific provisions, for the possible use of a specific property.

The certificate determines whether the permitted land use is residential or commercial, as well as the types of activities that can be carried out at. This certificate is the first step to carry out all the other procedures necessary for the legal operation of the company.

Land use refers to a part of the surface and its available potential, therefore, the certificate is issued by the Ministry of Urbanism and Housing to be able to take into account if the surface is correctly assigned. And also, know if the department in which you are located is rural or urban.

The following are some of the existing types of land use certificates:

  • Certificate zoning of single land use: It is the most common and is being updated according to the urbanization plan of the mayor’s office. It can be obtained online or in person, depending on the delegation in question.
  • Land use right certificate: this is obtained through an administrative procedure, prior to the start of the procedure, it must be accredited to the authorities that the required activities have been carried out in the business premises.


The cost of issuing a certificate of land use varies, depending on the geographic area in which it is located.

  • Depending on the corresponding geographic area, it is 10 times the minimum wage in force on the application date.
  • 25 times the minimum wage in force on the application date. If an on-site inspection is required, additional fees must be charged.
  • 25 minimum wages in force as of the application date. If technical research is necessary, another salary will be increased.

What is it for?

You need a land use certificate to understand the use available on a given land area.

That is why, before deciding on the use of the land, it is necessary to obtain said certificate, to understand if it is possible to build or use the area for the purpose we want.

But if you still don’t know what purpose the area will have, you can use the certificate after obtaining it and the designated use is determined.

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