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The Mexican Accreditation Entity, for being one of the pioneering companies and for its constant work to become one of the best nationally and internationally recognized companies in its area, is a good option if you want to be part of its associates, in addition to offering a complete program attached to the laws and the needs of those who request their accreditation.

Requirements for the Ema certificate

To obtain the Ema certificate in Mexican territory, applicants must submit the following documents to the corresponding entity to qualify as technical experts in any of the areas accredited by said entity.


The documents required to qualify as an Ema expert are the following:

  1. Curriculum synthesis in a format of free choice by the applicant.
  2. Official identification or credential from the INE (national electoral institute)
  3. Labor documents that support at least 4 years of work experience and 2 years of technical experience in a certain area, in said documents the letters of recommendation must be included.
  4. Certificates of technical courses or any other document (certificates, diplomas or recognitions) that supports the training of the applicant that corresponds to the area in which he wishes to qualify. These certificates cannot be more than 5 years old.
  5. PNE formats that must be previously requested in the following email rivera@ema.org.mx
  6. Submit a document as evidence of having been qualified as a signatory or verifier, Ema accreditation (if applicable)

What is Emma?

the ema is known as the first private Mexican Accreditation Entity, created in order to support the Conformity Assessment Bodies that cover the areas of calibration laboratories, clinical laboratories, testing laboratories, inspection bodies in verification units, of certification.

As well as the entities or companies in charge of providing proficiency testing materials and the bodies in charge of verifying that they validate the emission of greenhouse gases (known as OVV GEI). In the same way, the Emma It is responsible for accrediting the authorization of good laboratory practices and the respective producers of reference materials used for the aforementioned.

The Emma It has been supported since 2006 and fully complies with the standard that corresponds to worldwide accreditation known as “Conformity Assessment, general requirements for bodies that carry out the accreditation of Conformity Assessment Bodies” the NMX – EC – 17011 – IMNC – 2005 standard, does this in order to provide industry and commerce with the necessary tools for fair competition between them in the exchange of goods, products and services.

The Mexican Accreditation Entity – Ema, has the highest recognition granted by «IAF» known as the International Accreditation Forum.

Also, “ILAC” known as the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation.

In addition, Ema was awarded the 2005 and 2012 ethics and values ​​prize, awarded by the Confederation of Chambers of Industry of the United States; This certifies that the Emma it plans and works according to the rules that regulate its activity at the national and international level.

What is this certificate for?

The certificate that accredits the Emma, In compliance with the national and international regulations that regulate its activity, it is done with the purpose of rigorously guiding the operation of test and calibration laboratories from the technical field, ensuring quality in its service and consumer goods.


The benefits offered by the Ema accreditation are directly aimed at:

  1. The dependencies: rigorously enforcing the regulations established in the law that are responsible for ensuring the safety and health of the Mexican population.
  2. Consumers: Accreditation offers consumers security about what they are purchasing or
  3. Entrepreneurs: offers an evaluation structure in accordance with the provisions of the corresponding regulations, which generates a competitive advantage for Mexican entrepreneurs, so that at this time they can start up reliable laboratory services, verification units and accreditation bodies through Nacional level.
  4. Workers: the staff receives rigorous training that allows them to put into practice the knowledge to improve the functions of the company for which they work and for their own benefit, in addition to having the appropriate facilities for it.

It ensures that the board of directors, the staff in general, the assembly, the commissions, the evaluators, the technicians and the committees carry out their participation and action in an objective and impartial manner, and not in a conflictive, partial and discriminatory manner.

In addition, it ensures that each decision made by the evaluation committees and subcommittees is made by personnel other than those who carried out the evaluation, but who are also capable of doing so.

It also states that the activities or competencies covered by its organizations do not compromise the confidentiality, impartiality and objectivity of the accreditations it grants, since the company has documented identification of the relationship it establishes with other organizations.

What is the scope of accreditation?

The Mexican Accreditation Entity – Emma, has limited its evaluations, requirements and decisions to the topics that cover what is related to the scope of the accreditation. This entity does not offer consulting services, nor is it within its reach OEC conformity assessment services that compromise the impartiality of objectivity that they offer in the evaluation processes of training, recognition and accreditation.

Steps to follow

The steps to follow to obtain an accreditation issued by Ema are as follows:

  1. Before submitting the accreditation application to Ema, it is necessary to carry out an internal audit, carry out a review by management and demonstrate validation.
  2. Submit the accreditation request to Ema.
  3. It is necessary to designate the group that will be in charge of carrying out the evaluations.
  4. Then, do the evaluation of the documents.
  5. Once the evaluation group is designated, the evaluation is prepared.
  6. The evaluating group will also be in charge of evaluating the site.
  7. Subsequently, the ruling will be made.
  8. Then, the evaluation committee or the technical opinion commission will proceed to grant the accreditation.
  9. Finally, a follow-up and surveillance is carried out on the company that was granted the accreditation.


The rates managed by the Mexican Accreditation Entity for the provision of its services, taking into account that each of the aspects mentioned below has a cost for the stages that they have to go through until they reach accreditation.

In the fees section of the official page of the Ema www.ema.org.mx sets rates for:

  1. Verification units.
  2. Proficiency testing providers.
  3. Producers of reference materials.
  4. Certification bodies.
  5. Judging body.
  6. Calibration and testing laboratories.
  7. clinical laboratories.
  8. Good laboratory practices.

Visit the next page where you will find the updated rates managed by Ema and the cost of each of the stages.

The Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA) seeks to be the best option in evaluation and accreditation services, as well as in training, communication and dissemination, making available to its accredited members the knowledge, experiences and timely information that allows them to be better. in the labor field before the market competitions that may be presented.

Get certified with EMA!

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