Learn how to process the High School Certificate in Mexico

In Mexico, there is an entity in charge of promoting school administration, supporting educational work and facilitating the provision of services for those who require it, including any modality, level or type.

Is about The General Directorate of Accreditation, Incorporation and Revalidation (DGAIR)which together with the Directorate of Accreditation and Certification, ensures the flexibility of the school management process throughout the country (registration, regularization, certification, accreditation, and finally, certification).

Among the services offered are:

  • Primary and secondary certification.
  • Higher education school control.
  • Recognition of acquired knowledge.
  • Recognition of official validity of higher education studies.
  • Revalidation and equivalence of studies.
  • School control standards
  • National language certification.

Requirements to make the request

  • Have passed the 8 basic modules, respective to primary and secondary established by the Model of Education for Life and Work
  • Having passed 4 of the diversified modules.

Necessary documents

  • Original primary school certificate.
  • Applicant’s Birth Certificate.
  • Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).
  • Copy of identification or official ID.
  • Any school history (Report card or diploma)
  • 2 recent photographs of the applicant:
  • Head on
  • Bare face and ears
  • black and white or color,
  • White background and light clothing.

What is the high school certificate?

An academic certificate, of primary or secondary studies, It is that official and legal document that proves that the person successfully completed their studies.

Sometimes, the title is also considered as a certificate of study, but it does not always validate the studies carried out, so people decide to request the Certificate of studies.

This can be useful when:

  • Aspire to a job
  • Continue training to a higher degree.
  • Highlight between labor and professional competence.
  • Strengthen the curriculum.
  • Validate studies before prestigious institutions.

Why is a duplicate necessary?

It is always recommended to have 2 valid vouchers; the person may lose or misplace the original certificate, due to common causes such as carelessness, theft or moving. In those cases, a duplicate would replace the certificate that has been lost, without losing its legal character.

To request a duplicate of the secondary education certificate, it is necessary to complete the following procedure, and take the requirements to the school or institution where the studies were carried out, or even in any nearby control area even if you have studied elsewhere.

>>Know the location of the school control areas.

Requirements to request a duplicate:

1.- Copy of the certificate. If you do not have a copy, you will need to have:

  • Name of the school or institution.
  • Location (city hall or municipality)
  • Entity where he finished his studies.
  • Last year in which you attended Primary or Secondary Education

2.- Birth Certificate (copy) or equivalent document.

3.- CURP (If you have it).

4.- Official identification or identity card of the applicant.

5.- Payment of the certificate. This varies depending on the place where the procedure will be carried out, the area of ​​school control, or even the school itself; These must clarify the price and the form of payment.

Frequent questions

Where can I process the document?

How much?

The procedure is completely free and does not require an additional cost.

How long does delivery take?

After being issued,Educational certificates become effective within a maximum period of 50 days. Otherwise, you should contact the entity where you made the request.

To prevent the certificate from being canceled or not issued on time, it is necessary to complete the entire registration process and submit all the aforementioned documents.

Does the procedure have any web form?

No, the procedure is face-to-face.

Who can collect the Certificate?

The student or a family member, who must submit a copy of their valid official identification with a photograph.

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