Leed Certificate: How to Get It, Importance and MORE

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Concerns about climate change have only recently entered the scene. Worldwide measures have been taken with respect to buildings, because they have proven to be very harmful to the environment. However, they have developed a standard evaluation to qualify a construction as an ecological and sustainable process. This evaluation method results in the Leed Certificate.

It is intended to validate those companies in the construction industry that carry out sustainable projects. It also aims to recognize and incentivize these companies through benefits, which they can access after obtaining certification.

The world needs us, it is up to us to carry out projects in an ecological way.

How to Obtain the Leed Certificate?

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The international and standardized evaluation system consists of real estate or construction projects meeting certain guidelines. In this way, they will be able to acquire the aforementioned Leed CertificateIn this section we will explain a little more about the goals or guidelines that you must approve.

In this sense, real estate or construction projects must have a series of environmental results or impacts in the places where they operate. Here is a list of the objectives that must be met to obtain the certificate:

  • In the process, CO2 emissions, also known as greenhouse gases, must be reduced.
  • Environmental awareness must be created among workers, from workers, engineers, owners, machinists, etc. This is achieved through an environmental responsibility campaign within construction.
  • Devise and create outdoor spaces within the projects.
  • Promote the idea of ​​recycling, in order to reduce the amount of waste.
  • Using at least some renewable energy is essential for any project that wants a low ecological impact.
  • Aspects such as innovation, efficiency in the use of water, green areas and more are also evaluated.

There are construction companies that seek to comply with each of the previous guidelines in their projects. However, there are some that comply with each other and do not, therefore, there are several types of certificate.

As projects meet more of the guidelines mentioned above, they will earn a better certificate. That is to say, the projects accumulate points and depending on their qualification in the standard evaluation they will have a certain certificate.

Next, we show the different Leed certificates that are granted to construction companies:

Certificate Types

  • Simple Certificate: it is awarded to projects that obtain a score in a range of 40 and 49 points.
  • Silver – Buildings that score between 50 and 59 will get it.
  • Gold: awarded to projects that have a score between 60 and 69 points.
  • Platinum: it is the best of all and is awarded to projects that have a rating greater than 80 points.

It is important to keep in mind that the construction of a simple house cannot be compared to that of a building or a shopping center. Therefore, the evaluation system also offers different certificates depending on the type of construction.

Certificates of energy leadership and good environmental design, also known as Leed Certificate in English. They seek to change the creation and style of the infrastructure of the future.

Who can Benefit from the Leed Certificate?

The benefits are not explicitly reflected through the certificate as such, but rather through the actions that are taken in construction projects in order to obtain the same. That is, when the certificate is issued after evaluating a project, social, economic and environmental benefits are already being achieved.

In this section we explain in a little more detail the benefits that this type of initiative brings to the societies that use it:

Economic benefits

A large amount of energy is saved in the process, it is estimated that 25% of electrical energy is saved on average. On the other hand, the savings in water consumption is approximately 40%, also thanks to the certificate, the value of the buildings usually increases.

Environmental benefits

Reduces CO2 emissions, promotes water recycling, promotes the use of renewable energy. But the most important is to set a trend towards products and goods that have no or low environmental impact.

The benefits that this type of project brings to the environment are many and countless. But without a doubt, the one that stands out the most of all is the simple fact of raising awareness regarding the environmental problem that we face.

That is one of the most difficult challenges, it can be corrected, but it depends on people finding out and becoming aware of it.

Social benefits

The spaces created by these construction companies are usually more ventilated and greener. Studies have shown that more ventilated spaces improve people’s cognitive processes. The decrease in noise in offices is 66% on average.

In general, spaces have better conditions for the people who inhabit them, because they create a better work environment and therefore improve interaction between people.

Importance of the Leed Certificate

After having consulted the previous section, we could have realized that the social, economic and environmental impacts of this type of initiative are very great. Therefore, countries and institutions that begin to use the Leed Certificate tend to reduce the environmental impact of their construction projects. This is something very positive for societies, because it tends to improve the quality of life of its inhabitants.

It is also important for construction companies, because it allows them to have greater financial, political and legal support for their projects. Governments tend to like these types of low environmental impact initiatives and therefore, they grant construction permits more easily.

The Leed Certificate It brings benefits from all sides that are seen, it is not only important for companies, but for governments, people, cities and most importantly for the planet that needs us so much.

Credit Families

Credit families are the official parameters for qualifying a project and awarding a certificate. The credit families are divided into seven and are intended to evaluate each of the stages of the construction process, in order to assess whether they are indeed sustainable or not.

Below is a list of the different credit families and a brief explanation of them. The sum of the credits is 110 points, therefore, the classification of the certificates is delivered based on 110 points.

  • Location with respect to transport: it is intended to reduce the use of gasoline cars and encourage low-pollution transport, such as: electric cars, bicycles, public transport.
  • Sustainable places: it has the purpose of evaluating the use of external agents that impact the spaces, for example; the use and treatment of rainwater.
  • Efficiency in the use of water: it is evaluated how well the water is used, the rationing, recycling, treatment and other aspects.
  • Energy and atmosphere: this group of credits is the one with the highest weighting, this is due to the fact that electrical efficiency is carefully evaluated, that is, they evaluate the obtaining of energy, use, and much more.
  • Materials and sources of resources: this part evaluates the quality of the instruments and whether or not their use degrades the environment.
  • Indoor environment quality: Evaluate the open spaces and ventilation of the project.
  • Innovation: here the form and processes used by each project are taken into account. This family is key to define which certificate will be obtained.

It is essential to comply, even if it is a part of each of the credit families, in order to acquire a certificate.

What is it?

Faced with the growing and worrying climate problem, many countries are taking measures that seek to reduce the great pollution caused by companies. Among them are treaties, tax measures, subsidies to companies with high environmental responsibility and more.

One of the best ideas, worldwide, has been that of the entity US Green Building Council. Who created a new standard evaluation system, which seeks to certify those projects in the construction industry with low impact on the environment. They are characterized by high energy efficiency and low impact on the ecosystem.

The fact of granting a certificate after inspections and evaluations, consists in distinguishing in a simple way a sustainable project from a highly polluting one. In this way, certificate holders can easily acquire funds, support, licenses and much more.

Because the future tends towards renewable technologies and therefore, many investors want to lend their funds to this type of project. Governments also want to reduce pollution, and that makes it much easier for them to grant licenses or permits to these types of projects.

In general, the person who wants to generate a growth project for his country and does so in the ecological way, will have the support of the bank, the government, the inhabitants and environmentalists.

Which is very important, because certain organizations dedicated to caring for the environment tend to report projects that are highly harmful. This implies costs in money and time for the production companies, it can even cost them the project, because it can be prohibited.

The right way is sustainable growth

Do not forget!

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