Manage: Definition, Goals, Origin and MORE

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Manage it is an action that goes hand in hand, very closely, with the activities that are carried out through the administration. It is of great relevance that you inform yourself and know about this process because it is something that occurs frequently and commonly on a day-to-day basis. It is for this same reason, that we must pay attention to each section that this offers you. item for you.

The purpose for which we have made this article is for you to learn everything about how Manage your company and its resources in each of the activities. Initially we will tell you what is the definition of this action and the objective that the mass pursues. Also, we will tell you a little about the origin of this activity. Now to finish, we will explain a little about business and public administration.

Stay with us and find out more about this essential process in our day to day!

What is Manage?

The term of Manage is related to all those activities through which they are seen the actions involved of a company. It can be said that knowing how to do these actions and carrying them out within a company is going to be decisive. This for the precise moment in which a problem or internal complication arises in the processes at the internal business level.

You have to know how to use this tool as it will help to know how to use the money and how distribute it for the planning of the tasks. For some it is usually somewhat complicated since the lack of control and a good distribution of things affects the performance of the company. And the capabilities are reduced, however, it is not impossible and can be carried to achieve the objectives.

Understanding that this is a discipline to be applied is of great importance. Understanding that it is not only about the management of a company or some type of business. Since, the term is often used for various areas, such as in medicine when recommending the use of a drug. When we distribute and distribute things at home, in terms of money so that it pays to cover certain fundamental things.

It is important that you know that this is not such a complex task, you just have to know how to do it by covering and seeing each of the details. Nor does it take a great deal of time to carry out this, it will only take a little more reasoning. Likewise, common sense must be applied to it.

Have to know be prudent at the time of distributing and distributing each of the resources that we have at our disposal for the required activities. Here you can not only see financial resources, you see human resources and the resource of the time that will be used.

An example of the latter we have when a person works in an office, they do a good management of their time and resources. This is to give you everything and I can fulfill, with efficiency and success, everything that your boss has previously assigned to you.


Now we are going to explain to you what are the objectives that are pursued when Manage what we have for the optimal achievement of goals. There are going to be marked differences in the way in which things are achieved. Growth and maximization of the company or business are seen as results.

One of the first things that must be done for this is the definition of each thing that you want to reach. This must be done properly, with precision and looking at reality. You also have to know that the administration department and SSGG is the most important within a company.

The role that it fulfills is to provide a guarantee so that the necessary goods are provided and, in the same way, to be able to efficiently carry out the general aspects of the company. However, the services and objectives pursued by this tool in relation to the companies it manages are the following:

  • The first one that we are going to mention is the one related to control that should be carried efficiently in the business infrastructure. This will also include the status and usage of those associated services.
  • Next we have the objective of optimize time in which things are going to be done. That these are done with less effort and that better results are achieved.
  • Then you will have to manage resources for the management of activities adequately. These will be related to those suppliers and what the client requests and is required to comply with.
  • It will seek to achieve the agreements that are maintained those made locally, in offices and among others.
  • Now, to finish with this list of objectives, we have what is related to the management, both of the transfers and of the purchases made. What you want to achieve is administrative control and access at the operational level.

Origin of the Administration

In this section of the article it is up to us to talk about what the starting point is, where the administration and the action of Manage. This point will be something precise so that you can have this information clearly, easily, quickly and accurately. So, read carefully, detail and carefully each thing that, below, we are going to inform you.

Management is a social science that exists on our planet since the principles of humanity. Since primitive times, man has sought a way to find enough inputs for his survival and to be able to supply them effectively. It has always been had in the thought to find some way through which we can organize ourselves for decision making.

In this way, it has been possible to carry out the execution of the plans that have been made in order to be able to satisfy the needs that arise. Understanding this that the origin of this type of tasks has its origin in primitive times, since there was a lack of them for the organization, food collection and construction of houses.

Now, another point to be discussed is related to the origin of the administration as science and its different applications. This has, approximately, from the twentieth century with the studies and the fourteen principles that Henry Fayol did in relation to this matter and what was established with it.

What is Business Administration?

Business administration is closely linked to everything that is the organization management, companies, businesses, etc. This itself is a percepts series, rules and practices properly ordered for the search of the optimization this. It also seeks to take advantage of each of the resources so that the desired objectives are reached.

Administrative activities at the business level can be considered as a science and it has a career in which they are responsible for teaching you everything. It is related, very closely, with economics and graduates in it use the applicability of their knowledge for the operation of the company.

The subjects that are included throughout the career have what is mathematics, microeconomics, financial accounting, history of economics, statistics. Also, you see things like an introduction to law and an introduction to marketing, tax systems, management and cost accounting. Various theories are analyzed, such as the theory of money and banking, among others.

Study allows students and graduates of the career to acquire certain skills and abilities which, then, we are going to mention you.

Acquired skills

  1. Opportunity for access in the professional sector with a wide variety of future opportunities.
  2. Get employment in public and private sectors.
  3. The ability to build and start your own business.
  4. He is also qualified to be a teacher in the same area in business schools and universities.
  5. The power to carry out audits at the financial and operational level.
  6. Management and handling of human resources, with the selection of new workers.
  7. Carrying out consultancies.
  8. Acquisition of knowledge about marketing, this for the creation of an image to the company. Along with the concepts of finance and shopping.

What is the Public Administration?

On the other hand, we have what the public administration is, it is in charge of the management of all those public sectors and their officials. It is related to this type of body so that all the functions that they must fulfill can be consolidated. Through the management of the institutions belonging to the State.

The function that it is going to fulfill is that of establishing and fostering relations between public power, that is, of the people, and political power, that is, of the government. Those who mainly compose this administration are all those public institutions and officials.

The concept will depend on the focus that she has or the treatment that is going to be given to her for study and analysis. It can be visualized in a formal way, when it comes to the government and its institutions. The material approach, when there is a management problem

We hope this article has been useful and educational. We are reading each other on a next occasion!

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