Market Classes: Definition, Types or Classes, Variables and MORE

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The Market Classes in the Mexican economy, they refer to a theoretical, virtual or physical space to carry out financial or trade operations. That is, a dynamic scenario where they concur buyers and sellers to make your transactions.

In any case, distinguish a market of another, or establish types of markets, obeys economic factors that must be taken into consideration. If you need to expand on this topic, follow this article and you will not regret it.

What is Market?

Now, for students of economics, a Market it is a place where they concur consumers and suppliers. In this regard, these economic actors meet to carry out transactions related to exchange of money in exchange for the value of a good or service.

According to the aforementioned, we can tell you that in Mexico or anywhere in the world, a Market will always exist when in a space buyers, sellers, products and an exchange value or price attend. In that sense, Markets they can work anywhere.

On the other hand, if they talk to you about Market Classes, the expression means that these spaces are not of a single type. Hence, there is markets of different categories of a certain sector. In other words, markets exist for various sectors of the economy.

Next, within the structure of a Market, there are aspects that are worth knowing. If you are a follower of the call «Marketing», or you are interested in the promotion and publicity of a product,stay with us !, we already tell you those aspects:

  • Market study, as a methodology to obtain information on the behavior of a product within a competitive environment.
  • Based on the above, if you are an entrepreneur, you need to evaluate the behavior of your product with respect to the degree of consumer acceptance and in relation to the competition.
  • In a market research, every company must analyze the behavior of the buyer, the characteristics of the merchandise offered, promotion and competition.
  • An analysis of the market It must start from research sources such as statistics, historical data, books, magazines, surveys, among other means of collection.
  • With a market research, a company can obtain precise and technical information for decision making.
  • If you are passionate about the subject, do not worry, look for a digital link reliable about Marketing.

Market Types or Classes According to Competition

Many times, entrepreneurs launch a product or service and think that with a promotional price they are already positioned in a Market. But this is not always the case, other factors must be taken into account such as the trajectory of competitors, advertising policies, etc.

According to the above, if we strictly enter the bidders’ market, then there would be a need to explore the competition. If you want to know more about the market types of your competitors, Keep reading!

The Perfect Competition Market

In this kind of market, many attend buyers and sellers of the same product. In addition, the offeror cannot influence the price of good. All the dynamics is in the hands of the free play of the Offer and demand. You can go in or out of this market without major restrictions.

Monopoly market

In this type of business scenario, only one company produces and sells a good or service. Therefore has the exclusivity of the product and its brand. In this sense, the bidder controls the price and the quantities to be sold. To enter this market there are many barriers and it is difficult to position a product.

The Imperfect Competition

In this kind of markets, there are many actual and potential consumers, but the bidders they are few. In these cases, similar products are offered by few sellers who can even control the price. There may also be the case of many sellers of the product and few applicants.

The Monopsony

In these types of markets, buyers have an important influence on the product offered. In this regard, since there is a high demand and little supply of the product, the consumers can define a buying pattern in terms of price, the quantity and even the type of good.

Market Types or Classes According to the Geographic Zone

On the other hand, there are cases where the Market It is classified according to the geographical location where the consumers. According to that, the bidders must tune marketing strategies to catch sayings buyers. So this market It is classified in:


This geographic space is the smallest, the vendors direct their trade towards consumers from a nearby area or the community where the business is located. In Mexico, market premises of a company can be made up of the consumers of a town, of the municipality or of a state.


In this case, the market it is of a greater geographic scope. The bidders To enter said commercial space, they must establish marketing plans to distribute the product outside your usual location. Thus, branches or representative offices are created in distant regions.


The National market it involves the whole country. Thus, in Mexico there are companies that provide services or supply goods for potential consumers nationwide. In this case, there are examples such as mail service ventures that work nationwide.


Here, the business operations of companies cross borders. In this sense, potential buyers they are in other countries. Thus the best example in this case is the sales made by transnational entities.

World or Global

In these markets, multinational companies they penetrate practically every corner of the planet. For which they rely on the forefront of digital technology and the Internet. Communication is a powerful industry to access these markets.

Market Types or Classes According to Consumers

He too market can be classified according to the type of buyer. In these cases, companies must manage different marketing strategies to place themselves in these commercial spaces. Follow us so that you know them:

Direct buyers

In this sense, it is the market more common, corresponds to the final consumer. Thus, we have direct buyer you normally look for a product or service in a company, store, etc.

Industrial clients

With this kind of market, producers are heading towards specialized buyers. In this case, the demand It is made up of small, medium and large industrial companies that need equipment, materials and services from the area technique.


These markets they are very common to obtain quick benefits and boost cash flow. Consequently, people and companies buy products to offer them again in the market habitual to top prices.

Public Sector Market

In this sense, this type of market it is very specific and with insurance buyers. In this regard, it is made up of state agencies at all levels. These types of clients negotiate under official rules and procedures.

Market Types or Classes According to the Product

Now there is also a Market Class which is defined according to merchandise or service offered and purchased. In this regard, depending on the nature of the product, the bidders and buyers They look for negotiation strategies to sell or acquire the best product, Follow us:

Products for consumption and use

In this market, are sold and bought goods and services to meet the needs of the moment. Therefore, when solving the problem of necessity, there is no longer the product. Thus, there are products such as fast food, disposable products, office supplies, etc.

Investment goods

With this kind of market, goods are acquired that satisfy a need but the product it lasts in time. In these cases, we mention office equipment, books, audio and video equipment, among others.

Industrial goods

Refers to a Market Class where inputs, pieces and parts are mobilized as raw material for the industry. In this sense, these goods are bought to produce other products which in turn result in intermediate goods from another industry or final merchandise for sale.

The Services Market

It’s one of the markets largest volume in the world. Hence, buyers do not acquire tangible goods but rather buy the use or right of a comfort that provides the consumer well-being, security, growth, etc.

Financial products

Refers to a Market very volatile on a physical or digital level, where they are traded financial assets Come in buyers and sellers. In this way, the best moment is sought to make a financial operation to offer profitability or dividends.

Variables for Classification of Markets

In short, the Market it has different classifications within an economic system. For that, it is necessary that you keep in mind the key variables that determine its categorization. If you still do not know, we will summarize it for you!

  • The good or service that is marketed, there are countless products of different kinds in Mexico and in the world, there is not a single type of article.
  • The consumers, who are also diversified or sectorized according to their needs and requirements and therefore the bidders they must adapt their sales and marketing policies.
  • The competence Come in vendors, where you have to know the companies that offer the same good or service, their strategies and levels of control of the market to gain entry and position.
  • The geographic scope, to know where the potential customers located, which can be local, regional, national or in other countries.

Get to know the Market Classes and you will live the experience of a perfect purchase!

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