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Our body is the most precious thing we possess, if we do not keep it healthy, it is likely that we will catch some disease, which is why general check-ups of the entire body should be done periodically, to detect the disease early, and thus act as soon as possible so that the virus or bacteria does not worsen or develop

So if you are in need of obtaining a medical certificate, which guarantees your health condition and also contributes to maintaining your health, this page is perfect for you, as we will explain in minimal detail the steps to follow and considerations to take out this important document quickly and easily

Requirements for the medical certificate

All documents provided by public entities need prior requirements to be able to

er keep track of the people who request said certificate, and also the information provided by the applicant will appear in the document to be requested.


  • Original ID, ID
  • Proof of address
  • Laboratory tests previously prescribed by the doctor
  • Proof of payment of the Medical Certificate

What is?

The medical certificate is a document endorsed by a Health entity, in this case by an Advanced Primary Health Care Clinic (or for its acronym CAAPS) or by Medical Centers, which is intended to demonstrate the health condition of a person particularly at a given time

In the same way, the objective of the Medical Certificate is to provide Mexican citizens with a tool to be able to maintain their state of health and, in turn, certify the condition of the person requesting said document.

What information does it contain?

Due to the importance of this record, it must have general information about the applicant, which is expressed in a clear and concise manner.

The data contained are: health condition of the applicant, identification and full name of the person, purpose of the document, date and place of issue, identification and full name of the issuing doctor, professional card number and registration, doctor’s signature , expiration date, blood type and person or entity to which it is addressed

What is it for?

The purpose of the medical certificate is to inform or know the state of health that exists at the time it is requested and thus, identify problems or diseases that may put at risk or threaten the health of said individual, in this way, take action as soon as possible to prevent the development of the virus or disease.

In the same way, it is used for some type of emergency, if someone’s medical information is needed quickly, it is good to have it at hand so that the doctor who is going to treat the person has all the necessary information to help him.

Sometimes, it is requested as a requirement to apply for work in organizations, since they have to ensure that there is no inconvenience in the health of the person who is going to be hired.

Where can I do the procedure?

It can be requested in Health institutions that are authorized to carry out general check-ups, where trusted and trained professional personnel work. Some institutions where you can require the certificate are the Health Centers and Advanced Health Care Clinics (CAAPS)

Cost of the Medical Certificate

The cost of the Medical Certificate will depend, if the person is affiliated with Seguro Popular they will benefit from it and the certificate will be free, they will not have to pay anything. Now, if the applicant is not affiliated with Seguro Popular, he will not be benefited and, therefore, will have to pay a registration fee of 60.00 pesos to cover the expenses that are made when carrying out the medical studies and also to pay the professional who does the revision

What is the School Medical Certificate?

The school medical certificate evaluates the general health of the students, whether it is preschool, primary or secondary education, in which a complete assessment is carried out by a health professional, in order to verify the normal growth of the student in question, in relation to height, weight, relationship between them, cognitive reasoning, according to the age of the student

In the same way, this occasion also works for the education of students, in terms of health care, understanding how important it is to protect and maintain the health of themselves and their classmates, creating an awareness of personal care and generating Empathy about concern for the health of everyone around you

This type of certificate is required more than anything else by educational institutions in order to prevent the spread of possible easily transmitted diseases among students.

Importance of having a medical check-up

As mentioned above, a periodic check-up of your health is of great importance to detect diseases, and you do not necessarily have to have symptoms of a disease to suffer from one, since there are diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, among others that They attack silently and symptoms are only noticed when they develop and affect the immune system.

In the same order of ideas, a medical check-up consists of 2 parts, first a general study of the person is made such as family history, age, sex of the patient, risk factor, blood study, physical study (reflexes, heartbeat , pupil dilation, etc.) Subsequently, if any anomaly of the results standards is detected, specific studies are carried out, these will obviously depend on the high or low results of a general study carried out.

How can you maintain your health?

Many factors influence when it comes to health protection, but there are some that are the most important and the ones that you should focus on to always stay healthy. Below we will present the most outstanding:

  • eat healthy. Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? Well, it is totally true, because it has been scientifically proven that our health is closely linked to the food we eat, we must always try to have a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, vegetables, natural juices, avoid junk food at all costs (hamburgers, French fries, hot dogs, etc.), soft drinks and other

  • exercise regularly. The practice of exercise gives many healthy benefits, such as the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, strokes, colon cancer, diabetes. In the same way, it treats high blood pressure, depression, stress, osteoporosis and clears the mind.

  • Stimulate and calm the mind. Every day we are exposed to moments that can stress us, and therefore destabilize us, it is important to know how to control ourselves and move away those negative thoughts that normally address our mind. It is advisable to read books, practice a language, write or enroll in the course you always wanted to do. Always try to keep your mind positive, nothing affects you more than a tired or overwhelmed mind, you can have a balanced diet, exercise regularly, but if you constantly have negative thoughts it will be very difficult for you to organize yourself in your personal life, at work and in life. goals that you have longed for so much will be more complicated to fulfill

We hope this article has been of interest to you. Keep reading so you can learn about other procedures.

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