Mexican Birth Certificate Form: Steps, Data and MORE

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This article will explain in detail everything related to Mexican Birth Certificate Form. This document must be held by all citizens, because it represents that the person exists in Mexican territory.

In addition, having it is the first step for you to process your identity card or identity document. Therefore, if you need this Birth Certificate, we will explain below, take note.

Steps to Fill Out the Mexican Birth Certificate Form

It is important to explain that until the year 1999 in Mexican territory there were at least 196 formats established in the Civil Registry. But in 2005 the National Council of Civil Registry Officials (CONAFREC), approved a new and unique format for birth certificates.

To start the process, the citizen must comply with the following steps to fill out the Mexican Birth Certificate Form.

Citizens must first access the web portal of the Government of Mexico. When you have entered you should verify that a menu appears with several options such as: CURP, Birth Certificate, Electricity Bill, Passport, Professional ID and Gasoline Price.

He will click on Birth certificate and to carry out your search for the Mexican Birth Certificate Form You can do it in two ways:

  1. You can access by placing your Unique Population Registry Code (CURP).
  2. If you give the option to personal information You must complete the information with: your names, surnames, day of birth, month of birth, year of birth, sex, state.
  3. Whichever you choose, you will have to validate the Captcha and you must give the search button. The system will carry out an identity validation, requesting to place the name of your parents before proceeding to generate the information.
  4. If the information is correct, the system will give you access to a preview and confirm if the information is the same.
  5. In the event that the information is incorrect, the Ministry of the Interior has a telephone number at your service to help you solve your problem. (55) 51748160 and 01 (800) 8391974, they also have at their disposal an email that is gobmx@funciónp Repú


When you have confirmed it, you will have to go to the next step which is to perform the payment method. It is important to note that the price to be canceled may change depending on the entity where it was registered.

Payment can be made in two ways: first through the same website of the Government of Mexico, using your credit card, either Visa or Mastercard and the second by the format of institution payment.

Whichever case you choose, you must complete a form with the requested information such as: RFC, Address, Unique Population Registry Code, among others.

If the citizen made the payment with the modality of credit card, you will be given the option to send your file through your personal email or you can download it in PDF format and you can print it directly.

If the person is going to make the payment using the format provided by the entity, they will have to print it and present it at the institution in charge of receiving the type of payments. When you have made the payment, you must change the status of the transaction with the sheet number.

When the payment has been confirmed, then the Mexican Birth Certificate Form it will be sent to you by email so that you can print it in PDF format.

Information requested by the Mexican Birth Certificate Form

With the new Format that contains the Mexican Birth Certificate Form, the document contains the following information:

The birth certificate will show the printing folio. This is a number printed in ink that makes up a security measure.

It is located in the upper left, and this page will also appear on the birth certificates that are issued on security paper.

Document Name

This information that is reflected in the Mexican Birth Certificate Form, refers to the legal civic status determined by the state with respect to the Civil Registry, which has as its legend the “United States of Mexico” and the completion of the document that is issued as “Birth certificate”.

Electronic Identifier

It is a numerical sequence of twenty digits for the control of the impressions of each format, assigned electronically by the technological services of the Ministry of the Interior.

Registry Items

In your Mexican Birth Certificate Form, your document may contain the following information:

  • The Unique Code of the Population Registry (CURP), of the registered citizen.
  • The number of Birth certificate. This number is issued by the Ministry of Health to prove the birth of a person.
  • The Entity of the Registry: Refers to the Federal entity of the Mexican Republic or consular office of said country abroad that carried out the registration of the person who was born.
  • Municipality of registry: There you will see the Municipality of the Entity in which the person was registered once they were born.
  • Registry data: The information on the location of the registry established by the Civil Registry of each entity is specified, it consists of: official office, Registration Date with its day, month and year; the number of the book and finally the number of the minutes.

Registered person data

It is made up of the information of the person whose birth has been registered in the Civil registration and consists of the following:

  • Names.
  • The first and second surnames. The order of surnames is governed by local law.
  • Sex, stand out in one of the options: man or woman.
  • The date of birth, placing the day, month and year in which the person came into the world.
  • The place of birth where the person was born, the municipality and the federal entity.

Identification data of the Registered Person

In this part of your birth certificate, you will have the following information:

  • The full name of the parents’ citizens or the person who takes care of him.
  • The nationality of the parents or of the person in charge of the registrant.
  • The unique Population Registry keys of the parents or of the person who takes care of it, linked to the CURP of the registrant.

Marginal notes

Are the changes legal-administrative important in the legal identity of the citizen that are registered in the books determined in charge of each Civil Registry or consular office and record their due publicity.


Determines the legal basis for the issuance and certification of the document.

Two-dimensional QR code

It is the two-dimensional barcode, located on the lower left corner, which can only be read by the authorities that have permits under the circumstances.

Legend “I am Mexico”

Its purpose is to watermark with its respective legend that expresses the connection of a person with the Mexican territory and feels proud to be part of that nation.

Advanced Electronic Signature

You will be able to observe said signature, which has as its purpose, a set of data and characters that allows the signer identification, which has been implemented by electronic means.

Signature and data of issuing authority

This space containing the Mexican Birth Certificate Form, the position, name and the form of the holder, official or judge are placed.

QR code

In this code it is where all the data provided in your birth certificate. It also proves the authenticity of the document.

Verification code

It is a numerical series that is intended to review and verify the authenticity of the data contained in the format.

Legend of Instructions to verify the document

At the bottom of the document, a legend is determined where you can see where and how the content can be verified.

What is it for?

The Mexican Birth Certificate Form It is used to record when a person was born. This document is essential in the Mexican territory.

Having this document, the person can generate other documents such as: the identity card or identity document, process citizenship in other countries, a certificate of coexistence between two people, among others.

The birth certificate assumes that the person exists for the communities, it is the origin of an individual.

The parents of the minor are the ones who take the person to register them, especially months following the birth. The minutes are filed and drawn up in the place where the person was born, in the Civil Registry offices.

As mentioned above, the Birth Certificate effectively grants you the status of citizen and determines what the identity document or card is.

Who should process it?

Any person born in Mexican territory must be registered in the Civi Registryl, so that you can have your rights and duties, which each person contains.

What is the Mexican Birth Certificate Form?

The Mexican Birth Certificate Form It is a very important document in the Mexican territory because it shows that the citizen exists. In other words, when a child is born in any health center, they will give the parents a birth certificate.

Having this document, the parents must go to a civil registry in their city to register their child as a Mexican citizen.

Since 2015, a new format of the Mexican Birth Certificate Form, where this format is easier to read, the design is clean that explains every detail of the citizen, parents or those who have parental authority.

This new format is so advanced that people can already search for it online. They must be printed in letter size white sheets, but it does not replace the certified copies that each registry sends.

To conclude, citizens should have this important document at their disposal because it would be one more citizen who has duties and rights.

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