Non-criminal record certificate in Mexico. What do I need?

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This is a document that in previous years was widely used to verify the penal status in which the workers were, today, it is a little less required due to the application of human rights, for which it is understood that it could lead to the discrimination of individuals who have already paid their penalty in legal aspects.

However, if at work or in another legal aspect you need the issuance of the Certificate of criminal record, Here we will explain the aspects that you have to take into account to get it out.

Requirements for the Certificate for no criminal records

Prior to the start of the process for the criminal record certificate the Single Code for Procedures and Services (CUTS) must be active.

As its name says, this is a key, which gives you access to the Single Electronic Window for Procedures and Services that allows you to identify people in the management of procedures and online services.

Necessary documents

  • Single Code for Procedures and Services (CUTS)
  • Universal payment format and proof of payment, is the one that allows payment of the different services offered by the State of Mexico.
  • Valid official national identity document.
  • Proof of registration online.
  • Child-size photographs (only applies if the process is going to be completed at the Chalco, Tlalnepantla, Texcoco, Ecatepec, Jilotepec, Valle de Bravo and Tejupilco offices).
  • Document addressed to the General Director of the Institute of Expert Services, which must be issued by the authority of the human resources area of ​​the agency or agency that hires him, where the full name of the applicant and the legal basis for requesting the request must be specified. the criminal record certificate. The document must be on a letterhead, duly signed and sealed. You can also submit a letter detailing the reasons for which the issuance of the certificate is requested, other than a labor contract.

Where is it processed?

There are two options, the presence and the web. If you wish to do so in person, you could go to the address of Morelos Oriente at the corner of Jaime Nunó No. Ext. 1300 (Expert Services Building) No. Int., Col. San Sebastián, CP 50090, Toluca, México.

If you wish to carry out the process online, you must enter the Process online.

What is the non-criminal background report?

This report guarantees that a search was made in the National Archive of Sentenced Persons to find out if a person has any Federal criminal record in their personal history, it is a report that any Mexican citizen can request, in the case of foreigners they can do it at the facilities of the consulates that correspond to it.

What is it for?

The report of no criminal record will be issued when required for personal procedures.

The certificate will be issued only when:

  1. The legal provisions establish as a requirement to carry out a job, position or commission in the public service, the accreditation by the interested party of not having committed any crime or that he has no criminal record.
  2. It is requested to prove compliance with requirements for entry or permanence in public security institutions.
  3. It is requested to enter institutions that provide private security services, with respect to positions or jobs in which the law expressly provides for this requirement.
  4. When requested based on and motivated by administrative or jurisdictional authorities, as well as by public bodies that protect human rights and electoral authorities, and
  5. In other cases that are expressly indicated by law.

Steps to process the report

      • Enter the page of the Government of the Mexican State, in the option single windowEnter the CUTS and the password.
      • Look for the criminal record option, and then click on Pre Management”.
      • Enter the personal data and choose the type of document you wish to request (Report or Certificate).
      • If you chose the option criminal record reportthe system will show the option to print document. Once it is printed, the process is complete.
      • But the option that interests us in this case would be certificate of no criminal record in which the system will throw the option to print online proof of registration. This will cause it to be saved to your computer and you can then print it.
      • Return to the eWindow, and then press F5 to reload the information. Some browsers show an alert, in these cases you must select the «resend» option.
      • Within the section monitoring of service procedures look for the option in process government and the different locations in which the process can be followed up will automatically be displayed.
      • Choose the location that is easiest for you to access from your residence. The most convenient date and time for the issuance of the certificate.
      • Print the online registration voucher (appointment) and the universal payment format.

Go to the appointment on the selected date and time with all the documentation required to complete the process.

Cost of the procedure

The Criminal Record Report is free of charge. The Certificate of no background has a value of 139 pesos. Payment can be made from the payment portal (online), or from any bank.


For those who wish to process the certificate of non-criminal records, they will have to take into account that its validity time is determined in the document itself, the time that runs from its date of issue.

In the event that the document does not include a deadline date, it will be understood that it has a validity period of no more than 3 months.

Although the Certificate of criminal record, It is no longer required for situations as common as entering a job, many others have the need to remove them as part of other paperwork requirements, we hope it has been very helpful and clarified any doubts about this certificate.

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