Pap Smear Requirements: Impairments, Costs, and MORE

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Today there are many medical or home tests to determine or find a disease. Pap smear is a test to diagnose cervical cancer and to find out the details of it. That is why here in Manage it we will tell you Pap smear requirements, its impediments, costs, where to do it, advantages and many more options so that you are more informed.

On the other hand, it is advisable to tell you that all these tests are subject to requirements, exceptions and procedures that have to be executed by a medical expert.

Otherwise do not explore these possibilities or studies on your own. Recommended It is always to go to an expert to determine how serious the problem is, or in this case the condition.

What are the requirements for a Pap smear?

Today clinics or medical services choose to request a series of requirements from the patient to study. In this case, a Pap smear requires the patient to do their part. However, before carrying out any other medical procedure, it is advisable to have or follow the following requirements:

  1. Not having a menstrual period.
  2. Being inactive in the sexual act (at least 48 h)
  3. Not having douches in a period of 48 hours
  4. Not having applied any vaginal medication in the last 48 hours

There are also different methods for this process depending on the severity of the matter. Here is a detailed explanation of the requirements for the multiple techniques applied in the Papanicolau:

Lab tests

Laboratory tests are medical processes in order to study different problems in the human body. It works to study the blood and to know the patterns to suffer from a specific disease. Too, is a feasible method to find the Pap smear cancer and thus find the disease in the person in a short period of time.

  • Not having ingested a drink in a period of 24 hours
  • Not having taken pills for any circumstantial problem

Computed tomography

A tomography is a process carried out in a machine that executes X-rays. As a consequence of this, the place or area of ​​the human body that suffers from cancer is located and once the information has been collected. Finding a solution, however, this requires:

  • Not having eaten
  • Being inactive in the sexual act

Sometimes you may receive a dye or other contrast material before the scan is done. You can swallow the dye, or it can be given with a needle into a vein. Contrast material helps images are easier to read by highlighting certain areas of the body.

Magnetic resonance

An MRI is a screening method that doctors or doctors use to find out which area of ​​the body has cancer. Although, it is currently used for other services and medical appointments. Magnetic resonance imaging helps find Papanicolau factors, but this requires of some special exceptions for the application of the Pap test:

  • Being inactive in the sexual act
  • Not having the period
  • Not having applied any medication or cream to the test areas

SecondlyWhen you have an MRI, you sit still on a table that is pushed into a long, round chamber. The MRI machine makes loud noises and rhythmic beats.

Nuclear exploration

This study is based on the use of radioactive resources to find the location of the cancer. It is a technique used to eradicate cancer with different therapy sessions. In this way the cancer loses strength before the radioactive capacity. However, to find this treatment you will have to comply with the following requirements:

  • Not having taken medication
  • Being inactive in the sexual act

What’s more, before this scan, you receive an injection of a small amount of radioactive material, which is sometimes called a tracer.

Bone scan

Bone scans are a type of nuclear scan that looks for abnormal areas or damage to the bones. They can be used to diagnose Pap smear cancer or cancer that has spread to the bones (also called metastatic bone tumors). The requirements for this test are:

  • Not having eaten or ingested any consumable within 24 hours
  • Be at rest
  • Have previously had blood tests
  • Complete the requirements for Pap smears.

In this type of test, try not to eat anything before performing the diagnostic test. Because if so, you may find false positives on your test.


An ultrasound exam uses high-energy sound waves that people cannot hear. Sound waves resonate with tissues within your body. A computer uses these echoes to create images of areas within your body. To perform this type of Pap smear you must follow all the requirements mentioned, anyway here they are:

  • Not having a menstrual period (that is, your period)
  • Being inactive in the sexual act (at least 48h)
  • Not having vaginal douches in a period of 48 hours
  • Not having applied any vaginal medication in the last 48 hours

During an ultrasound examYou will lie on a table while a technician slowly moves a device called a transducer on the skin over the part of the body being examined. The transducer is covered with a warm gel that makes it easy to glide over the skin.


A biopsy is a sample of tissue taken from the body to examine more closely. A doctor should recommend a biopsy when an initial test suggests that an area of ​​tissue in the body is not normal. In addition, it is a technique used to know details of a specific cancer, for example the Papanicolau.

Nevertheless, to perform a biopsy, the cancer has to be very advanced or very hidden. One of both options, since otherwise this process is skipped. In most cases it is applied, but for this you must comply with the requirements that are requested at the time of the test or at the previous medical appointment.


Impediments are the exceptions to skipping a Pap test. However, there are specific rules or characteristics to carry out a test to diagnose cervical cancer. The test is for women only, and you will need to consider the impediments which we will mention below:

  • It cannot be under 20 years old (the only exception to perform a Pap test on a girl under 20 years old, is that she has lost her virginity)
  • If you are an adult woman, take into consideration sexual activity because of the impairment when conducting medical tests

However, to ensure that they do not exist impediments or for the results of the Pap test to be as accurate as possible, do not have sex for 2 to 3 days before the test. Also, to avoid shedding abnormal cells, do not use the following for 2 to 3 days before the test: tampons, birth control foams, or vaginal medicine.

Pap smear costs

Prices vary depending on the clinic or hospital where you want to carry out the diagnostic test. However, there are some prices established by the state that are generally those found in the price lists. A pelvic exam costs $ 125, if we add a Pap test it is an additional $ 40 and if there must be a follow-up the amount will increase to $ 350 dollars.

On the other hand, you can pay for the test at nearby clinical agencies and pay with different payment methods; point, cash, transfer or deposit. However, our recommendation is that you learn more about it by visiting the medical site of your choice or clinic where you have insurance.

Where can you get a Pap smear in Mexico?

The Pap smear can be performed at any clinic or medical center in Mexico. However, we recommend that you go to state health institute since the tests can be free and in that case save money for future follow-up or medical tests. All medical centers recommend that you complete the requirements for a Pap smear.

In Mexico, there are many clinics that help your patient with discounts and versatile tools for the execution of treatment.


The advantage lies in its functionality when doing the test quickly. This can include primary care physicians, physician assistants, or nurse practitioners. This will depend on any situation or the hospital where you handle your diagnosis. However then we will tell uA list of advantages:

  • Short-term benefits with your clinic
  • Better advice on the medical problem
  • Good quality service
  • Better opposition and solutions to the condition
  • Quality of instruments and tools to address cancer

What is the Pap smear?

A Pap test is the most common test used to look for early cell changes that can lead to cervical cancer. This applies in several clinics, you must select a medical office of your liking or specifications according to your current financial status.

The sample is placed on a glass slide or in a bottle containing a solution to preserve the cells.

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