Paying for Tenure: Benefits, Cost and MORE

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How to pay the Tenure, it is usually a recurring unknown in different users. For this reason, it is important to have knowledge about certain aspects regarding this type of payment or annual tax.

That is why, in this article we are dedicated to developing: how to pay the tenure, what are the types of tenure, the benefits of paying the same in Edomex and Mexico City, how to determine the cost and we conclude with its definition.

Welcome! In the following article you will know How to pay the Tenure.

How to pay the Tenure?

It is common knowledge that, to pay for any type of service, there are different methods that can facilitate the process. Therefore, we will explain the various ways in which every user can pay the tenure.

Via Internet
  • First of all, you must enter the web portal.
  • Once there, you should look for the section of: Make payments and procedures online.
  • Subsequently, you must choose the option of: Tenure.
  • Then you must enter the license plate number without dashes or spaces.
  • Now, select the year of the fiscal year to be paid, and at the end, click on the box: I am not a robot.
  • Then click on the option: Consult.
  • Check the amount to be canceled and all the vehicle data.
  • At this point you have two payment options: online and using a multiple format.
  • If everything is in order and you select online payment, click ccontinue.
  • Ready! you will get your voucher.
  • But, if you choose the multiple payment format, you must print it and present it at one of the auxiliary point offices of the treasury.

Types of Tenure


In this, the rights are assigned to a private party, this can be: an individual, a married couple, a group of individuals or a legal person, such as: commercial entity or non-profit organization


In the communal, there is the possibility of having a collective right within a community where each individual has the right to make independent use of the properties of said community.

Free access

In this type of tenure, no specific rights will be assigned to any individual, and neither can anyone be excluded. Here, all marine activities where access to the high seas is open to all are usually included.


Finally, in the state tenure type, property rights are to be assigned to an individual of public sector authority. An example may be that, in various countries, lands are often under state mandate, either the central power or decentralized government.

Benefits of paying the Tenure in Edomex

In a different vein, it should be noted that, in the state of Mexico, also tenure can be paid over the course of the year. However, there are some benefits that every owner can opt for if they make the payment during the first three months of the year.

Likewise, to carry out said payment, you have the option of making it electronically, that is, through the portal of Taxpayer Services. But, you need to enter the number of plates.

On the other hand, the owner also has the option of going in person and physically to some of the following places that we will mention below, and once there he can consign the payment of the tenure.

  • Smart ATMs and Comprehensive Collection Modules.
  • Self-service stores.
  • Bank branches.
  • Telecomm telegraphs.

Subsidies or Exemptions of Tenure in Edomex

All owner You can opt for grants that cover 100% of your tenure. But, in order to access them, the owner must meet certain requirements.

So in relation to the Secretariat of Administration and Finance of Mexico City, the owner can count on a tax subsidy to be able to make the payment of the possession or use of vehicles, if he manages to meet the following conditions:

  • First of all, you must not have debts of tenure for years prior to 2020.
  • In addition, you must carry out the endorsement payment until March 31.
  • Also, you must have the respective Circulation Card with an updated Chip, or failing that, pay for a renewal.
  • Now, the value of the automobile invoice (including the Value Added Tax -VAT-), and once the depreciation of the same has been applied, does not exceed the amount of $ 250,000.00.
  • It must be a non-profit natural or legal person.
  • Lastly, you cannot have debts or penalties.

Benefits of paying Tenure in Mexico City

Now, continuing with Mexico City, we must mention that tenure takes place throughout the year. However, in case of opting for discounts, it must be borne in mind that they must be canceled before March 31, 2020.

Every owner has the option of making the payment directly on the official website of the Secretary of Administration and Finance. All you have to do to enter is enter the number of plates.

On the other hand, the owner also has the option of going in person and physically to some of the following places that we will mention below, and once there he can consign the payment of the tenure.

  • Banks.
  • Bank portals.
  • Self-service stores.
  • Treasury kiosks. These operate a customer service schedule from Monday to Sunday, at a time that begins at 09:00 am and ends at 20:00 pm.
For all the cases mentioned, the owner you need a multiple payment format from the Treasury with the respective line of capture previously obtained in Local or Internet.

Subsidies or Exemptions of Tenure in Mexico City

In this case, and as reported by the Edomex Finance Secretariat, every owner can count on a 100% tenure subsidy, only if you meet each of the requested requirements, which are:

  • First, the owner must be a non-profit collective natural or legal person.
  • In turn, the car must have an invoice value of less than $ 400,000.00 pesos. This, not including the Value Added Tax -VAT- for automobiles.
  • On the other hand, motorcycles must have an invoice value of less than $ 115,000.00 pesos. Not including the Value Added Tax -VAT- for motorcycles.
  • Finally, the owner must be up to date on previous debts.

How to pay the Tenure ?: Cost

To know the total cost of ownership in the current year, it must be borne in mind that there is a 100% tenure subsidy. Although, everything will depend on the invoice value of the car and the fulfillment of some requirements by the owner.

  • The subsidy in Edomex can be chosen if the vehicle has an invoice value of less than $ 400,000.00 pesos, not including the Value Added Tax.
  • In addition, the owner must be up to date with his debts.
  • If you manage to comply with this, you will only pay the endorsement.
  • On the other hand, the subsidy in Mexico City can be chosen if the vehicle has an invoice value of less than $ 250,000.00 pesos.
  • But, in order to apply for this type of subsidy, the owner must be up-to-date with the tax and endorsement rights for the current year.

Now, to make the calculation of the tenure payment, it must be borne in mind that everything will depend on the invoice value that has the car, the year of antiquity and the state where the payment of the tenancy is made.

So, so that every owner can have knowledge about their debt, we have chosen to compile a list of all the steps that must be followed to carry out the calculation of the amount to be paid for the tenure. Attentive!

  • First, you must determine the present value of the car by multiplying the price of the car by the applicable factor.
  • This means that the original price of the vehicle plus VAT must be multiplied by the depreciation factor.
  • Without However, this will depend on how old it is.
  • Then, you must determine the category of the car, to do so, you must locate the resulting value of the first point in a table, and based on this category, continue with the calculation.
  • Subsequently, you must apply the calculation procedure, based on the table, you must carry out some operations depending on the category in which the vehicle is located, such as:
  1. Subtract the updated value from the amount established in the lower limit of the corresponding category.
  2. The difference obtained in this operation will be multiplied by the applicable rate.
  3. Then, to this result, the corresponding fixed fee must be added, obtaining the amount to be paid for tenure tax.
  4. Finally, the tax on possession must be added the rights for vehicle control services.

What is Tenure?

Well, the possession or use of vehicles is a tax that must be paid annually by all those citizens who own a vehicle. This tax is calculated based on the value and the year of the car.

Likewise, it is important to emphasize what was explained in the previous point. And it is that, as it has to be observed, the amount of this type of tax will vary from state to state. This is due to the existence of states in which the same is not charged.

To end our writing, we invite you to help us share the information.

See you soon!

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