Personal Development: What it is, How to achieve it and MORE

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The Personal development It has different aspects that allow an individual to increase their personal skills. In such a way that, it is obvious that this type of individual growth is of great importance for any human being.

If you have no idea what the Personal development Do not worry!, In this article we will explain what its science is, how we can achieve it and much more, Just keep reading!

What is Personal Development?

While it is true, since the beginning of time, each individual has evolved with the desire to achieve a certain goal. However, to achieve what we want so much, it is important to put certain habits into practice and learn to develop growth processes that will allow us to successfully achieve our goals.

In this sense, we mean that human beings can learn to develop their personal growth while looking for a way to constantly progress. It should be noted that not everyone has the same desire to aspire to achieve their goals or to grow in a personal and professional sphere, and many even have a sense of fear when it comes to improving themselves individually.

On the other hand, it is important to mention Juan Nabor, who is a coach specialized in human development. It has international certifications such as: International Coach Federation and International Society of Neuro-Semantics. In turn, it has a website that is dedicated to all those who decide to grow and improve individually.

Likewise, Juan Nabor is a professional in the area and therefore, this character defines the Personal development under the concept of being a Transformation proccess through which each individual seeks to develop new ways of thinking that allow you to generate new behaviors and attitudes, which result in an improvement in your quality of life.

How to achieve it?

On the other hand, the concept of developing it is known as the action or effect of developing something or developing. Clearly, it is evolve economically, that is, to go from a lower level to a higher one. With respect to Personal development, it is considered that there are activities that promote skills and extend awareness and identity. In effect, it is a transition process that allows a certain individual to build a better quality of life.

As stated above, this includes improvements to the social and individual aspect. However, there are also those who do not know how to start developing their personal growth and for this reason there are professionals trained to help other people achieve this transition process.

For personal development to begin or not, it is necessary for the individual to have knowledge of the life they support and where they want to go to improve it. Of course, to achieve personal growth you must leave your comfort zone, that is, you must leave that area where you feel comfortable since this does not allow you to take on new challenges or challenges. Therefore, by leaving there you can explore new things and learn from what you do not know.

In general terms, in order to start your transition process from Personal development, you must take a risk with all the certainty that you will be able to achieve all the challenges that arise in your day-to-day life. However, you should know that, when taking on these challenges, you will need the help of certain keys to be able to achieve it.

Having said all this, we understand that perhaps it is not an easy transition process for many and that each person has their way of assuming and facing adversity, but with perseverance, discipline and pretension, you will be able to develop yourself personally. You just have to work on it!

Remember that if we get stuck in the same place or doing the same things that make us feel “comfortable”, the result will be the same. For this, through the Personal development you can adopt new ideas, thoughts and attitudes that allow you to evolve and improve your lifestyle.

Keys to Achieving Personal Growth

Now, after mentioning several aspects about personal growth, it is important to emphasize the keys to achieve it. Let us remember that, to improve our social, individual, personal and professional development, it is necessary to take into account the important points that will allow us to get there.

In this way, below we will explain what the keys are and to achieve personal growth:

  • Set your goals. Set a goal and motivate yourself each day to achieve what you want so much. Consistency and discipline are also important.
  • Gather everything you need to achieve your goals. It is important to have the necessary tools that allow the realization of your achievements.
  • Determine your actions. Make sure you have knowledge of how you will do things and what you need to do to achieve it.
  • Take care of your health and yourself. Remember that physical health is as important as mental health. Without this, it is very difficult to face any challenge that allows us to grow individually, professionally and personally.
  • Accept your mistakes. This will allow you to recognize your faults and you will know what to correct in the future.
  • Work on correcting your mistakes. Improve for you and for you.

Personal Characteristics Applicable to Personal Development

Likewise, there are certain personal characteristics that can be applied to achieve personal and professional development and professional attitudes that allow improving personal growth.

  • Be a person of integrity and honesty with good values.
  • Be humble and recognize your own limitations.
  • Constancy. It is important to be a persistent person and work for everything you want. Hard work will always pay off.
  • Optimism. A person with positive visions increases the motivation to achieve your achievements.
  • Commitment.
  • Organization. Being an organized person is extremely important and also useful.

Professional Attitudes that Improve Personal Development

While it is true, for many people they think that the professional field has nothing to do with personal development. The point is that, even if we don’t want to, they are two aspects that are closely related. In this sense, these professional skills that enhance individual growth are as follows.

  • Sense of leadership. Indeed, the individual develops the ability to make decisions and identify goals.
  • Be able to initiate projects and actions. That is, have initiative.
  • Capacity for interpersonal relations. Remember that effective communication is essential.
  • Know how to carry out work management. Who knows how to carry out their work is also capable of doing exactly the same in their personal life.
  • To be able to teamwork.
  • Flexibility. It allows you to adapt to working conditions and the people around you.

Importance of Personal Development

Of course, we already know that the Personal development it is of great importance to any human being. In such a way that, its importance lies in the conscious capacity of the individual or a group of people who have the need to overcome and improve their quality of life. That is, optimize your tasks, thoughts and goals efficiently and safely.

In turn, personal growth works in conjunction with the ability to generate self-knowledge processes and control. Obviously, it is another reason why this topic is important, as the individual faces new challenges and challenges.

Personal Development in Psychology

On the other hand, the Personal development it is widely related to psychology. It should be noted that it is one of the aspects of psychology and well-being that is responsible for studying the research approaches of the successors of the Humanistic Psychology, which was studied by Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers.

Said successors, They were in charge of creating a broad concept that groups ideas about the development of significant life projects, facing challenges through resilience, exploring and knowing their own talents that allow the individual to feel good about who they are. Remember that the development of a person often leads to a sense of achievement.

Something very interesting is that, during the beginnings of psychology, this science focused on studying and diagnosing mental disorders and abnormal behaviors in people. However, as time passed it became a profitable issue for the representatives of the Positive Psychology.

Abraham Maslow, successor of Humanistic Psychology, indicated through the motivation psychology that, personal growth motivations are the essence of personal development. Likewise, there are different motivations that are ordered hierarchically and they must satisfy one motivation first before achieving the next.

Maslow was a faithful believer that people open their personal development step by step through overcoming different levels of motivation, such as:

  • Self realisation. Satisfaction of achieving what you want so much.
  • Esteem. Feel respect and appreciation. As well as respecting and valuing yourself.
  • Belonging. Desire to establish a relationship with people.
  • Security. Have elements that make you feel protected, such as shelter and roof.
  • Physiology. Basic needs of life, such as sleeping, eating, among others.

If you want to read about the theory of motivation, we invite you to enter the next link. There you will find a slide that explains in detail what are the theories established by the successors of psychology. Do not miss it!

Thank you for reading! We hope to have provided you with information of interest on how to achieve the Personal development.

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