Prenuptial Certificate: Steps, Exams and MORE

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It is important for most citizens to formalize and consummate a family through civil marriage. However, as you should know that this is a union that is supposed to be for life, in that sense both members of the marriage must know each other fully. It is not only important to know the tastes and customs, but to know about health conditions, for that they must acquire the Prenuptial Certificate.

The purpose of this certificate is to inform both parties about the real health conditions of their partner. In such a way. have enough information and evaluate if that is the person with whom you want to share the rest of your life. It is based on a comprehensive medical examination.

Knowing our partner well is a fundamental factor for the functioning of the relationship.

Steps to Follow for the Prenuptial Certificate

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The process is really very, very simple. It is similar to any other medical study or analysis, only this is a study made up of a series of mandatory tests. However, in this section we name you and describe each of the steps you must take to obtain the certificate:

  • The first thing is to choose the medical center or laboratory that best suits your needs.
  • Request an appointment to perform each of the exams.
  • Show up on the day of the appointment and do the studies or medical exams.
  • Search the results once they are ready.
  • Then you must have a medical appointment with the results, so that a specialized doctor analyzes the results and gives us a diagnosis.
  • Once the doctor considers that all the necessary tests are ready, he will authorize the medical center to issue the Prenuptial Certificate.

You must consider that it is not an exact process, that is, depending on the health conditions of the people, the tests may give doubtful results or even that they are not enough to reach a diagnosis.

Therefore, the doctor in charge of the patient may consider that the studies are not very accurate, nor are the results reliable. Consequently, he can order the patient to undergo other medical examinations, to corroborate any suspicions.

When it comes to health, there are no exact processes or results. Because each organism is different, therefore, not all bodies respond in the same way to tests and tests performed. In this type of process, several similar tests can be carried out in order to have some certainty in the diagnosis.

Exams Needed for the Prenuptial Certificate

Among the medical tests requested by the Mexican authorities, in order to carry out the marriage. It seeks to evaluate and observe that some of the people involved do not have a chronic disease without a cure, which can also be contagious, such as AIDS.

In order to cover and examine that people do not have any of the diseases, that they meet those characteristics mentioned before. Both he and she must undergo a series of medical examinations, which will be mentioned here.

Next, a list is presented with the different medical tests that couples must apply in order to acquire the Prenuptial Certificate and thus carry out the marriage:

  • Hematic biometry: through this study, blood tests are carried out on people, to diagnose if they have any infection, alteration or a blood problem. Such as leukemia, which means having blood cancer.
  • On the other hand, the presence of anemia in the body of the bride and groom is evaluated.
  • Blood group and Rh test: it can be said that it is the most important of all, because it not only tells us the blood group to which we belong.
  • But, to be Rh negative our descendants could see the consequences and could even have trouble procreating them.
  • Chest X-ray: this test seeks to evaluate the cardiovascular conditions of the future spouses, in order to detect any present or future problems of the heart and lungs.
  • Screenings for possible sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Seroluetic reaction: through this test the presence of syphilis is evaluated.

It had been mentioned, that it is a very comprehensive exam, even some medical institutions add other exams. In order to make a much more complete study and analysis. Keep reading!

Where is the Prenuptial Certificate requested?

Because it is a legal document, few entities and medical institutions are authorized to carry out these medical examinations and obtain the certificate. However, there are a large number of medical entities throughout the national territory willing to carry out these procedures.

The best known entity for this type of examination is the “Medical Unit, Jesús Delgadillo Araujo”, said institution is open to its clients from 8 in the morning until 9 at night.

Another well-known institution in the national territory is the CHOPO Medical Laboratory. Which is also authorized to carry out all medical studies, thus granting the certificate to those couples who comply with each and every one of the required exams.

The “CHOPO” laboratory offers service to a large number of states in the country, as well as offering a home delivery service. So that clients do not have the need to travel to the laboratory, the service consists of moving to the client’s residence, taking the necessary tests and then sending the results.

Benefits of the Prenuptial Certificate

Despite the various procedures, steps and medical examinations of the process, the benefits are enormous. Because the union of the couple is for life and the process is done only once:

The first benefit is that the process can become a factor that brings relationships and couples closer together. Because it allows the bride and groom to know much more than the tastes and customs of their companions, it allows them to know information about their health.

This gives the couple a clearer picture of the possible challenges they may face in the future. That is, if the person has heart problems, the couple can be alert to these possible problems and prepared for possible surgery in the future.

Processing costs

Given the large number of institutions that perform these medical services throughout the country, the costs tend to vary depending on the medical center or laboratory you use. However, in this section we bring you an estimate of the monetary cost of the procedure and the cost in time.

The approximate cost of the certificate, which includes all exams, is about US $ 30. It can be more expensive or cheaper, taking into account that the cost is associated with the quality of the service. That is, the cost will reflect the treatment that doctors give us, the waiting time and many other factors.

The estimated maximum price is about US $ 60, while the estimated minimum price is about US $ 15. Remember that it depends on the institution and the quality of its services, since it is a medical service we are talking about. It is recommended to go to the most recognized medical centers or laboratories in the country.

The estimated processing time for the large number of medical examinations is approximately three or four weeks. Because, a doctor must analyze them and establish a diagnosis. Stay with us!

What is it?

In general terms, it is a comprehensive examination of the health conditions of the two members of the marriage. In order to provide enough information to couples so that they can evaluate, think and reflect on the person they plan to marry.

It is important, because not only physical conditions are evaluated, that is, the state of your organs such as the heart, lungs, among others. Rather, the psychological conditions of those involved are evaluated.

This is one of the most important parts of the prenuptial exam and studies. Because an unfavorable or worrisome outcome on a person’s mental state can cause one member of the couple to change their mind and decide to back down from the marriage.

Of course, physical conditions are very taken into account, but studies and exams go much further than this. Even the genetic conditions of the partners. In some countries, couples in order to marry must present the Prenuptial Certificate.

However, there are some countries where this medical examination is not a requirement for marriage. But beyond the legality and obligation, this type of study is recommended, because it tends to unite the couple much more.

And of course, it gives us the opportunity to rectify if the very important decision we are making is indeed what we want. Because, it can make us change our mind drastically; as well as, it can make the relationship more prosperous and united.

It is a decision for life, we must know if we really want to make it.

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