Procedures and Requirements for Civil Wedding in Mexico

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The wedding or civil marriage constitutes the formal union of two people, in which, through specific procedures, they contract a significant relationship that implies the acquisition of various rights and obligations.

This act represents a link and recognized cultural, social and legal commitment that is developed under a patrimonial regime, which is defined as a compendium of norms or rules that determine and establish the limit in the economic field.

Listed below are the Requirements for Civil Wedding between couples of Mexican nationality.

What Requirements Do You Need for a Civil Wedding?

  • Marriage Request: A formal request must be made, which must be filled out by the couple. In said request, the basic information of the couple and their respective parents must be highlighted.
  • Birth certificates: After submitting the marriage application, the updated birth certificates of each one must be delivered to the civil registry, these must be delivered in the first 6 months after having made the marriage application and must have a certified and photostatic copy for each year.
  • official identifications: You must submit your IFE identification, Passport or Military Service Card for validation in original format and simple copy.
  • 2 Witnesses per Couple: Each person must choose a total of two (2) witnesses of legal age and present their official identification with a simple copy.
  • Prenuptial Clinical Analysis: These analyzes correspond to certain tests to be carried out depending on the state where the process and respective procedures are carried out. Said tests are complemented by a medical certificate indicating that the persons involved in the marriage act present an adequate state of health, which must be received by the clinic in a period of less than 15 current days before carrying out their civil wedding. , then the couple must present their original documents and respective copies.
  • Simple copy of the National Women’s Health Primer: Request from the National System for the Comprehensive Development of the Family (DIF) the corresponding document on Women’s Health, which is provided free of charge.
  • Proof of Premarital Talks: This certificate is requested from the DIF, presents an issuance cost and is requested in one or two sessions (depending on your location) on dates determined by it.

Requirements to marry foreigners in Mexico

To constitute a civil wedding between a Mexican citizen and a foreigner It is necessary to present certain documents on the part of bothwhich are explained in detail below:

By the foreigner

  • Apostilled or legalized Birth Certificate and three (3) simple copies, must be submitted translated into Spanish by an official expert appointed by the Court of Justice of the corresponding municipality.
  • Original valid passport and three (3) simple copies.
  • Original migratory form and three (3) simple copies.

The passport and the migratory form are essential to prove your stay in our country legally.

By the Mexican citizen:

  • Updated original Birth Certificate (not more than six months valid) and three (3) simple copies.
  • Original official identification and one (1) simple copy.
  • Present the key «CURP» with a photocopy included.

By Both:

  • Submit to the Civil Registry the Application, Annex and Agreement of marriage.

They must highlight all the correctly written data regarding their Birth Certificates, full address, witness data (they must match their identification), description of the agreement (Marital Partnership or Separation of assets).

Said agreement must be signed by both parties and have the date on which the marriage will take place, in addition, a total of two (2) simple copies of said agreement must be attached.

  • They must present the Prenuptial Analysiswhich contain VDRL and Blood Type of the parts, and two (2) single copies.
  • Apply for Medical certificate and present it together with the aforementioned documents.
  • Witness identification must have a total of three (3) simple copies on both sides.
  • present the record of the talk, which is carried out by the State Population Council (COESPO) on Fridays from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. You must present yourself in advance to deliver the copy of your voter identification card.
  • Divorce certificate and simple copy (If applicable).
  • Death certificate and simple copy (In case of being a widower of one of the parties).
  • ALL documentation must be submitted 8 DAYS BEFORE to be able to reserve your wedding date.

How long does the civil wedding process take in Mexico?

Although there is no exact time in the duration of a Mexican civil wedding, it can be affirmed that a approximate duration would be 2 to 3 weeksdepending on how the process is carried out and the speed of delivery of the required documents by the couple.

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