Procedures and Requirements for Liverpool Credit in Mexico

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Credit cards are a benefit for people, allowing them to acquire what they most want without having to pay in cash. In order to obtain this benefit you must know the Requirements for Liverpool Credit which is one of the many credits available to you. Keep reading our article and you will find out!

Requirements to request credit Liverpool

The liverpool credit requirements Whatever the case, they are as follows:

  • Minimum income of $4,000. Housewives can get it if their husband signs as guarantor.
  • Be between 18 and 70 years old.
  • Proof of address and valid identification.
  • 6 months with a credit or have proof of income, they are used to access the Express Procedure (delivery the same day)

Required documents

The documents you need are:

  • Valid official identification with photograph and signature.
  • Proof of address.
  • Proof of income.
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Procedures for Liverpool credit

  • Procedure with proof of income:

  • Be between 18 and 70 years old.
  • Proof of income for the last month for a minimum of $4,000 pesos per month (Payroll Receipts or Account Statements)
  • Proof of address.
  • Valid official identification.

  • Express procedure:

  • Have a credit history through a bank, departmental, self-service credit card, departmental credit, payroll, personal, automotive or mortgage credit.

  • Procedure without proof of income:

  • Fill out income statement form.
  • Attend a visit from an executive at your home.

  • Own business process or independent professional:

  • High of finance.
  • Last annual tax declaration.
  • Three last account statements.

  • Procedure for foreigners:

  • Immigration form FM-2 or FM-3.
  • Proof of income and address.

Submit a joint and several obligation with the following requirements:

  • Be between 25 and 65 years old.
  • Submit proof of income above $8,000.
  • Official identification.
  • Be the owner of real estate in the city where the warehouse is located, verifying with the last receipt of predial payment or deeds in your name.
  • If the joint and several obligor is a Liverpool cardholder, they must register a minimum activity of 2 years in their credit account and not have registered an expiration of 30 days or more in the last 12 months, as well as present an official identification.

Liverpool Credit Benefits

  • 10% discount on the 1st day of purchases (in addition to current promotions)
  • No annuity for the owner.
  • Fixed Payment Plan (up to 48 months with interest)
  • Offers in Liverpool and partner shops.
  • Premium Customer Points Rewards Program: grants 10% in points of all your purchases in any trade and 20% on purchases made in Liverpool and Fábricas de Francia stores, to redeem them for items in the stores.
  • Direct discounts: 20% in Liverpool stores, Fábricas de Francia and group boutiques (Pottery Bam, PB Kids, PD Teens, William Sonoma, West Elm, Banana Republic, GAP, Aeropostale, PS, Chicos, Etam and Destination Maternity).
  • Being backed by VISA, you can make purchases at any store with a sales terminal, in Mexico and abroad.

What is Liverpool?

Liverpool They are credit cards that will allow those interested to make purchases of what they need so much in easy installments, added to different extra benefits adapted to each client.

Where can Liverpool credit be used?

In any franchise or business that has liverpool ID such as: pharmacies, furniture stores, lingerie, textile stores, jewelry among others.

Types of credit Liverpool

The Liverpool credit cards they are a means of payment aimed at the customers of the identified stores.

Through these cards, you can access special promotions and exclusive benefits.

Next, know the characteristics of each one:

  • Liverpool Dilisa Card:
  • It grants benefits such as a 10% discount on your first day of purchase (in addition to current promotions).
  • Additional Cards and Annuity at no cost.
  • Secure Cash Disposal.
  • Fixed Payment Plan.
  • Comprehensive Family Protection.
  • Spoiled Customer Program and Internet Purchases.
  • The Total Annual Cost: 12.6%.

Requirements: Submit proof of income above $8,000. Have a credit history. Fill out income statement form. Attend a visit from a Liverpool executive at his home.

  • Liverpool Visa:
  • Offer 10% on your first day of purchases.
  • Premium Customer Points.
  • First year at no cost.
  • Secure cash disposal.
  • Electronic Wallet.
  • Death insurance.
  • Protection for theft or loss.
  • Fraud protection.
  • Travel accident insurance.
  • ATM protection.
  • Premium client program.
  • Total Annual Cost is 27.6%.

The requirements are: Be the holder of a Credit Card (Minimum 6 months old). Proof of income for the last month for $4,000. Proof of current address in the name of the applicant or a direct family member.

LIVERtu University:

  • It is a credit card for university students with which you can make purchases in Liverpool or Fábricas de Francia.
  • It offers a 10% discount on your first day of purchase (in addition to current promotions).
  • No cost for opening, annuity or renewal.
  • Check your balance, and make your payments online.
  • LIVERtú Protection Plan Assistance services and life insurance when registering for the program.

How to know which Liverpool credit to choose?

Easy, you just have to choose the one that suits your needshere you can see the characteristics of each one:

  • Liverpool Credit Card

The «Pink Card» is the most popular from Liverpool. Being a departmental plastic, it aims to benefit loyal buyers. It can only be used inside the store

  • Liverpool Premium Card

A plastic that offers double benefits, since participate in all special offers of the store and, being endorsed by Visa, it is possible to use it in any other establishment.

  • Card Factories of France

It works exactly the same way as the Liverpool “Pink”, only with a plastic makeover. It can be used in Factory Stores in France, Liverpool Stores and other partner businesses.

Can I get a credit card?

Of course you can buy any card as long as you have all the requirements of the card you want to have.

card types

  • Free. In general, credit cards required the user to pay a series of concepts related to their issuance, renewal and maintenance. The arrival of the online banking changed this landscape and began to offer free options, without any commission.
  • classic. The most common card dedicated to the management and dissemination of electronic payment. They are offered by the so-called «credit card issuers» although the conditions are imposed by the banking entities.

These impose a maximum on the credit limit depending on income, regardless of the available balance in the associated account. We refer here to the well-known Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

  • platinum/gold. They are offered by the same issuers as the classic cards but only for their customers with greater purchasing power. They have a limit of higher credit or even without any restrictions.

Other advantages are related to the security of operations, discounts and offers and exclusive customer service. On the other hand, the commissions are higher and impose a greater restriction on your access.

  • Youths. In this section we include cards specially designed for students or with a certain age. They have a fairly low credit limit, but offer other types of advantages to this group linked to discounts on consumption and certain social benefits related to educational expenses.
  • over 60: Very similar to the previous ones, but exclusive for people over sixty years of age. They offer promotions and discounts adjusted to the activities of this sector of the population, mainly linked to leisure and pension advances.
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