Procedures and Requirements to enter Pemex

In the company of Mexican oil and its subsidiaries have always focused on maintaining a pleasant organizational culture and climate for their workers. Therefore, promoting equal opportunities, respect, tolerance and non-discrimination is essential for them.

That is why, if you are looking for a job with these characteristics, you have come to the right place… Here you can find the perfect solution for you, so don’t wait any longer and find out about the Requirements to enter Pemex.

Visualize your future at Pemex!

General requirements

Like any high-level company in the international market, Mexican oil focuses on improving the quality of its human capital, therefore, the search for new income has become very competitive since the number of candidates is enormous!.

In this way, the industry has a job bank in different positions and specialties that allow a critical selection in the recruitment process.

To apply, you must meet the following requirements to enter Pemex:

  • Possess the experience, knowledge and professional training necessary to meet the profile of the corresponding position.
  • Have a title and professional license.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must submit the necessary permits to work in Mexico and validate your professional career.
  • Not have any legal impediment, such as not being disqualified by the Ministry of Public Administration.

What is Pemex?

Mexican oil is an international state-owned company created on June 7, 1938 by President Lázaro Cardenas, whose main purpose is the exploration, production, industrial transformation, logistics and marketing of hydrocarbons (mainly oil and natural gas).

It should be noted that it is considered the largest and most important in Mexico and Latin America.

Likewise, in 2015 the subsidiary entities were created: Pemex Exploration and Production, Pemex Industrial Transformation, Pemex Drilling and Services, Pemex Logistics, Pemex Cogeneration and Services, Pemex Fertilizers and Pemex Ethylene.

Similarly, these companies are managed as private companies and are regulated by laws based on their place of creation.

How much does a Pemex worker earn?

Did you know that Pemex workers are the best paid compared to other companies? Approximately, they receive salaries ranging from 100 thousand Mexican pesos. In case you didn’t know, the equivalent of 15.4 minimum wages is the daily salary of a CEO.

Likewise, the ordinary salary is 37,657 pesos, added to compensation, vacations, vacation premium, Christmas bonus, and all benefits. Approximately, the annual monthly net amount is 3,063,300 pesos.

  • A Professional Counselor (Third trusted employee who earns the most internally) earns 218,499 pesos a month added to labor benefits.
  • In the case of a Corporate director, He receives a slightly higher amount of about 159,422 pesos, although after all the benefits he receives for the position, the salary reaches 225,032 pesos per month.
  • At a lower level, a Corporate Deputy Director he earns 209,441 pesos per month, apart from the corresponding labor benefits, the total earnings being 4,887 pesos per month.
  • The salary of a Corporative Manager He is also considered high, since he receives 200,800 pesos a month, including all the benefits according to the collective agreement.

Depending on the Collective labor agreement, a salary review is periodically carried out according to the type of function. In this sense, a wage increase of $3.4 was recently made to workers, as well as dues and benefits, with respect to the agreement between the company and the union.

The contract was effective from August 1, 2018 until July 31, 2019.

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Benefits offered by Pemex

Being a Pemex worker, allows you to receive many attractive employment benefits simply because it is a state entity.

Through a Collective labor agreement for the Unionized Personnel, for example, if the employee wishes to request a bank loan of any kind (it can also be a mortgage loan), he would only pay 2% of the interest rate since the rest would be paid by the company, as long as the worker is actively working.

The Unionized and Trusted Technical and Operational Staff, tIt has as benefits an ordinary salary, bonus for productivity, occasional and additional overtime (only includes trusted technical and operational personnel), measured overtime.

In addition to receiving a fixed fee of: basic food basket ($1,575.8), gas ($1,043.55) and gasoline ($3,124.45). At an economic level, the vacation bonus and the incentive for attendance is for a maximum of 35 days and Christmas bonuses for a maximum of 57 days, as well as bonuses for performance (18 days).

In social matters They have all the benefits of: comprehensive medical service, housing, administrative loans, funeral expenses of the worker and dependents, scholarships for their children, work risks, compensation, retirement and contribution to the SAR Retirement Insurance.

Likewise, this range of personnel receives the right to Internal Life Insurance (20 to 35 months, depending on seniority).

On the other hand is the Specialized GroupIn addition to receiving all the benefits described above, they obtain a Loan and Reimbursement System for transport, that is, they are allowed to reimburse the cost of transport and financing of vehicles if the function of trusted workers requires it (the Corporate Directorate of Administration is authorized to issue the amounts).

In turn, they receive a performance incentive! aside from your basic salary package.

The Senior Officials they receive a vehicle with a driver, communication equipment (telephones and pager), food and transportation expenses, as well as the benefits mentioned above.

After seeing these juicy benefits, Do you still doubt how magnificent this company is?

Steps to Apply: Selection Process at Pemex

If you think you meet the requirements to enter PemexI tell you that the selection and recruitment process is very simple, first you have to register in the Job Bank through the company’s official portal by doing click here and then apply for the desired position.

Later, they will provide you with an identifier so that you can follow up with the procedure, then:

  • The Human Resources department will contact the applicant and proceed to schedule the psychological evaluations.
  • Then, the candidate attends according to the date and time quoted to the offices to carry out the corresponding evaluations.
  • The HR supervisor checks the results and grades them. Go to the next stage if your score is greater than or equal to 70 points
  • If the candidate obtains the desired qualification, he will be summoned again to carry out the diagnostic evaluation of knowledge.

Therefore, the candidate shows up according to the scheduled date and time, takes the test and awaits his or her results. If he obtains a percentage greater than or equal to 80, the candidate would go on to the next stage.

  • The next step is to attend an interview with the HR supervisor
  • After having analyzed the profiles of each of the applicants interviewed, the one that best meets the parameters is chosen and… Clever!

It is important to note that it is mandatory to fill out the form of the inclusion certificate, in which, the number of Professional Certificate must be placed, or indicate that the degree certificate is in process (if it were the case).

It is also certain that you must have all your documents up to date, because it is a government company such as: updated INE, passport, etc.

Pemex as the first option?Well, yes… Keep in mind that it is considered a sustainable company, with high levels of security, a good organizational climate and socially responsible.

It also focuses on maintaining the ecological integrity of nearby areas for the simple fact of belonging to the oil labor field.

See how they position it as a highly competitive company worldwide, don’t wait any longer and Apply!

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