Process Mapping: Definition, Types, Importance and MORE

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The Process mapping It is a term that is usually used for certain activities that are carried out in companies at an economic level. It is of great relevance that you understand what it is about since thanks to its understanding it can serve as a fairly effective tool. Now, we recommend that you carefully read each of the points to be discussed here.

We have developed for you various sections through which you will be able to enter the world of what is the Process mapping. We are going to start by defining what a process related to the process map is and then the objectives that are going to be pursued with this activity.

Keep reading and stay to learn more and in detail about this important process!

What is a Process?

As we mentioned in the introductory part, one of the first things we should explain is what a process is. We recommend that you continue reading this concept very carefully and in detail since it will be the basis for the rest.

Now, what we understand as a process is that it is going to refer to a phase series or steps to follow. The follow-up and realization of them is what is going to be allowing the obtaining of a desired and successful final result. It can also be understood as a process that occurs through various operations to be executed. To which something in particular is going to be subjected, either to make it, transform it or do its proper monitoring and control.

Each of these things to be done are given by means of a modality that is governed by logic (to know the meaning of this you can do click here). And each of these is going to be channeled and carried out for the optimal reach of the specific results that you want to have. The mechanism by which they are going to behave things according to their design and purpose.

The purpose for which they are designed and implemented is that they are at the human service and the benefit that it can obtain. They are made as the person needs it through the actions to be carried out and completed.

What is Process Mapping?

Now, after knowing what a process is as such, we are going to give you an explanation of what a process is. Process mapping. For all the doubts that you have now, we recommend that you make a definite and detailed reading of this section.

The truth is that this term is considered as a technique that is usually used by some companies and institutions. The purpose of its implementation is the understanding, in a clear, easy and simple way, of the operation destined for each business unit. Through which, each of the steps to be followed will be seen represented throughout each operation to be carried out.

Each of the operations to be carried out will depend on and vary according to the unit and the phase in which they are found. According to the terms of entry, exit and actions to be taken for optimal scope. It is important to understand the reason why all this is usually carried out since if you do not understand what you are doing you will not get anywhere.

Applies this same to various methodologies so that the processes to be executed can be improved. Starting from a Process mapping, that is well structured, certain observations can be enumerated and listed. Each one of them in detail, you can make annotations of some suggestions to make improvements.

Each operating point that will be carried to its maximum potential will also be placed roughly. Since this is an empirical activity in a general way depending on each company. Through it it is possible to make a demonstration as for the operational flow by means of a map (click here).

Objectives of Process Mapping

It is important to know what the objectives are pursued by a Process mapping so you can see the importance and the reason why companies do it. The tools Through which the same is applied are the following:

  • It is displayed by means of a interview.
  • It is also seen, in a common way, in certain meetings.
  • In what are the workshops what are they done to collaborative mode.
  • When a field observation.
  • When a questionnaire, in the compilation of documents and information.
  • And when a process of exchange of ideas.

Now, understanding this, we can see that this can be seen anywhere and we can also go on to make you of the objectives that it pursues. What is being sought with this mechanism is the identification of the negotiation processes that are going to take place. He too understand them and to be able to know them in depth.

Another of the objectives pursued is the definition of future actions, since, by means of these registers, certain inconveniences can be determined and the next scenarios can be seen. Goals should also be achieved in relation to the satisfaction we want them to have our clients and employees.

The latter goes hand in hand with gets better both of our products as of our services offered, to optimize actions. It also seeks to reduce costs and make the most of each of the inputs that are available. A visualization as to the performance of our business is achieved.

Stages of Mapping

Here we will tell you what is related to the phases or stages through which a Process mapping. These are quite simple and easy to understand, they are three stages through which a process must go through to be mapped and registered. Next, we are going to mention and explain what goes on in each of these same stages. These are the following:

Determine the process and mapping tool used:

At this stage what is sought is to know what is it what you are going to want to map and the reason for this to be done. This first step is difficult for companies since they cannot find a standstill, or determine limits, for each process. It is important that they determine how where the mapping is going to start, as well as establishing when it ends.

That is, what is going to be established here are the calls “Process boundaries”. Also what are the inputs and outputs of the same in terms of the results. If we want to see it in a more visual way, we can sit down and observe what the market is and the competitors that emerge. When doing a type of survey and the results are displayed, with them the managers must monitor the process and establish parameters.

Determine the level of detail and the necessary information:

At this stage, simply what must be done is the determination as to the the levels that the mapping should have, this in relation to the details of the same. It is important to understand that if this is established excessively, the rest of the procedures can be difficult. And, therefore, when analyzing and understanding it, it will be cumbersome and without any success.

Verification and validation:

This stage is nothing more than simply making a record and checking that all the mapping has been executed in the correct way. Make sure about what no any kind of mistakes. This verification is usually done by checking the tools that have been selected for its implementation.

It is attested that it has been, both built and executed, in a assertive, that each of the systems to be studied are actually being reflected. Is considered that this is one of the phases more difficult given that the results that is obtained, commonly, are usually three, and you have to analyze all three in the same way. This based on the constant flow of each one.

How to Define the Degree of Detail and Data Needed to Perform the Mapping?

Process benefits

To close with this article, we must understand that the Process mapping It is a very important process and thanks to it, several benefits can be obtained. This will be collaborating with the ID clear of the strengths what we have and those points where we fail.

It will be allowing us and making our lives easier in terms of the construction of those systems that they will be serving us for measure us. They will give us the necessary indicators as results so that we can improve the performance and quality of what we offer, in a comprehensive and complete way.

Another thing that enables us is that it gives us the ability to do calculations in terms of costs, in terms of the time it will take. Also, it helps us to measure the available staff and to whom certain tasks can be assigned so that the whole gear functions.

We hope that all this has been very useful. We will read to you later!

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