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If you are in Mexico and you have the desire to buy your own property, we will give you all the necessary recommendations you will need to protect it. The Certificate of Lien Release It is a record that is notified by means of a public document, where it is mentioned that a real estate asset is kept. Through the letter, it is notified verbatim that the property does not have any type of mortgages, bonds or any type of embargo.

This certificate publicly notifies that the property or property in which it is located is a certain property or right.

Requirements for the lien release certificate

Before processing the certificate of freedom and going to any institution authorized to possess it, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Visit the Web portal of the Public Registry of Mexico
  2. Make registration payments with the credit card through the web page or the electronic check.
  3. Consult all the data that is recorded.


The required documents must be accompanied by the identity card of the owner, since the Public Ministry will be in charge of validating and approving the document. They must be fully current and comply with all the steps required by the institution.

  1. Consult all the data that is recorded through the Web portal
  2. Make registration payments with credit card by web page or electronic check.
  3. Visit the Web portal of the Public Registry of Mexico.

Once all these documents are delivered specifically, the situation and condition of the property will be described.

Steps to follow

The first steps to have the certificate of freedom is:

  • Go to the authorized offices where you will find application forms for certificates of freedom
  • At the end of writing, you will see the incorporation sheet
  • After finding the deed books, the folios and the sections and offices you will find, place all the data on the corresponding ballot
  • We recommend filling in the fields with the address, name and personal data, taking notes of the date on which the process begins.
  • Cancel all the requested and corresponding collections of the procedure that according to the State Law has a cost of $243.00

What is?

There are many unknowns of people who hear about the Certificated of assessment fredom: They say that it is necessary when acquiring a property, if they can sell or buy it. Among so many questions, we have proposed to help clarify all doubts to all readers and share what the book is really about. Certificate of Liberty Lien.

The lien is a protection that is applied to a property or property, to notify that it is associated with the care of this insurance, and that it can limit any type of use of the property in case of having any type of debt.

This certificate is applicable to those people who wish to own their own property. Without any type of intermediary, but entering into a mutual agreement in each of the offices authorized to request this protection, which will give benefits to all properties that request this service by following all the steps required to join.

What is it for?

The Property of Commerce and the Public Registry is the entity in charge of the National Government to promote the service of fully publicizing and registering all legal acts required by Laws, in order to safeguard the legal security of commercial traffic and estate. The Public Registry of Property must apply all the principles of publicity, qualification, specialization, rotation and consent successively.

The Certificate of non-existence and existence of Encumbrances (Certificate of Freedom) It is a legally drafted document where the taxable or free situation is recorded in which the rightful ownership is determined and defined according to the documents and inscriptions existing in the filing system.

Clearly, the certificate of Freedom of Encumbrance states that the property or property that you will leave as guarantee is completely free of commitments related to any type of debt and is compromised. A clear example can be seen when the loan is signed, with a mortgage guarantee, immediately the ownership of the property remains as a guarantee or form of payment, accordingly, the client will acquire a Lien. This same thing can happen with a car.

We broadly define what it means Freedom of tax so that it is understood that this definition is given to the properties that are not in guarantees nor can they be seized as guarantee of payment.

How long does the listing process take?

There are different types of Liens.

Among them are those that are with precautionary notice and without notice, where those that are characterized by easement are related. This is conditioned in favor of a neighboring property, to allow that of the previous said.

Usufruct related to the permission that allows a person to a different owner in using and appropriating all industrial and civil goods and finally, mortgages, which is constituted by a property to secure an obligation.

Due to the great variety of Lien classifications that exist, the time it takes for this processing and its delivery may depend on many factors. Mainly, they must go to the public institutions authorized to carry out the entire procedure and carrying all the requirements required by it, to start all the documentation, depending on everything that is available, you can make the request primarily and from there, go to the rest of the steps required by the corresponding entity.

The delivery time will depend on the institution where the registration is made, although it may take approximately five business days on a regular basis.


Certify a situation to save a property through the public document, which consists of the certification of the property and currently has a cost of 480.00 pesos, This payment can be made through the online system or treasury, cash or check. Payment of the property must be made by lot or property acquired, in some cases the user must pay 242.00 pesos. This amount remains valid annually.


The main objective of the certificate is based on stating the situation of the property, through a written document where the condition of the property is specifically described, and where it is specified whether or not the property has any Lien. That is, it tells us if the house, villa or apartment is in optimal conditions. If you are guaranteeing any type of debt, and if there are any type of rights that require you to fully enjoy the property. This certificate can be presented to any person to be authenticated and describe that the property is not subject to any type of limitations, which is why this procedure is usual and in most cases, a totally necessary procedure.

The official certificate has a time of 45 days able to maintain the state of your property.


The benefit that is granted to users through this certificate is to guarantee their rights to their properties, without any type of problem or legal inconvenience in order to fully enjoy the comforts offered by Liens.

The benefits are:

  1. The legal representative may receive the necessary guidance to enjoy the services that are granted
  2. Delivery of the document that guarantees your full responsibility
  3. Enjoy the benefits offered by the Tax service.

The Lien will allow you to be identified as an owner who has a commitment to the company in charge of protecting your property.

Remember that the Certificate of Lien Release It is a record that is notified by means of a public document, where it is mentioned that a real estate asset is kept. Through the letter, it is notified verbatim that the property does not have any type of mortgages, bonds or any type of embargo. And it is a requirement for all owners who wish to obtain a property in any Mexican province.

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