Quality Certificate: Requirements, Steps and MORE

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The Quality certificate It is constantly requested in México, the emissions of business certifications are increasing. Every day more companies are seen that require this certification due to its importance in the labor market. There are mandatory certifications and others that are optional, depending on the competence.

It is proven that having the quality certification increases considerably increases billings within a company. for the advantages that it contemplates, since it guarantees compliance with regulations. Do not stay with the questions, I invite you to have more knowledge on this subject below.

Requirements for the Quality Certificate

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If you started a company and require ISO 9001 certification, I will clarify in advance that the quality certification It is not a simple document to process, it includes a series of evaluations that lead to improvements and take time to complete properly. In turn, you require certain requirements that you must formalize for said certification, such as:

  • To start you must to invest to be able to put into practice all the measures that they suggest, which will lead you to cover private expenses. Among these is the hiring of a specialized consultant, in order to provide good advice for these measures to be taken.
  • The company must comply with all laws related to it, such as data protection law, labor law, professional risk law, regional laws, national laws, continental laws that have to do with quality processes.
  • Train staff of the company to exercise a good quality management process, as well as to be acts to implement the subsequent measures. It can be done within the company’s facilities or seek the services of a specialized consultant.
  • Total participation, the company needs its entire work team, including its managers, to be committed to each of the processes. To support the ISO and the company has an excellent quality of service. Once with the certificate they will carry out annual audits, to evaluate these processes.
  • The audits with an important factor for certification, but if it does not have a history, it can be documented so that it can support the ISO model.

Steps to Follow to Obtain the Quality Certificate

To get the Quality certificate by the leaders in México, regardless of the nature in which the company develops, you must continue with these steps to achieve it:

  • Be aware of the requirements that govern by type of product, depending on the sector in which the company operates, the corresponding certificate will be issued.
  • Prepare an evaluation of the products that are manufactured or provided in the company.
  • To consolidate the internal performance of the company, it should be supported by a consultant specialized in certifications. For you to carry out a second evaluation of the processes and current status of the same, this helps to consolidate the work of each of your areas.
  • Once the audit is executed by the entity that endorses the certification, its verdict can be positive or negative. If the company is negative, it will have to amend the failures and request another audit.

Types of Quality Certificates

  • ISO certificates, product quality management.

Among the ISO quality certificates, we find that this type is the most distinguished in the country. This is identified as ISO 9001 and commits the entire company to certain quality standards and processes. In accordance with current legal regulations. It has the constant evaluation of quality.

  • ISO certificates for environmental management.

This certificate is coded as ISO 14001, it originated three years ago, due to the damage caused to the environment. Its purpose is to ensure that the company incorporates environmental management into its processes, thus contributing to the conservation of the planet.

  • ISO 5001 certification.

The ISO 5001 certification, not very named but no less important than others, aims to assess energy performance in the industrialization of products within the company.

  • Certification of people.

ISO certification with code 17024 has to do with the quality of the staff, it includes professionals and skills in technical service, auditing and quality management. These are also the personnel who conduct the certification evaluations.

  • Seal of quality on the internet “IQ”.

This certification lasts one year. Its purpose is to ensure the quality of the websites, which comply with all the regulations for their global use. It is born from the concern of parents, for the use that their children give the internet.

  • Tourist quality certificate “Q”.

The Institute for Tourism Quality is the one who directs this certification, it is valid for a maximum period of 12 months. Ensures quality in tourist complexes and hotels developed in México.

  • R + D + i quality certificate.

This certification guarantees that every technological project is certainly an innovation for the area. It has no expiration period, it enjoys various tax advantages. You can also consult more about this topic on the page Web.

Importance of the Quality Certificate

The Quality certificate It is a guarantor that a company satisfies the regulation, in the process and culmination of a product or service. It is a symbol that gives consumers confidence in the product they are buying.

This document gives prestige to the company that formalizes each of the collections, to offer or make a product. In turn, it opens the doors for potential partners, motivates other entrepreneurs to represent them in other competitive markets.

All the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certification seals of a company are accompanied by a serial, which means the type of product or service that guarantees its quality.


  • Business preparation and quality of customer service.
  • Having a quality management system within the company shows that it is attached to a quality of service and final product methodology, which is constantly under observation or evaluation, in order to seek improvements.
  • Contracts with new companies, as the product demonstrates its quality with this certificate, new challenges and business commitments are acquired.
  • Offers by Public Administrations or government entities.
  • Legal proof of safety and quality, when the Quality certificate The company improves its status at the organizational level, changes the vision towards it, opening possibilities for other investments due to the security it provides in its production.
  • The quality certificate gives the company renown, it inclines you to new contracts, production growth, which gives the organization greater profitability.

What is it?

The moment a product or service is produced, an evaluation process is required to diagnose its end. Its properties have to be detailed in a standards process. There must be an alliance between manufacturers, customers, managers, experts, consultants and others.

The Quality certificate It is the conclusion of a program executed by a group of auditors or consultants, belonging to the certifying company, evaluating the acceptance of the product or service in accordance with the standard. If said evaluation is positive, said certificate is generated as a public document.

What information does the quality certificate support?

The variety of quality certificates are made up of:

  • A duration time varies depending on the type of certificate.
  • The type of product or service that is handled.
  • The rule you adhere to for use as the basis for evaluation. The properties that make up the product or service are reflected and described.
  • The Entity or Certification Body that publishes it.
  • Communication about the manufacturer or organization that acquires the certificate.

The certificate attests to the acceptance of the product, a service or management program with certain regulations or current review rules.

It is important that the company have classified the needs and perspectives of your clients, in order to integrate them into the programming, methodologies and resources that provide the performance desired by the client.

This is how the quality certificate guarantees the opportunity of the company to meet the needs and perspectives of the consumer, in the short or medium term. The company or those responsible for it, demonstrate their ability to carry out their function.

Today, most entrepreneurs recognize the importance of having a Quality certificate. They know of the advantages that improve their profitability. Improvements in the organizational vision, trust of its clients, suppliers, governmental entities and others.

Why certify my company?

Achieve a Quality certificate It is not only a virtue for the company that owns it, but also a welfare for the consumer:

  • It helps the customer to make the decision to consume the product, due to the security it provides.
  • There are more sales possibilities.
  • It originates a variety of communication channels with the supplier and the customer.
  • Add reputation at the business level.
  • Improves efficient communication in daily processes within the company.
  • It opens up to the world of leading companies in the market and competition.

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