Requirements and How to Register in the SAT

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) is a military institution whose vision is to promote voluntary taxpayer compliance through simple processes, in this way taxpayers can afford a certain amount of benefits that they can enjoy, they also comply with the duties and rights that Mexicans and inhabitants of the nation have.

If you want to start your business and register with the Tax Administration Service, you must first know the Requirements to Register in the SATsince in this way you will know what documents you must have on hand when you request your appointment and start these procedures.

What are the Requirements to Register for the SAT?

To start the procedures in the different offices of the Tax Administration Service it is necessary to have in hand the following requirements To register with this organization:

  • Government-issued photo ID.
  • Birth Certificate (Certified Copy)
  • Unique Population Registry Key (CURP).
  • Tax domicile proof
  • Registration in the RFC of natural persons with business activity.
  • For foreigners: Multiple immigration form (FMM) or Naturalization letter or current immigration document.
Clicking here You will enter directly to the SAT website and manage your procedure. Remember that certain documents can be obtained on the system’s website, as well as you can request an appointment to formalize your procedures and start the process to register with the SAT.

What is the SAT?

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) is a government entity, which is responsible for the application of tax and customs legislation in order for natural and legal persons to contribute equitably to public spending.

It is important to note that has the responsibility of supervising taxpayers for compliance with tax and customs provisions.

It carries out the incentive and facilitates voluntary compliance, generating at the same time the proportion of pertinent information for the development of the design and evaluation of the tax policy.

Its mission collect the tax and customs resources that the Law providesprivileging the taxpayer with the necessary tools to facilitate voluntary compliance.

Benefits of Registering for the SAT

There are certain points that are very beneficial after registering with the SAT, as well as the following:

  • The ease of applying for credit to finance your own business or if you are just starting out.
  • Request a point of sale to receive payments with credit or debit card.
  • Recover amounts for return of taxes.
  • Arrival of Potential customers.
  • By being registered, Do you have access to childcare for the children of your employees? of the company, pension for retirement, and credits for the purchase of a property.
  • Discount on VAT and IEPSfor employees who have little income in the first 10 years of service, so that they use those resources to expand the business.

For these benefits and privileges, Mexicans and citizens residing in Mexico carry out their procedures to undertake in Mexico, either with a business or a company.

What is the Function of the SAT?

The functions of the Tax Administration System (SAT), like many of the State agencies, are specific for its faithful compliance.

Therefore, this State body has the function of monitoring these points that are essential for the optimal development of the Mexican nation, including the professional, qualified and trained personnel that work in it.

The functions it performs are the following:

  • tax collectiondetermination and liquidation.
  • Look out correct and voluntary compliance with tax obligations.
  • control taxpayers, who must comply with all tax provisions.

When fulfilling these functions, the Tax Administration System has the obligation before the different government agencies to deliver accounts at the end of the year.

Thus fulfilling the different functions it has; In this way, this Institution (SAT) does its bit together with other government agencies to continue achieving development in Mexico.

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