Requirements for a Mexican Non-Criminal Background Letter

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To apply for a specific job or position, it is essential to have a certificate of non-criminal records in Mexico; Also, it is necessary if you want to carry out procedures to emigrate from the country and any other legal process.

It is important that you keep these documents up to date so that it does not prevent you from carrying out your personal legal efforts and demonstrate at all times that you do not have a criminal record.

Meet here the Requirements for a Letter of Criminal Record in Mexico and the steps you must follow to carry out this process.

Requirements to Obtain a Letter of Criminal Record

If you are a Mexican or foreign citizen, you will need to present the following requirements:

For Mexican citizens

  • They must present the Current Official Identification, which can be: Passport, Driver’s license, Voter’s Credential, Unique Population Registration Code (CURP). This must be valid on the date of application.
  • Count on him Birth certificate, This must be valid for a maximum of five (5) years.
  • To Request the Letter you must have the Proof of domiciliation, it must be recent (not older than 3 months).
  • present the Request form duly completed, said format is received at the time of entering the registration department.
  • Folio number which is in the registry.
  • Append Photography in child size.
  • In case it corresponds according to the entity you go to, you must present a Evidence of Internet Dating.
  • When applying for the certificate you must submit a Office of Document, which is addressed to the General Director of the Institute of Expert Services.

The documents are issued by the head of the Human Resources sector of the contracting entity or the person requesting the document and the legal basis of the corresponding unit must be adequately defined to require this document.

For foreign citizens

  • You must present the Residence Card or Passport.
  • Deliver the Birth certificate, it must be translated into Spanish.
  • Residence Certification Issued by a public body with an issue date of no more than three (3) months.
  • Fill out the application form received by the Registration Department.
  • The application registration number must be found on the form.
All the requirements set forth above must be presented in original and simple copy, the registration and application process is totally free and personal.

Steps to Obtain a Letter of Non-Criminal Background

To make a correct request for the Non-Criminal Record you must follow the steps detailed below:

  • Have the aforementioned requirements.
  • Enter the Web page of the Government of the Mexican State.
  • Locate the Procedures and Services on the page and download the List of Procedures and Services most consulted.
  • Find the document Issuance of the Certificate or Report of No Criminal Record.
  • Enter your personal data.
  • Follow the steps depending on the condition of the applicant.

How to Obtain a Certificate of No Criminal Record Online?

Thinking about your comfort, technological progress and due to the enormous demand that exists for this document, the application was made available via the Internet, you just have to send an email to the corresponding electronic address ( and attach in the Email the following information for registration purposes:

  • Names and surnames of the person making the request.
  • You must include the Date and place of birth From applicant.
  • Parents informationit is important that the full Names and Surnames of each one are expressed.
  • Include phone and mail by which the applicant and parents can be contacted.
  • express the location to which the applicant will go to request the letter of Non-Criminal Record.

Once you have sent the email with the corresponding data, you will receive a response with the date on which you must appear for the appointment (within the next 3 days).

However, if there are numerous requests received, the response and processing process may take up to fifteen (15) days.

On the day called for the appointment, the applicant must present himself with all the required documentation (explained above), otherwise, a new date will be given for the delivery of the documents.

How to get a non-criminal criminal record from another country?

If you are residing in another country and need to process the Non-Criminal Background Letter you shouldn’t go to mexico To apply, just go to the consulate with all the documentation required to start the application process and register your fingerprints in the corresponding department.

Once the registration has been completed, the consulate will proceed to compare the original documentation delivered with the copies and, if everything is in compliance, they issue the request to prepare the Certificate of Non-Criminal Records.

Furthermore, to complete the application in Mexico a manager or family member will be appointed who resides in the country to deliver the respective documents and then send it back duly apostilled.

The document that emerges as a result of this process will present a validity of three (3) monthsto obtain more specific information about the procedure carried out from another country, enter the Web page of the Attorney General’s Office.

What is the Letter of No Criminal Record?

The letter of criminal record It is a document or certification issued by the Ministry of the Interior; it confirms that the person has no legal record.

If the person has a criminal record, the Ministry of the Interior warns by letter.

This document can be requested by any Mexican citizen; in the event that the citizen is a foreigner, he must be requested through the consulate of the country.

At the time of taking out the non-criminal records, there are two (2) modalities or types of documents that are related (non-criminal record report and certificate), which we explain below:

  • Report: It is a simple document issued with the purpose of carrying out procedures of a personal nature.
  • Non-Criminal Background Certificate: It represents a much more complex and formal document, which is issued for specific cases.

In which cases do I need the Letter of Criminal Records

The Letter or Certification of Criminal Record is required for various reasons, among which are the following:

  • For Legal Ordinances, in the event that they request it as a fundamental requirement; said ordinances can be carried out for a position or commission in a certain public ministry.

Through legal ordinances, the person of interest is validated and guaranteed that the applicant has not participated in a crime or offence, and in turn, does not present a criminal or judicial record.

  • In case of Incorporations to Institutions that Provide Private Security Services, the delivery of the document or certificate of non-judicial records will be essential; In addition, it will be a requirement for another position or job that is explicitly established by law.
  • At the time of crediting Compliance with Demands for Public Security Institutions regarding the entry or permanence of the same, the non-criminal record letter will be needed.
  • You want to make a Travel abroad to study, Either for volunteer services, activities not belonging to the tourist field or complementary studies, it is essential that you present the certification of background not penalties.
  • The Non-Criminal Background letter may be openly required by administrative and/or municipal jurisdictions; In addition, it can be requested by the different public bodies that have the function of defending the human rights of citizens in the electoral field.

For each of these points, it is essential to present the Criminal Record Letter, since, in case of not having it, the citizen will not be able to carry out the legal procedures to execute and proceed with his request.

Do you already meet the Requirements for a non-criminal background letter? Go to the offices of the Federal National Commission and start your application as soon as possible!

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