Requirements for a Mexican Passport – Appointments, steps and procedures

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There are an infinity of essential documents in the life of every citizen. The identity card, the RUC, the license, and of course, the passport. These documents, in addition to helping to identify the person, facilitate processes such as: opening bank accounts or requesting a legal document.

If you are about to travel, if you lost it, or if you want to take it out for the first time, collect the Mexican Passport Requirements and get this valuable document.

Traveling involves a number of things. From taking the plane, knowing places and people, eating, visiting, adventuring, it also implies complying with a series of requirements, processes and legal identifications to be able to go to another place.

We know that leaving the country to work or to visit and meet is relaxing, but before you start organizing your bags, take the time to review what you need to deliver.

Processing it, it’s really not a problemIt is also one of the easiest processes. Remember that it is the first basic document that you must have in order to travel to another country.

If you have planned a trip soon, if you want to do it or if the idea has simply been on your mind for a long time, make up your mind now… but first, process everything you need in time. Do you know what is best? that and

Video of the Procedure

Requirements to Get the Passport for the First Time

If you dream of traveling, knowing the world around you and its wonders, if you like adventure and new places, if you plan to emigrate, The first step to fulfill that dream is to process your passport.

In the world ranking of the most powerful passports, Mexico is in the 17th place, according to the 2018 Passport Index. Not only because, as we said, it can be accepted in 98 countries without the need for a Visa, but also because Its process is extremely simple.

  • The main thing you should know is that the entire process is done with appointment in any of the offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

What is the SRE?

The Ministry of Foreign Relations has the mission of conducting the Exterior from Mexico.

They seek dialogue, cooperation, promotion of the country and attention to Mexicans abroad. In other words, they facilitate the entire passport process in the country.

  • To make an appointment you can make a prior registration online via of the following form or call the national line 01800 8010 773.
IMPORTANT: Absolutely, for no reason, you should be charged for the assignment of the appointment. Once you have the appointment, you must go to the bank of your choice and make the payment for the passport issuance rights.

For Seniors

The first requirement is certify the Mexican nationality of the applicant. The original and a copy of at least one of these documents is required:

  • Your certified birth certificate, issued by the civil registry or a consular office.
  • A letter of naturalization.

The adults They have the advantage of presenting Additional documents To prove Mexican nationality:

  • Declaration of Mexican nationality by birth.
  • Certificate of Mexican nationality.
  • High Security Consular Registration Certificate.


Of these three, you must present the original and a copy.

After proving your nationality, you must also prove your identity as part of the requirements to process a passport. You can present any of the following documents:

  • Identity card.
  • Naturalization letter.
  • Some medical credential belonging to a public social security or health institution.
  • High Security Consular Registration.
  • Credential for people with disabilities that was issued by the DIF (National System for the Integral Development of the Family).

They may also present:

  • IFE credential to vote.
  • In the case of professionals, ID or professional title.
  • In the case of students, intern’s letter.
  • Identity Card of the National Military Service (SMN), delivered by the Secretary of National Defense.
  • INAPAM card issued by the National Institute for Older Adults.
  • ISSSTE credential for pensioner or retiree.
  • Declaration of Mexican nationality by birth issued by the SRE or foreign delegations.
  • Certificate of Mexican nationality issued by the SRE.
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  • Anyone who wants a passport must go in person.
  • You must bring the passport application. They deliver it to the SRE at the time of requesting the appointment.
  • Prove Mexican nationality by means of: certified copy of the birth certificate issued by a Mexican civil registry or naturalization letter, or any document mentioned above.
  • Prove identity: INE, Professional ID, professional title, or released military service card. In case you do not have any of these, you can also present the other established ones.
  • Passport proof of payment.
  • Appointment confirmation sheet.
  • A passport size photograph only if you made your appointment by phone.

For Minors

As in the case of adults, the first requirement is verify nationality and identity. In this case, documents from the parents must also be presented.

  • Submit a school ID containing a photograph.
  • School certificate, also, containing a photograph, of any of the following educational levels:

Primary education, secondary education, high school or equivalent.

  • Proof of the degree of studies that you are studying, with a photograph.
  • Proof of studies, certified by the corresponding academic institution that contains a photograph.
  • If the child is less than 7 years old, the birth certificate can be presented, where it appears:
    • Name, signature and medical/pediatric stamp.
    • Professional license number.
    • Time spent as the minor’s doctor.
    • Attached copy of your professional license.
    • Parents name.
    • Photo of the minor.
IMPORTANT:When the person interested in the procedure is a minor, the identity of the accompanying parents must be proven. As they are of legal age, any of the documents mentioned in the point For Adults can be used.


  • Must appear in person accompanied by parents.
  • Passport application. They deliver it to the SRE.
  • Verify Mexican nationality by means of: certified copy of the birth certificate issued by a Mexican civil registry or naturalization letter.
  • Prove identity. School certificate, certificate from school, current school card, medical services card or certificate from the family doctor who attended the birth.
  • Appearance of both parents with credential with valid photograph.
  • Proof of payment of the passport.
  • Appointment confirmation sheet.
  • 1 passport size photograph only if you made your appointment by phone.

Requirements to Obtain the Passport in Specific Places in Mexico

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Requirements to Renew the Passport

Remember that the ordinary passport is issued only by the Mexican Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and therefore, it is the only official document that guarantees and accredits both your nationality and your identity.

It is important to know that it allows you to be helped if you need it by the consulates and embassies of Mexico; In addition, to carry out any procedure in national territory, your passport fully proves your identity.

Now, if you already have a passport and just want to renew it, You must have some important documents:

For Seniors

  • Hand over the passport previous.

The first essential and necessary step is to deliver your passport to be renewed in the state in which it is.

It is also important that you remember that you must also submit a copy of the sheet where your personal data appears and the last sheet, where the passbook number is shown.

  • After having delivered the previous passport, you must make the payment for the renewal process.

Try to keep the proof of payment of rights in good condition, since you must present the proof in original.

  • Check identity and nationality

In order to renew your passport you must verify your identity. If your passport was issued before 1995 or if it was stolen, lost or destroyed, it is not possible to use the document for your identification.

In this case, you will have to present the necessary documentation to prove identity and nationality, which are the same as those listed in the previous section of the passport for the first time.

Now, if your previous passport was issued by a consular office, it is only necessary to prove your Mexican nationality.


  • Go personally.
  • Passport application. They deliver it to the SRE.
  • Proof of payment of the passport.
  • Appointment confirmation sheet.
  • 1 passport size photograph only if you made your appointment by phone.

For Minors

minors they must prove their relationship to the parents through the following documents:

  • Child’s birth certificate. It must be certified by the civil registry or a consular office.
  • Letter of Naturalization of the minor.

Likewise, those who have the legal rights of the minor, whether they are the parents or guardians, are obliged to prove their identity and nationality with their passport or any of the documents for adults in the process to obtain a passport for the first time above.


  • Anyone under the age of 18 must attend the appointment.
  • Passport application.
  • Submit passport to renew.
  • Prove if you are the father or mother of the minor by means of: Birth certificate or naturalization letter.
  • Identity of both parents proving with a valid official document such as: passport, INE, professional title, professional license, released military service card.
  • Proof of payment of the passport.
  • Appointment confirmation sheet.
  • 1 passport size photograph only if you made your appointment by phone.

In case the renewal is due to Loss, Theft or Destruction

In the event that the reason for the renewal of the passport is due to loss, theft or destruction, it is necessary that you present the carved record at the time of the incident by the competent authority, explaining the unfortunate event.

If the inconvenience took place outside the country, the record that should have been issued by a consular office or some authority of the country and must be presented together with a legalized Spanish translation.

How to make the Appointment for the Mexican Passport

It is important that you keep in mind that no agency of the SRE will carry out the procedure if you do not previously have a scheduled appointment, unless you present a justified situation of extreme emergency.

For example: emergency medical treatment, visiting a sick relative abroad, attending a congress, invitation with little time to work, if you are going to study abroad very soon, if you have a planned trip and have been robbed the passport or has been lost.

Otherwise, we recommend that you do not waste your time, because they will not attend to you.

By Internet

  • You must register in the official page to process the appointment of your passport. Once inside the page, you have to create the account to start the process.
  • Then, the second step is to fill in your personal data. You must create a password, enter your email and in the “Appointments for” you have to select Procedures for national territory.
  • Click the «Accept» button to proceed to create the account
  • When you have completed the previous step, you will receive an email where you have to confirm that this email is indeed yours by clicking on the link that comes within the message.
  • Once the account is activated, you have to log in with the email you registered and the password you created.
  • From this moment on, the process of your passport begins, so you must fill in the information requested.
  • The first thing to fill out is the CURP and click on the Search button.
    • The CURP is the Unique Population Registry Key, a unique 18-character alphanumeric identity code used to officially identify both Mexican residents and citizens throughout the country.
  • Once the above is done, all the data that you have to fill in will be displayed and that must be entirely correct so that, when your appointment is due, the process is faster and the SRE people already have your data registered. in the system.
  • In this step, having completed the CURP, you will have to request your much more detailed data.

So that there is no margin for error, we recommend that you have the most important documents at hand: birth certificate, permanent address, passport to be renewed (if applicable), police report for passport theft (if applicable ) and the details of someone to contact in case of an emergency.

  • Later, you will go to the information on the dependencies in which you can go and make your appointment to process your passport.
  • Finally, you will receive in your mail the confirmation sheet of your appointment. You must print it and take it with you the day you have to appear at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and you will also receive the payment guide for your passport.


For those who live in or near Mexico City:

The Cuauhtémoc Municipality, the Iztapalapa Municipality and the Iztacalco Municipality, are the municipalities in which the process and delivery of the passport is faster; however appointment availability is generally 3-4 weeks in advance.

That is, to have the appointment of the passport, the next date with availability will be in a period of 20 to 30 days from today.

Contrary to the municipality of Naucalpan, which generally always has fairly close appointments, approximately 1 week from the date you start the process of scheduling your appointment on the Internet.

If you want to know the closest entity, check the official dependencies directory.

By phone

Doing it over the phone is extremely simple. you just have to call the number 01 800 80 10 773.

Once you are served, only They will ask you for basic personal information.

They do not ask you for information as detailed as the system asks for it online; however, when you go to your appointment at the SRE, the process will be slower since being in the dependency, you will have to fill out two forms by hand with your personal information so that you can complete the passport process.

Phone appointments are made from Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning to 8 at night and on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Do it online. You can fill in the data at any time of the day and on the day of the appointment the process will be much faster.

Unlike requesting the appointment by phone, they will only schedule your basic data and the day of the procedure will take much longer.

How to Pay and How Much Does the Mexican Passport Cost?

Passport Cost

  • Passport valid for 1 year. 580 Mexican dollars.
  • Passport valid for 2 years. 1,205 Mexican dollars.
  • Validity of 6 years. 1,660 Mexican dollars.
  • 10 years. 2,550 Mexican dollars.

Those over 60 years of age, people with disabilities and agricultural workers related to Canada, have a 50% discount.

Now, to pay for the passport, you can do it through any of the following banks:

  • HSBC
  • Citibanamex
  • Banorte
  • Bank Mifel
  • Santander
  • BBVA Bancomer
  • scotiabank
  • Bank interactions
  • Bansi
  • MUFG
  • BanBajío
  • BanRegio
  • Affirm
  • multiva
  • Inbursa
  • Banjercito
  • IQ Bank
  • Monex
  • It is important that you support yourself bank cardin which you must write the data of your RFC, CURP, Full Name and Validity so that the cashier, at the window, can properly process the payment.
  • You can also pay through electronic banking, if you have an account in one of the above banks.

Steps to pay online:

  • The payment of passport fees Via the Internet can only be made at Banking Institutions Authorized by the SAT.
  • In order to make the payment, you must have an account and have electronic banking services.
  • For reference, the capture screen to make the payment on the bank’s website is frequently found in «Payment of Federal Taxes» and is identified as «Payment of Product Rights and Uses (DPAS)».
  • you must have the Reference Key which in all cases is 024000140
  • You must mark the Dependency Chain depending on the validity required.
  • Natural persons who choose to make the payment through this method must carry out a bank operation for each procedure.
  • The payment of rights for the passport in the name of legal entities will not be accepted, since the procedure is only for natural persons.
  • For payments made through the Internet portals, the account holder may make the payment of rights in favor of a third party not registered as an account holder.

However, the receipt issued by the Banking Institution must specify the name and surname of the beneficiary of the passport process.

NOTE: For the validity of 1 year, the dependency string is 01030020000001. For three years, it is 01030020000003. For 6 years, it is 01030020000006 and for 10 years, it is 01030020000010.

Where is the Passport processed: What to do that day?

Where to get the Passport?

You can get the passport in any of the delegations that are closest to your area. You can check here.

Now, the day you arrive at the passport appointment, everything is really easy and the process you are going to follow is very fast, depending on whether you requested the appointment online or by phone.

The staff in charge of the SRE will check that you have all the documentation and that it is orderly. If you take everything, he will let you go to the office, if you do not take everything, depending on what you missed, he will tell you to look for the document or to reschedule the appointment.

  • When making an appointment online, you will go to the line where the people who made an appointment online form and they will ask for your documents, they will review them and they will send you to sit down.
  • Appointment by phone they will give you two forms that you will have to fill out with your personal data, they will send you to another line and they will review each of your documents.
  • Whether you have made your appointment online or by phone, once they have reviewed your documents, you will have to wait for around 30 to 45 minutes.

Later, they will call you to take your photograph, they will take the fingerprints of each hand and they will take the photo of the iris (Do not wear contact lenses).

  • Once all the biometric data has been taken, you will wait for around 30 minutes.
  • After some time, they will call you and finally they will give you your passport.

Only in special cases can it take a few days, otherwise, the passport is delivered the same day.

How long does the Mexican Passport last?

The passport has the validity that you need. Yes it is one year, three years, six years or 10 years.

What are the cases in which they cannot give me the Mexican Passport?

  • Criminal record.
  • If a country requests your extradition.
  • Submit false information.
  • You are a minor and the appearance of one of the parents, guardian or the person exercising parental authority is missing.
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Important points:

These points will serve you for all procedures as long as you remember them:

  • Always carry a copy of each of the documents
  • If the appointment was made by phone, always bring a passport-sized photo.
  • In case the passport is stolen or lost, always carry a passport-sized photo.
  • If the appointment was made online, it is not necessary to bring photos.
  • The papers are arranged from top to bottom in the order in which they are listed above.

How should the passport photo be?

They have to offer a clear image of the face to achieve a true identification of the person.

It is important to note that if your appointment is at a central office of the SRE, the photograph It will be taken right there in compliance with current regulations, but if your appointment is at a liaison office with the SRE, you must bring your own photograph that meets the requirements.

Should have:

  • White color background.
  • A size of 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm.
  • Captured no more than 30 days prior to submission.
  • You should not have edits.
  • With the face in the center, without inclination.
  • Good quality and resolution, no smudges or smears.
  • Use of photographic paper and color ink.

This is all you have to do and take out to get your Mexican passport. Success! Process it as soon as you can so you can enjoy the wonders of traveling.

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