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A rich and balanced diet it is one of the most important aspects of human life. At the same time, it is evident that the governments of the different countries of the world guarantee a good and varied diet for their inhabitants.

Since aif a better administration is maintained in the population and in turn keeps them in good physical condition. Despite this aspect in relation to the acquisition of food, each country usually administers a different control system.

In México it is currently offered to its residents alimony. In this sense, the government fulfills the task of keeping its entire population well-fed and healthy.

Today we want to teach you how to process the claim for alimony and everything related to this issue. At the same time we will tell you small but very useful tips for the processing of said demand.

What is the Alimony?

At the time of divorce and within said marriage there are children involved, the state as a precaution provides alimony. This is responsible for meeting the needs of the minor child.

This in turn is a right that every citizen of México can enjoy. as long as it is within the conditions to do so. This pension basically grants an economic benefit where the following needs are met:

  • Food.
  • Clothing.
  • Footwear.
  • Medicines
  • Spreading.
  • Education.
  • School Supplies.

This pension must be financed in advance to be able to enjoy it. This was created to foresee possible maintenance irresponsibilities by either of the 2 parents.

What are the cases in which you should apply for Alimony

You will surely wonder who can apply for alimony, this it is a very fast process if you follow our advice. At the same time, remember that since it is a very sensitive issue, the entities granting said benefit maintain a rigorous approval regime.

That is why it is extremely important that you know who can process this claim or request. Below we will mention the cases that apply for the application of said benefit:

  • Person who has the power of the minor.
  • Legal guardian
  • Public ministry.

This case can only be processed if there is a period of separation or divorce. But to be able to enjoy it, the financing of it must have been made by the 2 parents.

What are the requirements to apply for Alimony

It is time to tell you all the requirements you need to process alimony. Remember to comply with all these and not infringing on the policies and conditions of the managing bodies of this benefit.

It should be noted that this organism can apply heavy and severe penalties in case of delivering false documents. As well as if all the documents that we will mention below are not met:

  • Birth certificate of the child or children that you keep under your protection.
  • The marriage certificate (only in the event that the guardian does not have a job or has dedicated to domestic work).
  • Document where the cost of the needs of the child or minor is evidenced. Food, education, recreation, housing, health, clothing, mobilization, electricity, water, gas, telephone, etc. must be included.
  • Economic status of the defendant, it does not have to be recent (settlements, income tax declaration, etc).

How to apply for Alimony

It is important that when making the complaint for alimony you must follow certain steps to process it successfully. Below we will tell you step by step how to process your complaint:

  1. In the first instance you must gather the documents that we mentioned above.
  2. Then you must present these together with the letter of complaint to a family court which are generally located at the headquarters of the Courts of Justice.
  3. Ready, you simply have to wait for the assignment of a situation for the defendant and expose the payment points.

Remember that This process may take time or it may be denied, that is why we want to advise you to do it with time and be patient. However, at the time of delivery of documents, you will be assigned a prosecutor to handle the case in an organized manner.

It is worth mentioning that if the children are minors, this process It must be carried out by their legal representatives. If they are of legal age, they can apply the complaint to receive the pension until the 21 years old.

In which cases the alimony does not apply

This benefit is voided if the couple procreates a child out of wedlock or under an unstable or inconstant union. It can only be received if it is within the marriage and if they are in a period of separation.

However, the State provides other types of social insurance for the well-being of Mexican residents. These in turn are adapted to the economic status of the applicants and their needs.

How much must be paid for Alimony

If you want to know the amount you must pay for alimony, it is important that you know that this is calculated according to 2 ways. These are determined by the judge in charge of the case.

The first way is when the denounced does not have a steady income or stable job. In this case, the judge in charge of the case proceeds to assign a minimum wage which must be met monthly.

Another way applies when the denounced maintains a fixed salary. In this case, the judge in charge of the case proceeds assign a retention percentage for child support.

Generally, for the latter a total of fifteen% percentage of fixed salary which is retired through a payroll. In turn, this percentage applies to each child belonging to said father, if there are two children, it is a 30%, if there are three it is a Four. Five% and so on.


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