Requirements for Annual Declaration: Everything you need to know

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In this article, the citizens of México are informed about everything related to the Annual Affidavit. It can be indicated that it is a type of report that is usually carried out by natural, physical, legal and moral persons.

If you want to know more about how to process the Annual Declaration Requirements, just keep reading!

Documentation necessary to present the Annual return in the SAT

Those who plan to process the Annual Affidavit or, on the contrary, are in the middle of the process, must take into account the necessary documentation.

To do this, individuals must take into account that:

The people who must go to the SAT facilities are the following:

  • Any type of natural person who for his part is salaried, This means that this category includes all the people who earn more than 400 thousand pesos a year or more.
  • Persons that for his part engage in independent work, and that in the same way they can receive any type of income for the fees or for their lease.
  • People who, for their part, have any type of investment and who, as a result, can exceed 100,000 pesos per year.
  • Any type of individual who on his part has sold his property.
  • People who are linked to activities such as donation.
  • Any citizen who has been able to receive some type of inheritance.
  • People who for their relatives have been able to receive some type of family loan or that on their part they have requested by the bank,

In the event that the individual finds himself in some of these categories, he must bring the following documents:

  1. Submit each of the invoices or withholding sheets that must be provided based on the given pattern.
  2. Carry out the CURP and RFC, if necessary.
  3. Citizens are required to carry an electronic signature.
  4. Present some of the account numbers where people can file taxes, regardless of whether they are for:
    1. Electronic transfer to some of the banks that are authorized by the entity.
  5. Carry the CLABE account number, better known as (Standardized Bank Key), as long as people have a credit balance and they want the money back.


People who are in the middle of this process should be able to deduce that:

  • Each of the amounts that are less than or equal to about 5 annual general minimum wages can be found at 15% of your total annual income.

IMPORTANT: It was established through some agreements in the Article 103 of the Income Tax Law, that each of the individuals who come to produce income from business activities, depending on what they perform, may obtain some benefits.

These benefits must be deducted by the individuals themselves, so they must take into account that:

  • Each of the people can receive any type of acquisitions based on any type of merchandise, product and raw material, as long as they are used for labor reasons.
  • Any type of common expense, be it electricity, telephone bills and water, as well as other generalized services.
  • People can own any type of investment, which is tied to fixed assets, expenses and deferred charges.
  • On the other hand, individuals can make investments that are managed by expenditures based on pre-operating periods based on 10%.

Those who have to cover each of their personal expenses should take into account that:

  • They will be able to have access to each one of the medical and dental services, as well as the expenses of the hospitals that are paid by the person, the spouse or the common-law partner.
    • This is a type of benefit where individuals can come to include their closest relatives, which means that they can include grandmother, father, mother, children and grandchildren.
  • Any type of lens, in case the person needs it. This can be found valued at approximately 2,500 pesos.
  • They can stay for any of the insurance premiums for medical expenses, regardless of whether they are a close relative in a straight line.
  • The person can be cared for in any hospital, which includes each of the medicines and rehabilitation devices, in case the individual needs it.
  • Any type of clinical study performed on the patient.
  • Funeral expenses.
  • Represent the different institutional donations that are authorized, to know what they are, you can click here
  • Any real interest rate that is for one of the mortgage loans.
  • Submit contributions voluntarily or related to retirement plans.

Important fact

In case the same people have been able to achieve that their balance is in their favor. Well, keep in mind that this is returned in a couple of weeks.

Once people have already submitted their declaration, they can carry out the withdrawal, otherwise they cannot.

Based on what is established in one of the SAT laws, it can be said that the amount that is carried out for returns is 30%

In addition, each of these personal expenses can represent all that was done in that respective year, with an average of 90%

But in some of the recent reports it was highlighted that the services of the nutritionists and psychologists are deductible based on the taxes of that declaration.

What is the SAT

The Annual Affidavit, better known by its acronym (SAT). It is one of the most important documents that citizens of México must process.

This is why it can be indicated that it is a type of report that is usually carried out by natural, physical, legal and moral persons.

Legal persons are those who are linked to the Service of the Tax Administration (SAT), in which once individuals enter the format, they can download their income and expenses.

On the other hand, individuals and corporations should bear in mind that this report is presented in the months of April and March, respectively.

It should be noted that one of the innovations that have been validated this year is related to the wages and salaries that each citizen receives, for more than 20 thousand pesos.

What to do if you made a mistake when making your annual return?

In the event that any of the individuals have made a mistake when making their annual affidavit, they must follow a series of steps.

That is why they must comply with issuing one of the complementary statements:

  • First of all, users must enter one of the main pages of the SAT.
  • Once the session is open, press the button FORMALITIES and go to STATEMENTS.
  • Then they must select the PAYMENT option REFERENCED. This is where they should write your password and RFC.
  • Select the type of error you want to correct.
  • Finally, they must send the declaration to the SAT.

Thanks for reading!

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