Requirements for carrying a Firearm: Everything they have not told you

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The Constitution of the United States of México, complying with all regulatory documents, grants the right of Mexican citizens to possess and carry a firearm for their prior safety. Do you want to know the Requirements for carrying a Firearm? Keep reading!

What does carrying a Firearm mean in México?

In México, carrying a firearm It is the carrying or disposition in a public place or accessible to the public. Of a firearm, loaded and in conditions of immediate use, if the case requires it. When carrying a firearm is concealed, it carries legal sanctions.

What is the Law on Firearms and Explosives?

The Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives, is the law approved by the Congress of the United States of México, with the acceptance of the President. Its purpose is to regulate and control the use of firearms throughout the country through the Federal Register of Firearms.

This law contemplates among its aspects:

  • The authorities in charge for the control of the carrying of firearms.
  • The definition of persons authorized to carry of firearms.
  • The kind of firearms that have authorization for porting.
  • The type of firearms that are for the exclusive use of the Navy, the Army and the Air Force.
  • The conditions for carrying firearms.
  • The requirements for carrying firearms.

Requirements for carrying a Firearm in México

SEDENA is the sole authority that it has the power to sell firearms throughout the national territory.

The licenses for porting of weapons They are of two types: private licenses; that must be revalidated every two years and official licenses, which are valid while the official position is held.

Licenses individuals are individual for individuals, or collective for legal persons. And the requirements for obtaining it are.

1.- For Natural Persons

  • Application in original Firearms Acquisition, Accessories and Cartridges for Civilians.
  • From the institution where you work, an original document is required, endorsed by the president of the institution indicating: the position you occupy and the date since you started working there, economic income earned and the behavior observed.
  • For retirees, copy of the last pay stub and copy of the official document that accredits it as such.
  • The masculine ones for their part, original and copy of the Service Booklet National Military, released.
  • If you are over 40 years old, the exception certificate, issued by the Office of Recruitment of Military Zones. In original.

  • For the female, original and copy of the birth certificate.
  • Prove the need to carry a firearm; due to the occupation or the work carried out or due to the special conditions where one lives, or for any other reason contemplated by the Secretary of National Defense.
  • Present in original the Medical-Psychological Certificate mental health. Attaching results of the tests carried out, where it is established that there is no Original mental impairment.
  • Present a Medical Certificate of not having any physical handicap, original.
  • Certificate you don’t have criminal record for crimes committed with the use of firearms, issued by the competent authority in original, with an issue date of no more than three months.
  • Proof of residence address permanent for himself and for his relatives. Receipt of payment for water, electricity or telephone, original and copy.
  • In case the receipts are not in the name of the applicant: proof of address and Voter’s Credential. Original and copy.
  • Regarding the firearm that you want to carry, you must deliver a copy of the manifestation record.
  • Medical-toxicological certificate that he does not consume any drugs, nor psychotropic drugs, nor any nerve-racking substance. Attaching results of laboratory tests performed, in original.
  • The Identification document with its respective photograph, of which a copy must be delivered.
  • Copy of curp.
  • Take the proof of payment per request.
  • For the farm laborers, ejidatarios: Apart from all previous documents, the original certificate issued by the President of the First Local Administrative Authority or Commissariat must be delivered, endorsing the situation.
  • If it is for a firearms collector: The latter must have, apart from the previous documentation, a copy of the collection permit, issued by the Federal Directorate of Firearms and Explosives Control.

2.- For Legal Persons

  1. Request for collective private license of Acquisition of Firearms, Accessories and Cartridges for civilians.
  2. Proof of incorporation of the organization or company, in accordance with Mexican law.
  3. When it comes to private services of security:

  • Authorization to operate as a private service of security.
  • Justification for carrying the weapons, number of weapons, the characteristics of each one and the places where they will be used; approved by the Ministry of the Interior. A registration license will be issued for each weapon.

3.- For the workers of the security company who are going to use the weapons, they must record

  • Certificate that you do not have a criminal record for crimes committed with the use of firearms, issued by the competent authority, valid for a maximum of six months. In original.
  • The medical certificate of not suffering from any physical impairment to handle a firearm.
  • Medical-psychological certificate that he does not present any mental impairment to handle a firearm. Attaching results of the tests carried out, in original.
  • A medical-toxicological certificate that demonstrate the non-consumption of drugs, psychotropics or any substance that exists or irritates the nervous system. Attaching results of the laboratory tests performed, in original.

For holders of collective licenses they must issue foliated personal identification credentials, containing the same data and renew them every six months.

For Sports Clubs or Associations They must be registered with the Ministry of the Interior and National Defense. As legal entities, they must meet all the requirements indicated as such.

Procedure to follow

ANDThe procedure to obtain the license to carry of firearm is due:

  • Attend a customer service module of the General Directorate of the Federal Register of Firearms and Explosives Control.
  • Deliver all required requirements.
  • Should be expected the receipt of the procedure accomplished.
  • The procedure lasts 50 business days from the date of application.
  • TO through the attention module or through the website of the General Directorate of the Federal Register of Firearms and Explosives Control, you can check the status of the procedure.

Who can opt for the permit?

In México they can apply for a permit for carrying firearms:

  • Any natural person that meets the required requirements.
  • The commoners, ejidatarios or farm laborers.
  • The practitioners of sports such as hunting and shooting. Being natural persons or legal persons.
  • Private companies security officers.
  • The companies that require firearms to protect your facilities.
  • Natural or legal persons that have a collection or museum of ancient weapons.

What weapons are allowed for civil use?

Among the weapons allowed by law have:

1.- Semi-automatic pistols caliber no larger than .380. (9mm). With the exception of the .38 Comando and .38 Super caliber pistols, in 9mm calibers the Parabellum, Mausser, and Commando pistols.
2.- The calibers of the revolvers must not exceed.38 Special. Except for caliber. 357 Magnum.
3.- To shooting and hunting athletes:
  • Revolver gun and rifle caliber. 22, circular fire.
  • With Olympic or competition purposes, .38 caliber pistol.
  • Shotgun in all calibers and models.
  • Shotguns three cannons in the gauges indicated above.
  • Rifles with automatic operation of high repetition power, with automatic operation.
4.- For the commoners, ejidatarios and farm laborers:
  • .22 caliber rifle.
  • Shotguns With the exception of those with a barrel length less than 635 mm and those with a caliber greater than 12.
  • Those contemplated above and those allowed to athletes.
5.- For the collectors.
  • All weapons listed previously.

Weapons prohibited by law only if they have historical significance, cultural, scientific or artistic.

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