Requirements for CFE name change: Everything you need to know

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You may think that it is a lot of annoyance to change the CFE name, but the truth is that this process seeks to save you from the cumbersome and annoying situations and problems that can arise if you do not have (or still have, depending on your case) the ownership of a property’s electrical service.

We know that when moving, separating from your partner, or renting a home, your worries are not few. So to get one off your back we present you the requirements for CFE name change.

Requirements for CFE name change

The CFE name change is a process regarding the ownership of the electricity contract within México. The title of the contract must always correspond to the person who is legally responsible for the payment of the electricity bill payments.

This procedure is often confused with the modification of ownership of the contract for the high electricity. Such a mistake is frequent, but you must also make sure to make the transfer when the electricity supply exists and it is required to transfer your payment responsibility. On the contrary, service registration is requested to start a supply point that does not have access to the main distribution network.

In the same way, users are scared by the CFE name change because they think they could cut off their electricity. Nothing further from reality! The process of transfer of legal responsibility for the supply has nothing to do with it, and if a cut occurs due to this, you should immediately contact an office to resolve the misunderstanding.

As long as you comply with the CFE name change requirements that we will show you below, you can go through the process as many times as necessary, without any limitation:

  • The documents that prove the identity of the owner of the service in the event that this is a natural person.
  • A copy of the identity document of the current owner of the service and the future owner of the service.
  • The written request of the new owner or tenant to explain the reason for the change of ownership. There is no particular format, so you can write it freely, you can even include a legal representative or manager.
  • The legal and notarized documents that prove that the owner is a legal person.
  • The electric meter reading on the date the procedure is carried out.

How do I make the change? Step by Step

The CFE name change procedure It can be done step by step as follows:

  1. Attend one of the CFE service centers. On this link You can take care of finding the closest and most convenient office according to your address in México.
  2. Deliver the requirements for CFE name change that we mentioned just now. Make special emphasis that the information of both headlines, the old one and the new one, is correct and without the slightest error, to avoid having to restart the whole process.
  3. Give the details of the bank account of the new owner. Through it, it will be able to make all the necessary payments to maintain the validity of the service.
  4. You finished! That’s how simple you get make your name change CFE. During the next few weeks your electricity bill should appear in the name of the new registered owner.

Important: In the case of a CFE name change for a business, the complete information of the service and a notarial charter are needed for the application to be processed.

There are also different processes for the special cases that we will show below. Pay a lot of attention!

By death

The death of the CFE holder It is one of the most common reasons for users to request a name change for the payment of electric service. It is normal and even necessary for people who continue to live where the deceased resided, mainly his family, to change the CFE name.

In the same way, when the sale or rental of the same house is made, it is essential that the owner of the CFE be changed and the documents that facilitate the process be presented at the offices.

The requirements for CFE name change in case of death include:

  • The death certificate of the holder to confirm his death.
  • The personal data of the deceased (their names and surnames, ID and others that are requested in the office).
  • The personal data of the new owner of the service (their names and surnames, ID and others that are requested in the office, also adding their bank account).
  • The universal code of the supply point that appears registered on the last electricity payment receipt.

By divorce

Another of the most frequent cases to request the CFE name change is when a person separates from their partner. To avoid depending on each other for this type of service, if the owner stops residing in the home, this must be changed.

The requirements for CFE name change in case of divorce They are the same that we explained previously. For this, no document confirming the separation is needed, but must be included in the cause specified in the aforementioned letter.

If both parties abandon the home, the change must be made to return the new tenant or owner once their contract is signed. Similarly, if they deem it necessary, the CFE contract can be canceled and there will be no problem to restore service in the future.

In which cases you have to change the Ownership

The cases in which we recommend changing the CFE ownership is when:

  1. You buy or rent a home. For practical purposes, it is important that the electricity contract is in your name to avoid any disagreement in the future.
  2. The death of the owner of the apartment or owner of the service occurs. In these cases, a family member must be in charge of processing the CFE name change requirements as soon as possible.
  3. If the owners divorce. When the spouses separate, whoever gets the home is the one who should be responsible for the CFE contract.

How long does the change take

The CFE name change is a procedure whose management has a deadline, which although it may seem slow, allows your next electricity bill to appear in your name without much complication.

All application processing and approval of the CFE name change is delayed Come in 15 and 20 business days.

This procedure must be done if there is electricity supply in the home that the owner declares. If not, the new owner must process his electricity discharge and contract the supply service from scratch.

Cost of the procedure

The reasons for changing the CFE holder are very diverse. When you change your residence, the owner dies or the spouses separate, and who knows for what other reasons, it is a most frequent procedure.

To avoid having to cancel the service and hire it again (which is a tedious, time-consuming procedure, and also, case), you are offered the option of changing the CFE name.

The cost of the procedure It is not fixed and may vary depending on the characteristics of the service. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the 071 to know how much you should pay.

Importance of making the name change

It is important to make the CFE name change for different reasons, depending on your situation.

If the change of ownership is not carried out when necessary, there are many problems that this can lead to. From making it impossible to pay for the service (and therefore, having it canceled), until leaving that responsibility to another presents difficulties, honestly, we think that it is better to be safe than sorry.

When the service must be paid, it is the person who is registered as the owner who is responsible for paying the bill. And what better than to do it yourself without the possibility of mishap?

When you are going to move, when you are going to rent your home, when you separate from your partner, and any other case that may arise, it is recommended that the repercussions of the payment fall on you.

In addition, this way you avoid having to do the paperwork for the Disenrollment and rehire (and, to be honest, it’s a lot of work and money to bother with). Or in case of ceasing to be the owner, avoid having to pay for a service that you are not even consuming.

So whether to take or leave the responsibility for payment, it is It is important that the CFE name change process be done for users of the electrical service of México.

It is true that there are various situations by which you can or should make the change of the CFE name.

Either to avoid problems with your tenant or tenant, to avoid having to call your ex-partner so that he remembers to pay the bill for the house they shared, or so that your service is not cut off after the death of a relative. All these reasons are more than valid to go through the simple procedure and get the requirements for CFE name change.

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