Requirements for Change of Address INE

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The National Electoral Institute (INE) is an Institution where people register when they reach the age of majority, because they must meet an important requirement to exercise their right to vote.

This institution is in charge of supervising, carrying out and guaranteeing the electoral processes in a transparent and totally safe manner for the Mexican and foreign inhabitants residing in the Mexican nation. Being thus a military institution formed under the principles of democracy and equality.

When a person moves or changes address, there is a procedure to make that change. That is why it is important that you know what the Requirements for Change of Address INE.

What Requirements do I need to Change INE Address?

When we talk about moving, in addition to being a process that must be planned well in advance, it is a transition where the person must make sure they have everything in order.

That is, all the legal procedures, moving staff, up-to-date documents and most importantly, change your residence at the INE.

There are people who may think that this can be a cumbersome and quite tedious paperwork to carry out, however, it is not so.

It is more tedious to have to travel to the area of ​​your former residence to be able to exercise your right to votebeing able to change your address at the INE.

In said delegations where these documents are processed, you must explain or legally leave in writing your reasons for movingyour address and all the forms that you are asked to fill out.

You can go to the nearest module or delegation where you can manage these documents, making prior request and appointment by the web portal from your web page.

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All Requirements

The only requirements you will need to submit are:

  • Personal identification: here there must be a format that will be found in the portal of the web page.

It must have a photograph of the applicant; It is not relevant what type of identity document it is, only that it is a tangible and reliable document that proves your face and identity.

The Birth certificate It can help you prove your nationality and the veracity of your data. If you do not have it here, we leave you the following article with all the information you need. «What are the Requirements to get the Birth Certificate?»

  • Proof of address: Some type of proof of payment for services must be presented, be it water, electricity, telephone, gas, or any other domestic service where the payment of the same by the owner is demonstrated.

Or in other cases some type of lease document or property ownership document.

It is important to highlight that it is necessary that the original document (of those required in the delegation or web portal to change the address by the INE), does not have any type of erasures, amendments or other types of damage. No type of copies will be accepted to replace another document.

Steps to Change the Address of my Voting Credential

Remember that the INE is the one who issues the Credential to Vote. This is a document used by millions of Mexicans, both to identify themselves and to exercise their right to vote, in Mexico or abroad.

The steps you must follow are:

  • When you have all the requirements at hand, you must enter the INE websiteto request an appointment for said procedure and be able to be attended within the following 30 days.
  • If for reasons beyond your control or reasons of force majeure, You cannot attend the requested appointment, you can go to the nearest INE module and later they will indicate the shift or date to resubmit the application.
  • After having deposited the documents in the INE offices, you will be given a date specifically to be able to pick up your new voting card.

As you can see, requesting and changing your INE address is not cumbersome or tedious, you just have to schedule your appointment online, meet the requirements, wait for the procedures and that’s it…

Be prepared to follow your moving plans, since this document will not be an impediment. With this credential you will be able to vote without problems in the next elections.

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