Requirements for change of Circulation Card: Necessary documentation

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Driving on the roads of México is not something that can be done without proper documentation. On the other hand, this type of document is not eternal and is prone to being stolen or lost. So you better say Requirements for change of Circulation Card just in case.

Requirements for change of Circulation Card

Now that there are no more problems in case of losing the circulation card, all thanks to the fact that it can be renewed, but you have to meet certain requirements to be able to renew this document for circulation. This is what a person must have to be able to renew the circulation card, that is, this document must be:

  • Overdue.
  • Stolen.
  • Lost.
In the event that this lost person has to have proof that the circulation card was had, a detailed certificate thus justifies the loss of the document.
If what happened was the theft of the document, it must be shown is the copy of the complaint issued by the police force or the Public Ministry.

Necessary documentation

If you have one of the requirements that were mentioned above and like any driver, people have to gather the following documents, in addition to what they have to take in case of replacement due to theft or loss:

  1. Valid identification document.
  2. Documentation that certifies natural and legal persons.
  3. The expired circulation card, in the event that only one renovation is going to be done.
  4. Vehicle papers both in original with two copies.
  5. Form to request renewal, it must be filled in original with 2 copies.
  6. Receipt of payment to carry out the procedure.
  7. Vehicle insurance policy in original with its two copies. You must also submit a copy of the policy from previous years.

Documents for when the status is going to be modified and the card is not expired

It may be necessary to renew some data in the profile of the CDMX, it can be done in the corresponding place that is close to your home, you only have to have these documents to do the procedure:

  • The circulation card that it is in use.
  • Valid identification document.
  • Legal proof that certifies the change of status.
  • Document that validates why the change is made.
  • Receipt of a public service that is current.

What is the circulation card used for?

The usefulness of this document is due to the fact that it certify the legality of the car, which causes it to be requested by the authorities who may be on the road for police control.

The same time the Circulation card serves to make known that a person, has the permission to circulate on the roads of México nationwide. This card is valid for both cars and motorcycles

Where is the Circulation card renewed?

So far only There are 16 modules you can do this procedure, which is distributed throughout the Mexican territory.

In each module to renew the circulation card, the rates to carry out this type of procedure is different, but it is better to approach these centers to find out the rate that corresponds to you according to the vehicle you own.

Cost of renewal

Before paying this type of procedure, the first thing is to know the value of it, well according to the page of Government of México mention that the value of this procedure is 215 pesos.

The payment of this procedure must be made in the banking entities recognized by the government.

How do I renew my Driver’s License online?

Now to feed this information that is important for any Mexican driver, the steps to renew the driver’s license will be indicated, a procedure that can be done online in case it is not an option to visit an office to renew the license. driving license.

To carry out this procedure from any place where you have the opportunity, the instructions will be given for everything that has to be done, so you already know the whole process and it is done in a matter of minutes.

Step to follow

  • You have to request the capture line, this is achieved by entering the page of Financial Secretary and select the type of license to be processed.

  • Then you enter the page of procedures in México.
  • In the corresponding boxes you have to place CURP number, RFC and license number.

  • Then you have to enter the capture line. If when placing the line and the system is not recognized, it will send to the financial secretary page.
  • Now you have to scan the following documents, it can be in PDF, JPG or PNG format:
    • Identification document: You can load a professional certificate, military service card, INE or FM2 or FM3 residence card
    • Receipt of a public serviceIt can be water, electricity, telephone or any document where the driver’s address appears.
  • Next you have to enter the email address and phone number. Both data must be active.
  • To continue, the following must be confirmed:
    • The information uploaded is correct.
    • It is informed about the Traffic Regulations.
    • Because he is a driver, he has the physical conditions to do so.

The information to be confirmed must be true, if false information runs the risk of getting into trouble with the law.

  • Finally, you have to choose the office where the new license will be collected, which may be of your preference.

What has to be done to renew the registration card online

Previously indicated the requirements for change of circulation card, but what has to be done to process it has not been mentioned. Certainly you can go with all the requirements to any of the modules to do this procedure, you gather the necessary documents and you are ready.

In México City, a portal has been created to carry out the procedure online and this is what has to be done

Steps to follow

  • You have to make the payment of the procedure which is done by the Financial Secretary, where you have to wait 24 hours to continue with the renewal.
  • Once the deadline has been met, enter procedures in México
  • The account is created in the case of not having it, with the data requested by the system.
  • To finish with the registration, the account must be confirmed with the email that will be sent to the applicant.
  • After being registered, you have to proceed with the procedure where it is carried out with the procedure option on the page.
  • Then you have to provide the license plate number, Vehicle Series NIV, Vehicle Card Folio expired or to expire when requested by the system.

  • Then the folio of the payment that was made in the first step.
  • When the process is finished, you receive an email indicating that the card is already renewed and this happens in a few minutes after completing the process.

In this case, drivers always have to have their documents up to date, since they can be fined for breaking the law. So you meet the requirements to change your circulation card and complete the procedure.

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