Requirements for Change of Ownership

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When buying or selling a vehicle we need to carry out a series of procedures related to the transfer of ownership of the vehicle in a legal manner, in these procedures documents related to the rights and obligations presented by each of the parties involved in the vehicle are presented. process.

It is vitally important to know the Requirements for change of ownershipsince it allows us to carry out the transfer of the property in a legal way, this constitutes the proof of purchase or sale (as the case may be) for the accreditation as owner of the property (buyer) or right to receive a consideration (seller).

In both cases, the contract by which the transfer of the property is carried out protects the rights that each one possesses by exposing limitations, characteristics and assumptions in the course of the purchase-sale process.

What Requirements Are Needed to Change Ownership of a Vehicle in Mexico?

Once the importance of carrying out the procedures corresponding to the transfer of vehicles is known, we want to explain the requirements To correctly carry out the change of ownership of a vehicle, these are:

  • Current Official Identification Document

You must have one of the following elements to carry out the transfer or change of ownership in Mexico:

  • Voting card.
  • Return or National Military Service Card.
  • Original passport.
  • Professional Certificate.
  • Driver’s License, this must have been issued in Mexico City.
  • If you are a foreigner, you must have the immigration document that validates your legal stay in the country.
  • Legal personality accreditation documents

The documents to present vary depending on whether you are a physical (natural) or moral (legal) person.

  • For legal persons: Submit the Constitutive Act, Power of Attorney and Official Identification of the representative of the organization.
  • For natural persons: They must present the signed «Power of Attorney» in the event that the process is carried out by a person other than the one who will be accredited as the owner of the property.
  • Proof of address

The proof of address must be valid for less than 90 days and be one of the supports mentioned below:

  • Property Tax Ticket
  • Light bill
  • Water ticket
  • Bank Statement
  • Telephone Service Account Statement
  • Payment of rights/obligations

For the declaration of taxes related to the transfer or change of owner of a private vehicle, there is a multiple format, which can be downloaded from the following electronic address:

At the time of payment you will have to go to various banking institutions, authorized commercial centers, tax administrations, treasury service centers, among others; which you can locate at the following link:

  • Proof of Ownership

Any of the following elements will constitute proof of ownership of the vehicle:

  • Invoice paid in full.
  • Invoice letter valid for 30 days if the transfer of the vehicle was made on credit, accompanied by a simple copy.
  • Submit endorsement in case the seller is not the sole owner of the vehicle.
  • If the invoice is lost, the first agreement of the Voluntary Jurisdiction trial must be presented to validate the right of ownership of the vehicle before the Notary Public.
  • Tenure

To validate or prove the possession of the vehicle, you must consult the payment and printing of past possessions at the following electronic address:

  • Circulation card

Present the circulation card of the car, if it has been lost must carry the Circumstantial Act before the Public Ministry.

  • Moral person

If a moral (legal) person is involved in the transfer process, the Federal Taxpayer Registry must be presented to make the change of ownership of the vehicle.

What is the cost of Change of Ownership?

The cost of transferring or changing ownership of a private vehicle varies according to its type for automobile transfers the cost will be $285 Mexican pesos and in the case of motorcycles and trailers it will be a total of $187 pesos.

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